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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Our City must not encourage Postage-Stamp housing - and liken human beings to dogs - animals - critters that love to cramp up and sleep - human beings must have some dignity - and it starts with a safe, ample, and holistic environment.

Cramped up space - stifles personalities - the many we see - and that I have mentioned in this article - folks like Scott Weiner - who aspires to be the next Mayor of San Francisco - high hopes. We will join the race - to keep this despot - out.

Much like Supervior Scott Weiner is encouraging - a Queer - who can shack up with - anyone which one - he wants - and then go to bed - alone - or lay their like a dog with fleas.

This mentality of living in cramped up places - with scarity of furniture - may look good in some photographs - but makes for lousy living - and as I said living like a dog in a cage - is not for decent - human beings - who must have space to maintain their sanity - space to accommodate decent sleeping, sitting, and other necessary - elements.

Every housing element prepared in the last forty years - has encouraged housing for "families". That is two and three room housing - where it be rental or housing units that people can rent or own.

The City and County of San Francisco - the SF City Planning, the many Mayors all these many years - going back to 40 years - have NOT paid attention to "moderate" affordable housing - and encouraging families to live in San Francisco.

This is not the time to encourage - "dog living" - if you find that amusing - go somewhere else - go back to New York.

Thousands of families have left San Francisco - never to return back again. All because the lacked good housing - two, three, four bed rooms.

Once this City encouraged families and children - no more. This mentality will come to haunt us - sooner - and it will - as it already had - impact sound living.

Dog-living as encouraged by Supervisor Scott Weiner a chronic queer - whose sanity must be questioned - attacking queer youth who love to stay in parks, poor folks pushing their carts - others who want their freedom - but this good for nothing - idiot - loves legislating and acting much like Hitler - even though he is a staunch - Zionist.

Scott Weiner wants folks like himself - to live in small spaces - even a 150 square foot he says will do - less 100 square foot cramped, space - and this "insanity" must be nipped in the bud.

For starters let the San Francisco Board of Supervisors live in 100 square foot spaces - since most of them are single.

Let the Controller conduct some fair evaluation - and report and tell how how does that type " of dog living" - have a good or adverse impact.

More - with these SF Board of Supervisors - good for nothing - each and every one of them.

In fact as part of their requirement to represent their Districts and all San Franciscans - the following Supervisors must be mandated to spend a day a week - at the shelters - that offer a chair to sit down and "sit sleep" - all night long:

1. Malia Cohen from District 10
2. Jane Kim From District 6
3. London Breed from District 5
4. David Campos for District 9
5 . Scott Weiner from Distict 7

The above love to shack up - they can go to the SPCA - get their cuddlies, shack up - and satisfy - themselves - pathetic - their mentality - and how they conduct themselves - each and every - day.

The SF Board of Supervisors have yet to have a hearing on the Academy of Art University that has taken over hundreds of buildings; all these many years.

Converted rental units - into dorms, into other type of uses - and the SF Planning, former Mayors of San Francisco, the former Zoning Czar Larry Badner - the present City Attorney, the present District Attorney, the Federal Bureau of Investigation - have all been asleep at the wheel.

Most importantly; Jane Kim in whose District 6 - most of the crime has been conducted.

Jane Kim has been busy favoring the TransBay Project and the millions wasted, the Twitter building and the SF City and County bending backwards to give them a $60 million break. These pathetic bastards are a disgrace to anything decent.

Taking bribes from the many Developers who have been building sky high in her sordid - District 6. All the promises she has made this Korean American from New York - have been hot air.

Even San Francisco Manila Town - is now risen up against her - and for good - measure.

Here comes Queer - Scott Weiner a transplant from New York - encouraging "dog living".

More of that hind action - when you shack up - and have no morals, less ethics and absolutely no standards - what so ever. Go figure.

Down with postage-stamp housing - 100 square foot - 150 square foot - meant to keep decent families - away from San Francisco.

Favoring "dog living" shacking and making merry - much like the dogs on heat.

Human beings must have discipline - and live like human beings - in spaces that are not cramped.

Ample space that permits spiritual, psychological, moral, physical growth - encourage peace of mind and good health. 

With plants and flowers and nice things around - spurring creativity, creating a loving atmosphere - this is NO Gulag - our great City - San Francisco.

All the above sound elements are curtailed by those who push for "dog living".

Shacking up with anyone and everyone - that one time fling - that spreads diseases that cost us tax payers - billions in the long run.

You enter the hind door - much like a dog - and you ask for trouble - and that is what is happening in San Francisco - more in the Castro. Present day Sodom and Gomorrah! Aho.