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Saturday, March 9, 2013


Some of us who have been around - studying gender discrimination, market job equity favoring mostly White men, gender equity spoken a lot but nothing done - when it comes to fairness and linked to women and minorities,

More so when it comes to the many jobs - thousands of jobs - in this City and County of San Francisco. It this justice - or is this "his justice"?

Added the fake and divisiveness created by the two tier system that some policy makers - corrupt, egoist, selfish management - and some of the UNION decision makers agreed to - without giving deep thought to the future and wage parity.

The many adverse impacts and consequences that have divided many in the job place - divided families - taken people to court and the many fake adjudication of sorts - Skelly hearings and the like - brought about very deep ill feelings about Management - where there should have been - harmony - in the work place.

The time has come to revisit these many machinations and shenanigans - that have mostly affected women of color, minorities, and those that do not have a voice at the table - where important decisions are made - involving benefits, pay raises, and the general good of the workers at large.

At a recent hearing at City Hall on March 6, 2013 before the Budget and Finance Committee in Room 250 - it was evident that the head of the Department of Human Resources (DHR) - was cocky - and very - arrogant.

Again and again when pressed this White women - showed disdain - I have noticed this before - and it is time to shut down the San Francisco Department of Human Resources - and revamp it with fresh - leadership.

There are too many cobwebs, dangerous fungi, a clean environment in this Department - calls for a complete over  haul. This can be done now - and must be done on a War Footing.

Supervisor John Avalos - beating around the bush - did little to clarify the blatant discrimination - linked to wage parity - and let the head of DHR go Scott free.

When the Supervisor, John Avalos who called this meeting - requested Public Comment - the few that spoke and were given just the measly two minutes - spoke to the point - and shed light where there was abject - darkness.

Even; as the Federal and State government have been trying to put their best foot forward - to address fair wages; for those that need justice and work hard - minorities both men and women; women more in the work place - for years in San Francisco - stuck in the doldrums - and no one worth the salt standing up for justice, compassion,  and fair play for women, more minority women - equal pay for equal work.

San Francisco - which is a City and County - has used and bluffed those workers, women workers - that are not at the table; where pay, benefits, and work decision have been made.

Women more minority women have not had full and just representation; and the time has come to revisit this nonsense - and revamp the entire - adjudication system when it comes to minority women.

Equal pay for equal work - in keeping with the laws of the land - more Federal and State that the local government pays - lip service to - say one thing and does another.

In recent years has target minority women, minority men linked to those jobs - where the UNION and representatives have disowned their UNION brothers - just because of the color of their skin.

Used machinations of the worst order to target those classifications of workers - that are mostly filled by minority women - forced them to take a wage cut, work in harsh condition - many a time doing two, three, and four peoples job - using them as tools and not respecting them as human beings - adversely impacted these good, hardworking women and ruining their peace of mind and health.

These discrepancies have hit the working poor recently - more with their homes foreclosed. The recent 2008 economic spiral - does caused untold suffering many City workers forced to take weekend jobs - others forced to leave San Francisco because the high cost of living in this City has become cost prohibitive.

The wages of the poor workers - mostly women and minority - do not permit them to live sustainable lives - and again and again they are forced to take loans, borrow money - and default on important and necessary - payments.

The family suffering, the children forced to bear the consequences, causing rift in the homes - and fostering gentrification - while Management doing less for more pay - rake in the millions - get paid - from our hard earned tax payers money.

We need a hearing on all those who make over $200,000 with benefits - and cap their salaries to $150,000 which is a lot - if they do not like that - they can stay away from San Francisco. We can easily cut the salaries of those that are a burden to our budget - our constituents of San Francisco - and impact our City daily services like transportation, health, safety, education, and so on.

The working poor - once had the UNION behind them one hundred percent - but, when the UNION agreed to a two tier system - they gave in and once you give in to Management - forget about it.

The UNION made concessions regarding pension and benefits - and no one knows who profited from these deals made behind close doors.

Some UNION members who - did not know how to negotiate and less were NOT sensitive to those that work long hours, work dead in dead end jobs, live pay check to check - on limited income - more with family members that must be fed and be educated.

