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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


It is easy to go with the flow - and pretend that you are loving what you are doing - and adversely impact the lives of many. Such are the lives of the corrupt politicians and others that facilitate and endorse - blatant corruption - of the worst order.

Your day is coming - and I have seen thousands in my life - die a death - suffering and wishing they had NOT committed the crimes in their - hey day.

In the past - we have had so many San Franciscans - take a stand - and make good stuff happen. That is how it should be - never, ever permit the evil - and those that stand - to foster evil and with intent adversely impact others - to have the upper hand.

In recent years that seems not to be the case. Evil folks with ulterior motives - with no sense for justice and fair play - have invaded the arena and they do as they please. They serve and worship - Mammon. So many innocent people we know have suffered - some of them - just because they have been targeted by those that are - so evil.

In San Francisco for the past 17 years or so - our Mayors in San Francisco - have started an era of abject corruption - starting in a big way - in the year - 1996. The Mayor at that time - one, Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. who still continues to have his finger - in every pie - where he can rake in the millions.

This Black Mayor - a former Speaker of House - in Sacramento - termed out and with reason - runs for Mayor of San Francisco -  and the first thing he did - was amendment the City Charter of the City and County of San Francisco - to serve his evil intentions.

Right off the bat - the once City Administrator who was independent - was brought under the wing of the Executive Branch and in once scoop - the Mayor could do many things - easily - and foster his corrupt ways.

On one side you had the Legislative Branch - and on his side he had the Executive Branch and the once independent City Administrator. The people voted - but they had no clue - about the repercussions. 

Over 2000 Administrative Assistants were created - and these sell outs - all beholden to the Mayor - begun to infiltrated and do the Mayor's bidding.

Today, they hold important post - and continue to carry on the legacy of evil - pandering - and destroying what once was considered an honor - to work hard and do - right.

Represent the people and foster standards, good will , and bring about harmony.

Since 1996 Nepotism - in its evil form has taken deep roots and consequently many innocent people - have suffered in one form or the other.

Perhaps the worst Mayor to follow in the steps of Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr was Mayor Gavin Newsom - an abject panderer.

I studied the scum bag - having been involved with the Lennar Corporation - a Rogue Developer - that caused untold harm to all of San Francisco and many innocent - San Franciscans.

Lennar, a Rogue Developer from Florida - will never, ever succeed when it comes to San Francisco and pretending to helpg San Franciscans.

Lennar is a LIAR - it has NO standards, morals, ethics, and sound respect for the community at large.

When any Corporation - with intent - uses tools to harm the community at large - as did Lennar -harming innocent children, seniors and the population  at large - something is totally lost.

Lennar with intent bombarded a large area with Asbestos friables - and caused untold harm to the children, the seniors, and those that had to breath the toxic dust - and in doing so failed to admit that they did wrong.

The people united had to go before the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) and plead their case. Lennar was fined $515,000 the largest fine ever imposed on any entity - Lennar today is in the doldrums and will continue to sink. With Lenanr any entity that vouches for them -  will sink and suffer - I have spoken.

San Francisco could have done better - but, the crooks; those that manage campaigns, those that take large sums of money and think they reign as project managers.

That they can bring results - using the Media - more Media Spin -  other such evil tools -  many such tools were used by Lennar.

One of them who helped Lennar - was Alex Tourk.

The paradox; earlier on Alex Trouk's wife was violated by Mayor Gavin Newsom - and while the City looked on - few spoke against it - and unlike the charade meted out to Ross Mirkarimi - it was business as usual - when it came to Gavin Newsom - the panderer.

True Gavin Newsom apologized - but, the way he did it - was as any evil person does - pretend to be sorry - but, deep in his heart - it was business as usual.

Behind close doors - Gavin Newsom - went to other lengths, to further cause damage.

Learning nothing much from the incidents - sleeping with his best friend's wife - who happened to be Alex Trouk - violating other women and God alone knows if he does it - today.

Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr went on to have a child with a White woman. His first wife who is Black - she is still friends with him - and he satisfies - her material needs - passing on bloody money in her direction  of which he has - plenty. 

Willie the crook raking in millions - from his many dubious and nefarious - activities - offering permits and now Green Cards to the Chinese to come and carry out their evil ways.

Here in the land of where we should have standards, practice democracy, shun from those that harvest organs, jail people, all because they want to speak their mind.

We adhere and welcome people who are not criminals and we conduct ourselves - according to our Constitution - that Willie L. Brown Jr - has little regard for.

At least judging from his life - always seeking to make money - any which way he can.

Willie L. Brown Jr. is the devil himself - and recently proclaimed to many in private - his ambition to bring drab Chinese development to San Francisco - creating thousands of units -  in the Southeast Sector - the last frontier -backed by the evil and corrupt China Development Bank.

Building thousands of units - on land that is contaminated - building units for people; who have no idea what they are buying - units that should NOT be built - on very contaminated land - much of it laden with radio active - elements.

Why do innocent people have to live in the middle of Chernobyl?

San Francisco belongs to the Ohlone.

The First People - more the Muwekma Ohlone - whom I represent on Base Closure and on matters - involved with Infrastructure, Land Use and Planning and more.

All of San Francisco was stolen from the Ohlone - meaning the people from the West.

It is amazing our these mostly corrupt  Whites, with no conscience, less morals, less ethics, will talk of land that is really landfill - prone to liquefaction and flooding - contaminated - and pretend that it is pristine land.

Speak of the land as - water-front properties - that they advertise - to deceive those that might - buy into their ploys and shenanigans. 

Now, the evil ones that believe they have this one chance to develop Pier 70, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Candlestick Point - are charging blindly towards the Chinese - and corrupt entities like the China Development Bank - that has a track record - of corruption and BLOOD on their hands.

As I have said many times:

" No good will ever take place on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - you must clean everything you polluted - and most of all the watershed.

Failing that you will falter, you will fail, you will fall flat on your face - and what is most - all that you ever build will be totally - destroyed ".

Once on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard stood two hills - the United States Navy destroyed them.

Used the dirt and the remains of the Ohlone - laid to rest on these hills - to fill in the wetlands.

The U.S. Navy thought nothing of it - and this desecration cries to high heaven - for justice and respect.

I keep reminding the evil - and I am not afraid to tell the TRUTH.

Greed numbs the conscience more kills it.

Those evil to the core and full of greed - will lie - and  others steeped in the way of materialism - we call them the money lenders - will take advantage of any situation - where they can make money - and all of them will - fail. The likes of Barnie Madoff  and his ilk.

Much like the fools who tried to reach heaven - building the tower of Babel.

These evil folks in San Francisco - greedy and seeking to make money fast - are the contemporary fools.

You warn them - you  tell them and they will do - what they please. Robbers, thieves, these buffoons - have no morals and ethics - they will reap from their evil deeds - here on this Earth and very soon.

Few want to speak to the TRUTH - and we must - do not allow these evil folks - with no standards and morals - evil to the core - to change the destiny of those that can stand for what is right - and stand by the Ohlone.

The Ohlone are watching - they are alive and standing by their respect for the ancestors - on their own land that was stolen - their women raped and their children killed - by the strangers who were welcomes but bit the hand that fed them.

Some fail to admit the Ohlone were here for over 10,000 years.
The strangers have been here for 250 years and created a concrete jungle. The want to say something - but their conscience will not allow them - they are stifled by their evil ways.

Up until 1927 one could kill a Ohlone or any Native American - and fetch $5 for his scalp.

Such are the people who today pretend they are decent - when they are devils - and evil to the core.

Always seeking ways to make money - worshiping money as if there was NO - tomorrow.

They all will be - anathema.