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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Many of us advocates ponder hard - when we encounter blatant discrimination in San Francisco. San Francisco named after Saint Francis of Assisi - a man of compassion.

We advocates often look deeper - and admire those who against greater odds - marched bravely and were beaten down - by the racists thugs - as part of the Civil Right Movement in the 1960s - that brought freedom to so many Blacks know at that time as Negroes.

The famous SELMA march - brought about a lot of sorrow, those that marched had no idea they would be beaten, their bones broken, and that all because of a peaceful march - leading the group the famous Civil Right Leader - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Those gathered after being beaten - were prompted by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr - to march again - and many had fear in their heart. But this time - the plan was a little different - prominent actors, others who were famous - but, some how - now fully understood - their time had come - to do the right thing.

The Selma group - regrouped and marched again and again and brought about the results - that the world now admires - the famous Selma Civil Right March - 48 years ago.

Dr. Martin Luther King refused to cow down - less to back down.

Even when most were fearful to march again - after being beaten so bad, bloodied, with many suffering broken bones - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. refused to back off - "we must march" was his refrain. The others agreed - and history was made.

Today, all over our Nation the United States of America it is amazing how - so many group - use the words "Civil Rights" - many a time very lightly.

There is the Civil Rights March - associated with those that marched to Selma - and the other rights we fight for today - without - the turmoil, the suffering, the broken bones and bloody flowing, the dogs set upon those who were just marching - and the up and close encounter with those Racist Whites - of those times - in and around - Selma - Alabama.

We all at some point ponder about Racism. Basically it is fear - some do not want to give in and allow others to enjoy the privileges - all human beings - homo sapiens - should enjoy - no questions asked.

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya  and often times because no one really never thinks - I could have been born in Nairobi, Kenya - they let down their guard. Utter some words that they would never utter - in front of any Black. But once they do it - they have let the cat out of the bag. Then the fun begins.

Often times - and speak about Blacks - as if they are a segment of the population - that should be avoided - given no opportunities.

It has happened again and again in my life.

Then, I will reveal to them in no uncertain terms - that I was born in Nairobi, Kenya - and understand fully their racist thinking and more their sordid - mentality. Then I proceed to speak my mind - and they are shocked to hear what I have to say.

We human are strange - mostly afraid to speak our mind in public - when it the topic is challenging - we prefer to write about our innermost feelings in such situations.

Then when we think - everything is fine - according the norms we set for ourselves.

Coming out and speaking openly and often times - our mentality is totally revealed - when we speak ill of others in private.

Then we meet the people we have spoken ill of - and act as if everything is normal. This is totally - wrong - we know it - but we usually do not do anything about it.

Now, of late I have heard some get angry at some racist comments made by some.

Mostly those - who may not have had the opportunity - like some of us have had - to mingle, build strong friendships, share our innermost thoughts and build bridges - in one country, another country, in colleges, universities - travelling and so on and so forth.

We are human beings - and the more I study about the Selma Civil Right March - the more I see the participation of Blacks, Whites, others to many to mention - to fight for what is right - and bring dignity to the Blacks - at that time - that were treated as second class citizens.

When President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Bill - many Blacks wept.

I have met many of those that lived through those terrible times. First called Negroes, then Black, and in recent times African Americans.

Today, the worst insult we advocates face - is when we encounter Blacks who have no sense of the real Civil Rights battles - and work against our Black children - as does the District 10 Supervisor - a liar - Malia Cohen. Time will tell.

Others will fight for Queer Rights and compare it to Civil Rights - I beg to defer.

I have had the opportunity to have many Queer friends - both men and women. They know who they are - and until today - I stay friends - they love me and I love them - together - we have shared the issues at hand - over come and made history.

Queer folks have won many rights and more power to them.

However, when I analyse the many facets of the Civil Rights Movement linked to Selma - the elements and the factors - were totally different.

Totally different - from those that are exercised - by the Queer Movement today - to seek freedom and be free from blatant discrimination - that in my opinion is totally - wrong - on one level.