Now the City and more the Department of Human Resources  (DHR)- most Whites; including its head - arrogant to the core - and cocky - dared to challenge Supervisor John Avalos - at a recent hearing on March 6, 2013 - in public.

When the Supervisor point out the discussion on "pay equity" was being analysed using a different lens - women for example - have always suffered - through no fault of their own. The Human Resources Director tried to argue and use diatribe - saying a lot but meaning nothing at all.

Such folks - do a disservice to our City - the City named after Saint Francis of Assisi.

Women work hard - and what is important to note - when they bear children, have to feed them, clothe them, educate them, rear them to contribute to society - and many a time - look after the extended family. First and second generation families - mostly immigrant families - stick together - working hard and sharing the bounty of their hard work.

Families with children make any City viable, sustainable, holistic in many respects. It looks out of place in places where you do not see families - open spaces with no children running around and playing - our human race is about the family and sound family values.

Some times the husbands help the wives; minority wives - but most of the time - they do not. Black women are stellar examples who work hard to keep the families together. Asian and Latino City women employees too - and there are others too. 

One Asian women at the March 6, 2013 hearing spoke about the Chines who helped built the railway - history is not taught in our schools - shedding light on the contribution of minorities - who have contributed and built our City and County of San Francisco.

We have Black churches which are over 150 years old. We have contribution by the Chinese going back to 1850. Stellar Black leaders - both women and men have contributed to the history and making of San Francisco.

Our drab San Francisco Planning Department is just address that contribution - and adding insult to injury - putting out a Request for Proposal - and giving those of us who applied for this $50,000 grant - just three weeks.

This is how the City treats history - the contributions of those that made this City. Our City is a RACIST city - and anything linked with the land that was stolen from the Ohlone, jobs that are geared to Whites who think no end to themselves. We see this blatant discrimination daily in our lives.

It makes it worse when some House Negroes turn their backs on their own people - have no sense of history, progress, and they were given opportunities - but having reached some point on the backs of others - turn their back on their own people - and cause greater - divisiveness - one of them is Malia Cohen - the District 10 Supervisor - helping a Jamaican Doctor operate a Wellness Center - at a site that is contaminated and polluted - 3450 Third Street by Cargo Street in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

Keeping a family together, working hard, having standards, morals, fostering spirituality - that is what makes a family tick - living together and sharing and supporting each other - in harmony and making good things - happen.

However; when it cost too much to have a roof under one's head, difficult - to put bread and butter on the table - many of our already hard working City Workers with families are forced to work weekends - something in wrong with this - equation.

On the surface - it might look good; for someone working and having a house - to earn a figure of say $60,000  a year.

If you have to pay the large house payments, the car payments, the health insurance, the ever increasing school and college fees, the utilities, buy groceries, other critical fees to survive - some one having two or three children - truly - cannot make ends meet - in San Francisco.

It helps if some women have a man to help them - but; often this is not the case.

Men as a whole - have not stepped up to look at this issue -  where women work hard but those in power have chosen with intent not to pay them - equal pay for equal work.

On the other hand many minority men having had problems with the City and County themselves - more men of color, Asian, Black, Hispanic, and those that are in the minority - have serious problems at the work place - themselves.

Our City has with intent terminated minority workers - men and women before who were permanent workers - and replaced them with young adult youth - rehabilitated youth. We had to take the matter to adjudication and restore the jobs. The money was aside to do this - but again the City - dragged its legs.

This never ending saga - continues in many City Departments - if you know someone - who can get a job - never mind the ordinances saying there is a freeze. More in the Enterprise Departments - SF Public Utilities Commission, the San Francisco Airport Authority, the SF Port Authority - those Departments that generate their own money - have less to do with the General Fund.

With Mayor Ed Lee as Mayor - hopefully one would have thought - we could move to a better - place. Formerly an advocate for Housing, a whistle blower of sorts - he now tows the line - talk the talks but has failed to walk the walk.

We now have more poor families sleeping in the streets of San Francisco. More eviction - more with the creation of the HOPESF czar who has a staff of six - and what is this fake Department doing - passing out cell phones to the indigent - and bluffing the public - with gimmicks of all sorts.

Public Housing should be set aside for those seeking moderate housing, low and no income - Market Price Housing should have nothing to do with the present Public Housing Sites.

