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Friday, March 1, 2013


Nothing much has changed at the San Francisco Planning Department - the decision was made behind close doors - to place the Wellness Center at 3450 Third Street - a very contaminated area.

The usual suspects had gathered in Room 400 at City Hall at the SF Planning Commission - early on at this meeting; when the item discussed on Pier 30-32 was debated; later in the agenda the Wellness Center - and the Appeal would be discussed.

 I stated clearly early on at the San Francisco Planning Commission - that again and again - when it came to dubious projects - the SF Planning decided favorably on matters and projects that were dubious in nature - linked to blatant corruption - and money.

So when the matter came before the SF Planning Department -  this delicate matter; linked to the children and the Wellness Center was decided - in a nonchalant manner - in favor of the Wellness Center.

The SF Planning Commission knowing very well that the area where the Wellness Center was to be placed and operated - was one of the most - contaminated hot spots in San Francisco - 3450 Third Street.

The fate " of our young children'  -  with intent by the SF Planning Commission was  - to place the Wellness Center - at 3450 in the Middle of Chernobyl.

The San Francisco Planning Department has failed to produce the "Closure Report " - and what goes around comes around - and more Karma. 

Those that participated to rubber stamp this very important issue - adversely impacting our children - have BLOOD on their hands.

One of the most important person who has taken this on herself - Nadine Burke - a Black doctor from Jamaica - who is arrogant - and on the matter of contamination and pollution, ignorant - more toxic hot spots - her love for tainted money - knows no bounds.

The 49ers have contributed $300,000 to this person - who is not respected by the community - and who has together with Malia Cohen - divided the community at large.

Time to RECALL Malia Cohen - the most despicable person - who now has target our innocent children. Children who need help - but must not be taken nor treated anywhere near this toxic dump site.

As usual California Pacific Medical Center - the entity that first came with this idea - and gave a grant of over $4 million to Nadine Burke - was behind this charade. 

The California Pacific Medical Center - belongs to the notorious Sutter Group of Hospitals - that has been sued, treats its nurses and hospital employees with disdain - and all of San Francisco heard the many complaints - at the hearing - linked to the planning and place a new hospital on Van Ness.

The many hearing on the adverse impacts as soon as the Sutter Group of Hospitals - took over Saint Luke's Hospital in the Mission. 

California Pacific Medical Center - bused in a lot of young people - to attend the Wellness Center appeal and at the end of the meeting - left most of them stranded - asking for a ride home.

California Pacific Medical Center - placed some boxes with signatures and fake reports - before the SF Planning Commission.

I am sure in all the documentation - there was NO closure report - linked to the site at 3450 Third Street.

The young people will listen to those that the youth and those who are naive - believe have their best interest.

To deceive the young people and young adults is wrong - and the end result; those that participated and bluff and hoodwink - will suffer the consequences.

 Anyone can go to 3450 Third Street - more during peak hours of traffic - and see, experience and witness for themselves - how contaminated the spot is.

Millions of vehicles stop and ply by 3450 - large trucks from the Aggregate and Sand operations, other industrial establishments, the U.S. Navy operations and clean up, the Pacific Electric operations and clean up, the thousands of small business - in the only Industrial Area - left in San Francisco - all ply their vehicles - to and fro - and most of them by 3450 Third Street in San Francisco.

It is totally wrong to bus in a young crowd of youth and others who were not told the TRUTH.

California Pacific Medical Center - has done this with Saint Luke Hospital; in the Mission and met with much resistance - even today.

Now CPMC that belongs to the Sutter Group is dividing the community in the Bayview Hunters Point - and this will come to haunt them BIG time.

California Pacific Medical Center who is behind this project - came before the SF Board of Supervisors; on a matter linked to the brand new, to be built hospital on Van Ness and belittled the the SF Board of Supervisors.

Saying that it could NOT disclose fiscal reports that it did to the Mayor, Ed Lee - the CPMC counsel made this statement to the SF Board of Supervisors. 

Yet, CPMC had come before the SF Board of Supervisors - to ask for the vote to build the brand new hospital - that is ripe with severe problems. Much like a cancer that will NOT go away.

The SF Supervisors got ticked off - and Supervisor after Supervisor told California Pacific Medical Center - that their arrogant behavior was uncalled for and demanded an apology.

The SF Supervisors got their apology but the stench the California Pacific Medical Center left - still lingers - and we who witness this "dirty deed" - know very well - that California Pacific Medical Center -  who belong to the Sutter Group of Hospital and their leaders - are NEVER, meant to be trusted.

Time is on our side - be it a Saint Luke, at Marin County, all over Northern California - the scum bags have money - but use it for all the wrong - purposes.

