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Thursday, November 28, 2013


San Franciscans are fed up with the on going convoluted policies when it comes to Quality of Life issues; the constituents getting shafted just because they live paycheck to paycheck - while the City and County of Francisco caters and panders to the filthy - rich.

Be it housing, transportation, safety, education - those things and values that keep people wanting to live, stay, and contribute to Society - all these and more affect the constituents who pay their taxes - but get little if nothing in return.

Thousands of families have left San Francisco - making it more a mecca for singles - the techies who have no culture to offer - accept the one track mindedness of technology that has little to do with interpersonal relations - talking, dancing, singing - the little things that make life worth - living.

I was working at the Presidio - when the invasion took place. Some of the worst characters I ever met - you would offer them the rate for a unit - and they would offer you double the money - not comprehending that you could not do that within the Federal System - the Presidio then having to follow rules and regulations - linked to the United States Government.

Much like the techies today - who say they have the money - but the money is not spread around - no trickle down affect. They are one track mind - focused on something - their minds far away - they dress simple - and most of them are frugal.

The Transbay Project and in particular that aspect linked to the High Speed Rail - has been worrying the constituents of San Francisco. It is going on where - the main idea to built a track from San Francisco - more First and Mission is becoming a problem - the main hurdles - the many platforms - may be 12 to make the entire system work.

There has been no clear plan from the beginning - and the Task Force that was created - simply threw its hands up - and fell apart. 

he price of building this monster High Speed Rail - grows by leaps and bounds - and with it - the many Court cases filed and more that are going to be filed. All because of poor outreach and lack of transparency.

When it comes to the bigger projects - you need matching funds from the State of California that is just making a come back  meaning at last it has some funds to spare on the plus side. But the State of California cannot deep in its treasury - as if there was no bottom. It has money - but as much as is need to fund the High Speed Rail.

The Federal Government - where promises are made - are just  that - the promises can be put on the back burner. They after all are the Federal Government - and we saw recently - they shut the government down - wasted 24 Billion - and nothing came of that. They all should have been responsible for the mess - and for starters deprived of their salaries - until their term - ended. Really speaking most of them do not need their salaries.

The entire episode of Sequestration happening on the Federal level - is not fully comprehended by our local and State policy makers.

Gone are the days when they could pull a fast one in Washington DC and make things happen - the cronies that we had that triggered such actions - more Nancy Pelosi.

No more - the Democrats are looked upon like pariah dogs - and no one gets the respect they once had - a little.

Democrats have lied, cheated, and now have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

And so with the High Speed Train, the Central Subway, other huge projects in the pipe-line -be it short and long term - the local policy makers - lie, cheat, deceive and think they can get away with murder -in broad daylight - and get funds. Those days are over - and even China is not falling for the bait - the want all the permits, anything and everything they want on a platter. Only then are the Chinese available to invest and build the High Speed Rail - they do not want the local UNIONS - or any encumbrances - they want it their way. Take it or leave it.

Some Court can shut down any project - if the are issues that break the laws - and there are many in the making - if this happens - any Project could cost millions more - and in many cases - come to a drastic halt.

The Central Subway is experiencing such affects and so it the Transbay Project.

No one in a leadership role - is telling the truth - and there is NO investigative reporting done by the Main Media - which is a crying shame.

We have local experts - but they are fed up - if you take on the local, State, and Federal projects - there are EVIL forces that will gang up against those that speak to the TRUTH.

The Transbay projects are just that - damn shenanigans. Each and every Transbay Board meeting a sham. The Chair - from District 6 a puppet - who has absolutely no idea - what she is doing - when she Chairs the meeting - speaking from talking points - and with such drab deliberation - there is nothing good that can come - from these deliberations. We need the local experts - some retired - others who are deep into it - at focused meetings - helping these good for nothing politicians - discussing complicated engineering plans - and convoluted transportation policies and plans - to be put in place - to serve the constituents for the next 50 years.

What the folks at the top have done - get themselves a fat salary, get them all the benefits needed - and they just spin their yarns and no one worth the salt - believes in them.

Will the high speed train come right down down at First and Mission? No one can answer that question with certainty. 

Can be build the 12  platforms needed no one knows - how that will be accommodated. On how many levels -  with operations and other sustainable practices - working and delivering an end product - we all can be proud off.

Will there be some sort of high speed trains running from San Francisco to the Central Valley - some say that is feasible - others not.

Will we ever see a high speed train make it all the way to San Diego - that many say - is very difficult - in this climate of constant change - and brings with it too many - encumbrances.

As I said the "Policy Makers" -dubious in nature - are up to their necks in nefarious activities.

Raking in the money - filling their pockets - and for sure making deadly sure - they get the health benefits, other pension benefits -  for themselves - while bluffing their way into oblivion - when they needed.

Jerry Brown the Governor of California - wants the High Speed Rail to happen - to leave some legacy - but Jerry Brown has no clout in Washington DC and for that matter - has not taken the time to comprehend the details.

