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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Each and every day if you take Public Transportation in San Francisco - the congestion in the buses, the safety issues one encounters on MUNI - our public transportation system is horrendous.

The unkempt buses - filthy, the nonchalant manner in which the public bus and light rail passengers - are treated - is despicable to say the least.

MUNI has failed miserably - because no one really cares - they talk about it as if the entire system - operates on some remote planet - while doing everything possible - to make one's ride - miserable and hazardous.

All the time -using any excuse to increase the fares. 

While all the time stealing money from the Taxi Fund - and involved in nefarious activities - all known to the authorities - the City Attorney, the District Attorney, the Controller, the Mayor - anyone that has eyes and ears.

Even the fare checkers are uncouth - none of them have had training how to treat the public and the MUNI riders with respect.

Rude to the core -they talk to you - and if you are an animal - many of them cannot even speak grammatical English.

Why do we need so many obese fare checkers - and do they truly live in San  Francisco? Who hires these morons? 

Whiling away their time - taking every opportunity to eat and amuse themselves at the many fast food places.

Why does one need eight, nine, ten of these so called ticket checkers - many a times with Law Enforcement - ganging up on any passenger?

Would the MUNI managers feel comfortable if Law Enforcement and other enforcement ganged up on these very corrupt managers - who continue to fleece the City's Transportation System - in many ways. Not doing their job - wasting millions of dollars?

At any session, any forum on Transportation the first thing that some one will introduce is more money - for MUNI - our lousy transportation system.

More money for what - when MUNI keeps wasting millions -making stupid decisions - having no plan - less logistics - and failing each and every time to listen to the public at large.

I have been following MUNI for over 40 years - participating on every level, listening to the BS of those that speak at the many Municipal Transportation Agency meetings - mostly, diatribe, spewing words that mean nothing - treating the public MUNI riders and the taxi drivers - with disdain.

MUNI is a mess and it is time to fire some managers - especially those that literally cannot hear you - when you speak to them.

More than deaf one of two of the top managers - are dumb.

It comes at no shock that millions have been spent on cameras that must work - but they do NOT work.

You cannot put in a complaint about the failed cameras without encountering hurdles.

Top MUNI management and even the San Francisco Controller's Office - will side track the issue at hand. 

You can give them on the empirical data - it simply does not work - the crooks have their hay day.

Big fish mostly corrupt politicians and their minions are raping MUNI - while some other dumb politicians like Scott Weiner - has chosen to be MUNI's - mascot - drowning the cesspool of corruption.

The  MUNI delays all over the City are now becoming unbearable and more when Seniors in pain, those that on crutches and in wheel chairs, the physically challenged - others that have disabilities are treated with disdain - after waiting pass the schedule time of the many buses and trains - running late.

Many times I have to step to the front and address the problem - when fights erupt - much to the dismay of the passengers, the public at large and to the MUNI operators - who are surprised - how much I know about the stinking system.

If a young baby for example accompanied by its mother or father wishes to board the MUNI bus - the bus operator should do everything possible to be polite.

It has been years now - that we all decided how to deal with children in their trolleys - but, we still have some operators - not knowing the rules - and being rude.

It is the same when young adults and others who are not supposed to sit in the seats - set aside for the physically challenged and Seniors; and keep occupying them.

With a grin on their faces -  defying the rules - these are the culprits that must be warned and ticketed. Safety first - and BS last. The will see and watch a Senior suffer in pain, some one on a crutch, some one truly needing to be seated and continue to sit down on that seat they have no right sitting in. Why is this happening? I have not seen such rude folks being ticketed? Why?

The congestion on the roads all over San Francisco is horrendous.

The so called Traffic Managers are no where to be found - they are good about talking about BS on paper.

When it comes to logistics - the fail - they have no concept of travel times - how to tweak the system to make traffic flow - smoothly. 

If you tell them a thing or two about management, logistics, anything sensible - they feel insulted.

Most of them morons who do not live in our City - have no desire to help our City - earn fat salaries - and spend their fat salaries - elsewhere.

This chaff must go - we do not need them - a burden to the constituents of San Francisco - who pay their taxes - pay these fat salaries and get no return for their hard earned - money. We tax payers are taken for a bad, bad - ride.

Now some Supervisors - are using some "cliche" - what do these fools comprehend  about EQUITY. All things being equal -there can be - some EQUITY.

EQUITY cannot work - when there are thousands of disparities.

Our Supervisors will jump on any bandwagon - and think they can fool all the people - all the time. They are simply wasting their time.

Recently I attended the Plans and Programs Committee meeting linked to the San Francisco Transportation Authority - at Public Comment - two idiots Supervisors one London Breed from District 5 and David Campos from District 9 - were having a side-bar.

Paying no attention to what I was saying - whiling their time - screwing around - talking about some other Bull Shit - when they should be paying attention.

London Breed wants to change the seating arrangements in the MUNI cars to suit her fanny - time this heifer looses weight, learns some etiquette - and represents the people. As the week go by - this woman is turning to be a chronic - moron.

On San Bruno Avenue for the last 6 months plus - the traffic between Bacon Street and Silver Avenue has been hell. David Campos knows about it - but he has not visited the area - spoken to the constituents - and wait till he comes asking for votes - he will not get it.

The least David Campos can do at meetings - is shut his mouth - and listen.

David pretends he has the interest of the people - but he does not - he panders - and he cannot articulate - he will talk and talk and talk - much like  someone who does not have his or her act together.

If anyone comprehends the situation, have the facts - if you heart is in the right place - in a few sentences - you will be able to pin point and explain the situation.

There is no politician today at City Hall - worth the salt - all of them pander.

It is about greed and money.

Malia Cohen recently voted against Mother Brown and the 100 beds needed to help those in need. Yet, this stupid woman is inviting people to a campaign fund raiser for her second term.

This idiotic woman;  Malia Cohen - must be CRAZY - the people do not want you - go somewhere - else.

Groups have been set at SF City Hall - trying to vie with the folks who create APPLICATIONS - APS.

Trying to empower others when they are spiritually bankrupt - have no morals, lack ethics, and think they know it all. Typical of a fool - a clown - a buffoon. The digital world has limitations - to many human needs and conditions - difficult for those who are not truly educated to understand - less comprehend.

For too long -have too many innocent people - suffered at the hands of MUNI.

The MUNI management is despicable and must undergo drastic change.

First they all need some religion - some orientation - followed by a brain transplant - something drastic; to make them tick - they are morons of the highest order.

Each one going over the precipice - and landing in the cesspool - of their own sordid - creation. Go figure!

One of many documents wanting to increase fees to make MUNI run better: