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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Nothing good comes from Dwayne Jones - you can review his performance - from him being the Director of Young Community Developers (YCD) that he bankrupted. Audit after audit showed great - flaws.

Worked on Mayor Gavin Newsom's Mayoral campaign and tarnished his own name and the name of the Bayview Hunters Point - with ploys and machinations - that are all recorded.

Further - the ploys at the Mayor's Office of Community Development - other ploys within Mayor Gavin Newsom's Office - with Communities Of Opportunity (COO) - no one knows what happened to this organization.

Millions of dollars were gathered in the name of the community and wasted. The SF Chronicle had a big report - and we are always caught sleeping with this bad characters - come into our community - and without our permission - want to rearrange our furniture in our living rooms.

The many COO banners are still there up on the Hill - tattered and torn.

Revealing to the many that see them - who really was in charge of COO - and what really happens when the devil is at work.

Always playing the community and foster - divisiveness.

This recent idea - forming a Non-Profit and some folks that have no experience in teaching, less in educational psychology, less in education itself - wanting to step up - with a hidden agenda - and deal with little boys - boys from the 3rd grad to the 5th grade!

Having classes on Saturday - and in a remote locality - away from the public and in an industrial zone - is very suspicious.

The most vulnerable age - ask any educationists? Ask any one who has studied - psychology? Ask our grandmothers - who have reared so many young - girls and boys? More when there was no one else - to shoulder the responsibility.

So, right up front - we want to know - why not the girls?

Again and again the best studies have shown that the girls - have the aptitude to learn better.

In our colleges and universities we have more women - and they are; way better educated - than the men.

 I am a man - was trained well and educated all over the world - and know what I am talking about. I can smell a rat here - as I have before - and we the community must not be taken for a ride.

I challenge Dwayne Jones himself to a debate - on this project of sorts - he and those that foster this concept - and he can bring all his experts - if he wants to. This is my forte.

Where have all these folks been all these many years - they have with intent ignored the situation at hand - and now suddenly think they can be of help.

The Public Schools have the task to educate both our young girls and boys in San Francisco.

The private schools do a good job - but they are very expensive.

The Charter schools that have stepped in have a hidden agenda. None of the parents, those that are poor - can take on the Charter Schools - so they give in - when told they will be helped.

They want the best for their children - and so are victims of some Charter Schools.

However these two African American men - Dwayne Jones and his side kick - using a Non-Profit to try to help over 500 youth - all over San Francisco - to stage some classes on Saturday - is a Joke.

And that too in a building - on the 1400 Block of  Old Bayshore in San Francisco - away from the residential area - and where they can be taken advantage off.

The time has come for some entity to verify who these vulture are - and why are they given free rein to do as they please?

Money is not everything - character, morals, standards - are.

I do not see this in Dwayne Jones - not at all - not with all the gimmicks that he has been involved with before.

It is difficult to teach a old dog - new tricks.

Our children are vulnerable - and we must be very cautious - who is getting involved with our young children - more from the 3rd to the 5th grade. Spread the word around.

We have too many pedophiles in the Bayview - there is a software program - that you can find at the Bayview Police Station.

You program the address where this project or program will be held - guess what - you will be shocked at the number of sex offenders - that are in very close proximity to this - center in mind - more in an industrial area.

Who is kidding whom? This is not like College Track - where the youth are older, bigger, and can take care of themselves.

Our Elders and so called Community Leaders must step up and find out what exactly in happening?

Where is the funding coming from?

Once crooks and birds of a feather flock together - we the people must monitor the situation - crooks  cannot on their own accord - be dealing with young boys.

There is too much at stake here - and something stinks in Denmark!

No good ever comes from Dwayne Jones.

Be aware - stand up for your children - and stay away from those that have no steadfast track record in education.

Politics is for the crooks and the corrupt.

Let us not mix sound education, standards, morals, ethics - with crooks that have a proven track record; that they are despicable.

Those behind this project of sorts - are bad for the community and lack sound - leadership.