The developers like Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company, Bridge Developers should be kept out - these vermin prey on the poor.

City workers can be given an opportunity to stay in these new homes built at Potrero Hill and Sunnydale for example - and we the people - local contractors can build the housing units.

The City of San Francisco; has been pandering - offering great deals to Swinerton, Cahill, Nabi Brothers, Webcor - other crooked developers linked to projects and permits; all over our City and County of San Francisco - to make hay while it shines.

These developers are filling the campaign coffers of corrupt - politicians - and do not have the best interests of the constituents of San Francisco. Time will tell.

The Mayor has chosen to work with upper Management who make wrong City policies and head the City Departments - and too many of them make over $250,000 with benefits - and this salary must be capped to a a reasonable amount - $175,000 at the most.

The majority of Management - more than 10,000 easily make $150,000 with benefits. The total work force about 28,000.

Anyone, can review the salaries and Full Time Employment (FTE) line item information - the documents are available from the Controller Office - or request the many City Departments that have this information - one can access this information using the Privacy Act.

In the past San Francisco has been on the fore front - when it came to good wages and benefits - but, not any more. Now, we have a top heavy system with those at the top - making hay while the sun shines. Some of them arrogant and these top heavy, useless, corrupt Management should go. 

The RICO ACT must in invoked - rampant corruption - with no Ethics, No Standards, no morals - at all. People funneling large amount of money - to outside entities - while our City employees with no representation suffering - more minority women.

With the excuse that health care has risen, pensions will ruin the City, other dubious excuses - Management and those that can help the workers have created barriers and hurdles. Forced the workers that make less than $60,000 to take a cut  - while those making above $150,000 are laughing all the way to the bank - and most of them do not live in our City of San Francisco.

The City and County of San Francisco - the many workers - women and men who work hard and make below $60,000 - have been adversely impacted - by job cuts, pay cuts, and made to work harder and work the jobs - that have not been filled.

Again and again we hear the pleas at the many City Hall hearing and meetings - more during Budget Meetings - we hear the pleas, the cries - but no one seems to care.

I have been at many meetings at City Hall in Room 250 and spoken about such blatant - worker discrimination.

The arrogant Department of Human Resources - bends backwards again and again to accommodate Management.

Fails to do the same when it comes to the hardworking janitors, the food service providers, clerks, accountants, the intake personnel at the  SF Department of Health and so on.

The many aides that provide help to the Registered Nurses, the Doctors, and so on and so forth.

Many folks who once worked for the City and County of San Francisco are leaving this City - more families - that is mother, father and children.

Does the City and County of San Francisco really care about over 30,000 families that have left in the last 5 years?

We have a population of about 805,000. Go Figure!

Our Mayor Ed Lee is boasting that we have 26 cranes in the sky - that construction is pointing to some better economical days - but, this is not the case. The many workers are mostly from other places and not the City.

Local Hire is there on the books - but there is NO enforcement.

San Franciscans seem to embrace everyone - including those that come to our City and leave our City - without spending much in our City - laughing all the way to the Bank.

It is the same with Management most of them live outside - San Francisco - they earn high salaries - then, look with disdain at San Franciscans.

We San Franciscans being fair minded have tolerated their rude behavior - and we must now take them to task. Enough is enough.

It is with Law Enforcement too - four or five top Law Enforcement Officials - making over $300,000 with Over Time - this is an abuse that some one must address - and put a stop too.

While Fire Fighters and the Police Officers - can retire when they reach 55 years - are looked upon with respect as are our Military Officers - on a par -  afford benefits like hazardous pay - no military official - rakes up so much money.

So why should this fat SF Police Officers - who have failed to curb their greed. We have been watching this nonsense for the longest time ever. Clean up house and stop raiding the General Fund - every year there is cap set - and again and again the General Fund is raided.

Others retire - having created - "double dipping" ploys - and are not ashamed of their behavior. This nonsense must stop - but it seems our City is encouraging such - bad behavior.

The Department of Human Resources have a lot to do with examinations - linked to the many City Departments - minorities are left out - however, smart they are. 

here have been instances when certain Officers - Fire and Police - have been got with their hand in the cookie jar. Where examinations have been manipulated - where is the fair play?