The Constitution as it is written has some fundamental principles - and these fundamental principles - are embedded so deep - that only the Supreme Court - the Judicial Branch of our Republic can change. Of course those that have not read the Constitution of the United States - find it difficult to comprehend.

This matter has come before the United States Supreme Court before - 16 times - and in all the times it has come before the U.S. Supreme Court - marriage between a man and a woman has been maintained as the status quo.

As I said it will come before the United States Supreme Court today - California's same-sex marriage ban Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act - both of which have been ruled unconstitutional by the lower courts.

As things stand today - the Supreme Court has again and again ruled in favor of marriage as that between a man and a woman.
Today in Paris thousands gather against same-sex marriage - and while some gain have been made in favor of same-sex - by large measure most Nations all over the world - favor a family - children with a father and mother - legally married.

Today, the Supreme Court will hear the parties about same sex marriage and equal rights and Proposition 8 that the State of California - where I live said - "No" - to the Queer folks of California - and denied the Queer folks living in California - equal rights. Here is San Francisco demonstrations are planned - and there are reports of many attending the court session in Washington DC - reports found on FaceBook and on other pertinent - blogs.

After some days - there will some adjudication - by the United States Supreme Court.

I sincere hope the Supreme Court - rules in favor of equal rights for all - the same benefits for all American citizens - but always with the U.S. Supreme Court having a say - maintaining a standard - keeping family values - and always protecting our children for future generations.

Because minors do not have a legal say - the issue of same sex marriage is debate by all parties - but missing in the equation children, youth, young adults who are burden with the future - and they must in all measure - be considered, listened to, and incorporated into the legal - adjudication.

President Bill Clinton could have favored same sex marriage - but he did not.

President Bill Clinton set the process - back.

Now, being the opportunist he is - President Bill Clinton; favors same sex marriage - more because President Barack Obama is for same sex marriage. Time will tell.

On many other level many Blacks have forgotten about the Civil Right Movement - caught in the Blink, Blink of the contemporary world. The materialism that is around us - the richer Black - could not care less. I wonder what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would say?

Our education system is not the greatest - 38th in the world - and that is nothing to brag about.

Our economy has its woes too - we have no balanced budget - and the Democrats love spending - they say they have a balance budget but that is a LIE. It does not help that the Republican - love to about the budget - but, they too have no solutions - except to say - that many benefits the Seniors receive such as Medicare - should be trimmed - but, that is not a solution.

The Civil Rights of the early 1960s brought about some fair play - but in recent times - most everything that was won by those who were poor and could attain middle class status - has been turned back.

I am watching the machinations and ploys - to keep people down - and when they are kept down for a long time - with no HOPE - then we will have a revolution. Only those that are armed will be in a position - to defend themselves.

Once this Nation was owned and ruled by the Native Americans - the First People. When the White people came they had nothing - but they took what they could - today they have it all.

The Native American lingers in the Reservations - and no one calls that discrimination or Racism - but it is.

Women were kept down - could not vote - they can vote now - but still have to fight for their rights - that is Racism.

The Queer want to be treated as equals - but that fight has to go to the Supreme Court - to over turn one of the fundamental principles - that adjudication will come soon - and reveal what the future has in store for us.

In the mean time - the mighty dollar is being kept steady - with low interest rates. While we watch Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Italy and a host of the European Union countries - watch their economy - in doldrums.

Many European countries raped countries in Africa, Southeast Asian, South America and all over the world - mostly using arms and ammunition. Today, is a different world - much more harsh - they are sweet when they talk to you - and then quickly stab you in the back.

The Palestinians, the Kurds, the Burmese, those in the many places under dictators - other places where innocent people are kept in bondage - Sudan comes to mind.

When will Racism stop - in Australia with the Aboriginals, New Zealand with the Maori, Russia with those from Georgia and other countries that are seeking independence and true freedom.

When will the human race - learn to love - and give hope where now reigns - despair? Aho.