The Sutter Group make promises and do not keep them - prey on those that cannot defend themselves.

In many cases - divide the community.

Shame on the Sutter Group that controls the California Pacific Medical Center and it satellite clinics - such at the Wellness that will come on board at 3450 Third Street.

Never mind if it is supported by $300,000 donated by the 49er team that failed to win the Superbowl - after reaching at the 5 yard line.

Never mind if it got $4 million to fill the pockets of some very corrupt people - a Jamaican doctor - who is using our children to establish her fake practice. 

Even though California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) came before the SF Board of Supervisor - for their vote - their arrogant behavior not the disclose their financial reports - was an insult to the SF Board of Supervisors. 

When the Wellness Center issue came before the SF Board of Supervisors - Malia Cohen made sure she greased the palms of those that need to be greased.

This woman Malia Cohen is despicable - and with her all the House Negroes that support her. Make no bones about it.

Many remember as if it was yesterday the episode - when CPMC lied again and again at City Hall in Room 250 - linked to the issues that CPMC has failed to deliver quality services at most of their hospitals.

 CPMC - loves to swim in the cesspool of lies and betrayals. 

More stating that is was fine to disclose the financial reports  to the Mayor, Ed Lee but not to the SF Board of Supervisors.

At yesterday's meeting held in Room 400 at City Hall - again one of the lawyers working for the corrupt California Pacific Medical Center a White was talking to another White man - that Dr. Espanola Jackson the proponent of the Appeal before the SF Planning Depart - was a  " No Show  " and this was NOT the truth.

The truth was Dr. Espanola was occupied - had just attended her daughter's funeral and made it to the meeting on time - scheduled at 3:30 pm to the surprise of the crooks working for California Pacific Medical Center - proxy to the Sutter Group.

Nadine Burke - and the host of supporters were surprised when Dr. Espanola Jackson arrived a few minutes but on time for the meeting.

Again and again outsiders - throw some stale bread crumbs and people fall for the trap. Included in this case - shenanigans of sorts.

 Malia Cohen and her campaign manager, others, so called consultants - all paid to commit this atrocity against the community - were busy outside Room 400 at City Hall - trying to win support - telling LIES.

Those bused to come to the meeting and paid a small stipend - were left after the meeting to fend for themselves - forced to hitch hike home and begging for a ride home.

Our children cannot take care of themselves - adults must see that they are reared well and treated well - their health and education comes first.

No corrupt entity should push for a Wellness Center to be built at a contaminated site. Those pushing for such project - have BLOOD on their hands.

The Bayview decent community and the few ardent, caring, and stellar advocates will NOT fall prey to the spineless, shallow, corrupt, and good for nothing politicians - the likes of Malia Cohen who advocates for this Wellness Center.

Nadine Burke who LIED yesterday - this woman works for the money; lives on Potrero Hill - Nadine Burke does have the best interest of the children from Bayview Hunters Point - area.

Our City and County of San Francisco - must invest in a Clinic for our children in the Bayview at a clean place.

The Mayor Ed Lee knows that, the City Administrator knows that, the SF Health Department Director  Barbara Garcia knows that.

The City Attorney - Dennis Herrera  knows that, the Chief of  Police Gregory Suhr knows that.

All of these so called officials - know what is the TRUTH - but have not come to the rescue of our children and the community at large.

The most vulnerable are our children that need help and must be treated - at a location that is NOT - polluted.

Shame on those who in writing have vouched for this despicable Wellness Center - you will hear more about this Wellness Center - in the days to come.

What you hear will NOT be pleasing to the ear!

In a few months when the State of the Art - Women's and Children's Hospital is built at Mission Bay  - our children and women should go there - and treated in a clean environment.

Not to a Wellness Center that with INTENT has been placed in a contaminated area - 3450 Third Street.

As for the SF Planning Commission that voted for this site and for the Wellness Center to be placed there - hook winked the public and helped change the zoning area from industrial to accommodate clinics and other such operations - in a toxic environment - shame on you all.

We have the Precautionary Principle on our books. 

No clinic, no hospital, no center or institution worth the salt that deals with healing - should be placed in an area - that is bombarded day and night - 24 hours - 7 day a week - with stench from the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant, the many particulates spewed by the millions of vehicles that ply by 3450 Third Street - and more.

The people spoke and they represented the people represented themselves well; the many articulate and stellar constituents who spoke the TRUTH and were AGAINST the Wellness Center.

The corrupt; those that are very EVIL - went against the WILL of the people.

Your day has come and you will bear the consequences - not too long from now. K A R M A .