It has become fashionable to lie before the various City Commissions - the panders who come be it Consultants - the Primes who stand to gain - and none of them take a oath to speak the Truth - introduce that one factor - and 90 percent of the diatribe, the spewing of hot air - will come of a dead - halt.

Folks who say one thing before the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - then go before the Transbay Joint Board -  go before other authorities and say things that totally make no sense - on "Clean Energy" issues and other means of support - that cannot be justified and still more have not be vetted.

The SF Public Utilities Commission now wants to supply " clean power to the Transbay Project" and its many dubious side projects in the pipeline - Phase One.

Phase Two is more complicated and Phase Two is the real test.

Even deliberating to supply power - in case of emergencies linked to Phase One has not been vetted - immature folks make statements - without fully comprehending the details and less comprehending  the  sophisticated engineering that has not be evaluated and tested.

None of the policies have been vetted by experienced Electrical Engineers - but Consultants are spewing diatribe.

Consultants who read notes provided them by novices -  have been feeding nonchalant nonsense - presenting utter garbage before the Joint Transbay Board - and in the end get a nod to move forward.

Utter nonsense - nonsense; that defies anything we have seen - in recent years. Garbage in - garbage out - garbage, garbage, garbage.

Recently a judge on the High Speed Rail - chided those that propose plans when they do not pay attention to the Voters. Did not follow the stringent laws and rules governing the issuance of the Bonds. They fake policy makers - do not seem to care. The matter went to court - and the Judge made it clear - that many rules and laws were broken. Nothing would move forward.

The authorities continue to fail the voters and mock the system - making decisions where the math does not add up.

The Judge told the policy makers and those planners that submit fake numbers - those that choose to go against the rules -  care not to follow the laws - have not paid attention to what the Bond Measure mandates - that the present plans linked to the High Speed Rail - will not fly.

No one can assume they can use the Bond Measure and the Bonds vouched by the Voters - to be paid by the Tax Payers - in a manner that has no accountability and less transparency.

No one can fool all the people all the time - and this is happening forcing the Courts to rule in favor of the people - the tax payers that make - everything possible.

In the interim the tax payers money is wasted - in the millions. Time is precious and cost money - too.

What does Jane Kim know about Engineering - what does she know about anything - except bringing in Twitter and giving them huge breaks.

Jane Kin is  getting involved in other shenanigans - where she gets her cut.

The meetings she chairs linked to the Join Transbay Board are a farce. She talks in generalities and based on talking points that make no sense.

Often time reminded by the Secretary of the Joint Transbay Board that - she has failed and passed over an agenda item - like the Director's Report - in a hurry to adjourn the meeting and go pussyfooting about.

Where do we get - idiots like this - to Chair and make decisions on Billions of dollars - all tax payers money.

Caltrain has its work cut out - and there no way Caltrain can deliver - long term without dedicated - money - being in place.

There is no way Phase II can go anywhere without a firm commitment from the Federal Government - not with the woes of Sequestrations. 

Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi are non-entities - now with both of them screwing the Affordable Health Care Program - and bringing down the President - President Barack Hussein Obama.

Democrats are poised to get voted out - in any Election - and all of them know that for a fact.

This is a reality check - more for Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - two so called major, abject failures - who have lied and got their way - but  no more.

Both of them have amassed great wealth and continue to rake in millions - using their power. Diane husband Richard Blum and Nancy husband - Paul Pelosi.

California's High Speed Rail and the many changes made to the Transbay Hub - are the work of those that have no clear Blue Print in mind; lack experience - are less educated on issues that matter.

Consultants have been placed to rake in millions - spewing utter diatribe - when I meet the experienced advocates - they wonder what the hell is happening. Well in San Francisco - with the Democrats in charge - corruption reigns supreme - time to kick all of them out.

If this is not done this time around - we all will suffer - for a long, long time. The solution is simple - the Independents must step in - and we can have good candidates - Independent candidates - worth the salt.

There are folks - here in California - that are way - way behind - in their planning and understanding of  the High Speed Trains, the tracks and all the other things that are linked with the operations.

Compared to the the stellar operations linked to High Speed Rail and the many facets that come to the fore - and have been delivered with excellence - in France, Germany, China, England, Japan, and many other countries worth the salt.

We have not even got a Final Green Signal on the Environmental Impact Studies linked to California's so called High Speed Rail.

The policy makers dared to bluff the judge - when the judge told them the math does NOT add up - they felt ashamed - but, this happens - all the time - bluff and fluff.

We have a short window of opportunity - and I hope in January, 2014 - I am not forced to attend one or two of these drab meetings before the Transbay Joint Board and speak my mind.

It will not pretty - to see Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan and her cohorts all riled up - the bluffing game has been going on - for too, too long.

The Primes and those petty programs - patting themselves on their backs and asses - is getting out of whack and simply - boring.

Some drastic changes need to be made.

There is poor leadership - and lying, cheating, and painting a rosy picture - when serious issues, and hurdles cannot be overcome.

We the people want leadership with solution - less fluff and no bluff.

Sound leadership - is the way to go - on the Transbay and related projects.

The High Speed Rail must be vetted - fully understanding really what the Voters want and desire - and  NOT what the CROOKS have in mind.