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Friday, November 8, 2013


It is a crying shame that this City and County of San Francisco - more our SF Planning Department and our drab, spineless, inept San  Francisco Board of Supervisors - have been asleep at the wheel. Failing to represent the people of San Francisco.

Today in San Francisco with Supervisors like Jane Kim, Scott Weiner, Malia Cohen, David Campos, London Breed - others too many to mention - we have NO one representing - the hard working - working class - and these increases - in Ellis Evictions - is a slap on the face of the voters.

Recently the people sent a very strong signal to those that favor Ellis Evictions - those that sleep in bed with evil, corrupt developers - will be shunned.

Soon you all will be BOOTED out - fake politicians who shun from R E P R E S E N T I N G .

You do not represent San Franciscans -  you break the laws  - the many laws that are on the book - favoring law and order rules and regulations - and display NO decency.

We have 38 plus cranes in the sky - market rate units being built - all over the place.

Too much congestion on the many streets of San Francisco. No one is doing anything much. No through Traffic Management studies - a lot of hot air and less meaningful - dialog. 

More for the filthy rich - to procure "summer homes" - that they visit for short times - every other year - others like the "techies"  crash pads that they can afford - are come back to their "crash pads" every night - and some once a week - or week ends.

The above mostly folks  be they from places like China, other from the United States - that have no culture - have a one track mind - live to work - and nothing more.

Are glued to the Internet -  morons when it comes to socializing. 

We saw these types with the last boom. They came and they went - and when they went the dot.comers - left a STENCH - to high heaven.

The City of San Francisco bent backwards to help TWITTER - a company that has NOT made a profit - in no year it  has been in existence.

Twitter got $59 million in help from our SF City and County - while making a vague promise to help the SF Community - offering some little $3 million in community benefits - which it has NOT until - now.

Yesterday when TWITTER offered its IPO share starting at $26 - many TWITTER inner circle "techies" became millionaires - just like that. The shares rose to $50 before settling at $45 or so. 

Two became billionaires - yes BILLIONAIRES - and one amassed wealth in stocks and shares - nearing $900 million plus. Go figure.

Twitter has NOT contributed to uplifting the community at large at mid-market. 

The many folks that will buy into the Market Price Units - in and around Mid-Market - are folks who crash on pads  of lust.

Shallow to the core - dress weird - looked phased and high of something - and live more connected to cyber space - their work - does not contribute to - culture and lacks - compassion.

Many of them are not into children -they are into dogs and other types of hobbies favoring inanimate objects - love fetishes - shallow when it comes to matters spiritual.

They talk in circles - murmur stuff as if they are aliens - a mentality that benefits a type of human being - that is lost and drab - blend as cardboard.

They keep listening to you - saying something - while their minds are far - far away.

One cannot generalize - but these morons appear like that - befitting - what at one time we called - space cadets.

Mid-Market is being spruced up for people that today will not spend time - in these large shopping malls.

Other types of stores - that will not attract the common blue collared worker - the "techies" - who are there to do their thing - what will become of Mid-Market - is anyone'e guess.

On another pertinent note the Academy of Art University - in the many years it has been amassing wealth - cheating mostly foreign students - other students that favor the Arts - but are not given their due - they spend thousands in fees - for a certificate not worth the salt.

The Academy of Art University has in the past adversely impacted thousands of decent San Franciscans and others when it comes to Quality of Life issues - much like the techies of today.

The Academy of Art University for years - deprived thousands of San Franciscans of rental units - buying buildings - in the hundreds and converting them to other uses - other than rental.

AS are these "techies"  today - they have flood the market - they contribute nothing to Society - not the civilized society we know of - they are blend - as blend as cardboard.

The forty word TWITTER is just that - a means to communicate - to the point - and no more. FUCK says it all.

Jane Kim the District 6 Supervisor thinks San Franciscans look forward to the Asian market and those that want to invest in San Francisco. There is where this Korean American, belongs - the Asian marker in Asian - good for nothing - whoring for those that use Jane Kim - like a dirty, rag.

San Franciscans do not need anything blend - be it kimchi or some other weird tonic of sorts - that we have no need for.

 Jane Kim chose to "represent" and has fucked over all those that trusted her - those rolling eyes - her boyish new make up - and those words that she spews - diatribe of the worst kind.

Then you have Scott Weiner - who favors building units 150 square feet - for those that live with dogs - and shack with folks that immitate - dogs.

Both Scott and Kim hail from New York - and should go back to New York - with their weird ideas, ploys and machinations - may work.

And then you have that air-head Malia Cohen the worst of them all - taking on Mother Brown and the good that institution does - time will tell.

Trying to deprive Mother Brown and her institution - of a 100 bed - expansion - the grant already given to execute with no money spent from the SF General Funds - the State of California - footing the bill.

These politicians are "fucked up" and rightly must be dismissed as Buffoons that are not worth the salt - more the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - that I have mentioned - above.

Can any of you "idiots" debate me - one on one - on any topic except S and M - and the many types of penetrations you folks are addicted to. Bring it on.