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Saturday, March 16, 2013


Who is addressing Quality of Life issues in San Francisco?

Who is truly representing the constituents of San Francisco - and San Franciscans?

We the people - who pay our taxes, live in San Francisco - and pay the salaries of the drab City Officials that are lazy - more the SF Board of Supervisors - want to know.

In recent months crimes such as assaults, home invasion, car breaking-ins, grabbing and stealing purses and iPhones on the streets and on Public Transportation - have gone up.

There is NO real plan in place - to curtail such crimes - that are detrimental to Quality of Life issues. We cry and plea and no one seems to care.

Some say the economy is improving in San Francisco.

Good jobs are available - for those that have graduated from college and have good skills.

For those that have completed high school education there is some hope to get a job.

Those that do not have even a General Education Degree (GED) - forget about it - you linger, try to survive, and woe to you if you try selling drugs or are engaged in some other type of - nefarious activity. Many go to jail for 5, 10, 15 and some for 25 years.

You go to the San Francisco General Hospital to any other clinic or hospital that offers Charity Care - and you have long lines - waiting to get some basic treatment.

It is not uncommon for people to wait 3 or 4 hours to get some help - in cases where the situation requires an Xray and others tests that take time.

I encourage our San Francisco Board of Supervisors and our Mayor, Ed Lee to go to these clinics and to the Hospitals offering charity care - but more the San Francisco General Hospital - and see and check - things for themselves.

You all know that over 50% of our MUNI buses - that is our Public Transportation - do not have working cameras.

The Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) is reeling in the dark - and the man with an ear-aid - is now exposed - and cannot do much - and all his shenanigans and machinations exposed - for all the world to see. He has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar - and I am looking forward to him representing - where I am present - and can give - public comment on his supposedly - sound track record.

That track is a fake one and must be replaced.

That is what happens - when people are NOT educated on issues - and think that if one spews hot air - more diatribe - such bluffs cannot and will NOT go - far.

Pretending as I said - as if they know what they are talking about - and we do not factor and put in place - methods to further transparency and accountability - things get from bad to worse.

In the case of the San Francisco MTA they are all swimming in a putrid, cesspool, and as they remain longer in this mess of their own creation - they will perish - one by one.

Our public roads need attention - and there is some activity in this region - but, we need to have some monitoring when it comes to standards. I have seen some shoddy work at the end of San Bruno Avenue; over the hill and closer to Arleta Avenue.

Also, on San Bruno by Burrows - five or six critical parking spaces; at the side of the Subway Fast Food Restaurant - cannot be used for over three weeks.

Some contractor - has done the digging - piled some gravel and sand - and there it remains for all the world to see.

We have to learn to do a better job.

When you disrespect the community - just be cordoning the area - and thinking that Department of Parking or some other drab City entity - is on your side -  adversely impacting the near by community - the contractor may think what he or she thinks - but some one must maintain the standard.

Such shoddy work work - convincing the public and adversely impact those that need the badly need parking - is NOT to be tolerated. We see this all the time - no respect from mostly out of town contractors - who come to San Francisco - and shaft us. 

I could call the Director of the Department of Public Works and with one call - that project could be completed - in hours.

But, why is that necessary - so many times - for me to intervene - and prove a moot point. How about standards, ethics, hard work, decency and respecting the constituents - who pay their taxes.

We need a plan to address jobs for our youth - stop the violence and prevent the killings and shootings.

Some of us - on our own have done a lot - those that can be funded by Maria Su and others - to bring about a change  - favor procrastination.

More at the Mayor's Office where those that know little about stopping crime seem to be in control - and all we see at this time - exacerbating the situation - with more killings and shooting - in the pipeline.

At the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - the Supervisors seem to treat Quality of Life issues - with disdain.

We have seen things go down the hill more in District 10, District 9, 5 and District 6. 

No one cares about seniors, youth, infants, lack of sound housing for low income and no income, transportation, education, health issues. The killings and shootings, in short helping those that need help - some Supervisors have a habit of  spewing diatribe - and leading the pack - Malia Cohen.

The drab committees led by the San Francisco Supervisors are a Joke.

Some of us advocates who were in the habit and made it a point - to attend these meetings - have given up on these jerks.

These SF Supervisors think they can have it their way - and the time has come to give them an - ultimatum - that time is now.

Kudos to those that attend the Ethics Commission and related meetings - that bring - results.

The SF Public Utilities Commission, the Recreation and Park Commission, The SF Port Authority Commission, the SF Planning Commission - some one must keep these shallow, spineless, often uneducated Commissioners - hold their feet to the fire.

The SF Commissioners - all anointed - linked to contributions to MACHINE - an entity that is despicable and very corrupt.

Few Commissioners are educated, have a heart, savvy, and truly represent the constituents and the tax payers.

Those few that favor these standards - are slowly fading away - and when this happens - it will a very, very, very SAD day for all of San Francisco and San Franciscans.