There is a disparity that bring suffering and intense pain - that cries to heaven for justice. Many smart Asians, Latinos and Blacks do well in the colleges and universities - but not at our City exams that favor some and spread Nepotism. This must stop - we cannot let this fair name of our City be tarnished.

No one seems to deal an even hand - fair play and sound justice - is ruled out when it comes to Management and their evil ways;  the many tricks and ploys exercised - to make so much situation where there should be fair play - more unjust - people greedy - raking in millions of dollars - tax payers money.

The City Controller must step up - the District Attorney - the City Attorney - following that the RICO ACT - invoked.

The 28,000 City employees hired by our City and County of San Francisco - one for every 8 constituents - must be evaluated. More management that rake in the millions - too many of them -  most of them lazy and inept.

I have made this statement many times. More - management who have failed to provide this City with a sound Email system - in the year 2013.

The SF Police Department does not have a state of art - reporting system - more with its Incident Reporting.

The communication system with radios and other technical equipment that should be in place - is Smithsonian.

We have learned little from 9/11 - and when the Big One strikes - we will be making - excuses.

The Metropolitan Transportation Agency has many in management - that have failed to address - key Safety issues - 50% of our MUNI buses do not have cameras that work.

The Light Rail cars do not have a sound software - two completely different systems - one that favors manual signals - and another - that breaks down when it is overburden with commands and signals that are cumbersome.

It is just a matter of time - when we have an accident - that will come to haunt not only the Mayor, Ed Lee - but all of  San Francisco - and decent San Franciscans.

The San Francisco General Hospital has a $1 Billion budget - the top management getting more than they should be paid.

Many many poor choices - like encouraging the Wellness Center to be built at 3450 Third Street - which is a toxic hot spot - and very contaminated. Backed by Barbara Garcia, Dr Rajiv Bhatia, other corrupt SF Supervisors - leading the pack Malia Cohen.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has hired - a bunch of good for nothing employees - who wanted to place Combustion Turbines - using fossil fuel - and the community had to put and end to this nonsense.

The woman in charge of Energy issues - making in access of $250,000 with benefits. Who is fooling whom?

Another good for nothing - Assistant Manager of External Affairs and Communication - making in access of $250,000 with benefits - channeling thousands to the non-profit organizations - she had previous - contacts with. 

Hiring a Benefits Manager who is the wife of the head of the  non-profit that she once held the position of Director.

Talk about Nepotism. Funneling contracts to people she knows - and abusing the power and adversely impacting San Franciscans.

Millions of dollars can be saved - and our City Heads of Department are treated as Royalty - not all of them - but most.

I know some that work hard  - they are my good friends and they know that I am NOT - referring to them. They all get my articles - but there are other - chaff - that must be removed from office.

The many - thousands of them - Administrative Assistants - brought on board by Willie L.Brown Jr. a "thug Mayor" - these vermin have stayed long enough - to get "tenure".

They now hold good positions - some are heads of their Departments. 

This nepotism, blatant favoritism, putting these good for nothing folks before hard working San Franciscans and others who live in San Francisco - is evident to many - but no one has the balls to tackle this on going corruption.

Our Ethic Commission - receives the complaints - Whistle Blower complaints - vetted by the Sunshine Task Force.

Can you imagine; not one complaint has been upheld - all of them thrown in the waste paper basket.

The City now is known for its blatant discrimination, sordid favoritism, ganging on those that speak the Truth - why are we doing harm to innocent people?

One of them Dr. Deriek Herr from Laguna Honda Hospital who had over 30 years of service. When he pointed our that management was dipping to the Fund meant for the Indigent Patients - instead of praising him and supporting this good doctor - they ganged up on him and fired him.

They did that to others - and we must now study  why this rampant discrimination and lack of ethics.

More, lack of morality, standards - and disdain for those stellar employees of the City and County of San Francisco - who are just doing their duty and working diligently to serve their patients and others.

The Department of Human Resources is corrupt - and often will side with Managers to remove those that are nearing their - "tenure".

They will permit some one to work for four years - closer to four years and six months - and then before reaching five years - they will fire them. Depriving them of TENURE.

I know of many cases - and this does not bode well with a City that must encourage compassion, fair play, and bring about equality and prosperity for all. Aho.