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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has been toying with the concerned citizens who want Lake Merced maintained and restored to its past glory.

Making promises - saying one thing - but doing another. These machinations and ploys must stop - and everyone who can do something - must get to work - set the goals - and attain them to the best of their ability.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission tried their best to represent - at the Harding Clubhouse - so called Workshop on Lake Merced.

One could see through the drab presentation - nothing new - Mr. Ritchie was prodding along - trying to say something but the message was drab - this message was stale - and there was nothing new - worth the salt.

Then came Phil Ginsburg - that pompous ass of a man - who thinks he can control any situation - and his presentation - had more blatant lies - praising his own, dirty - tail. 

Complete with taking credit for all that is good in and around Lake Merced - Harding Park - the Golf Course activities and so on and so forth - the boating activities - the summer activities for the youth - he felt strongly - all credit goes to Recreation and Park - W R O N G .

Recreation and Park must be relieved of their duties and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - must step in and take control of the properties - they have jurisdiction over.

Hire qualified people to do a good job - and remove the cobwebs - clean house - hire good people who can do their job, on time - and help San Francisco enjoy the amenities that belong to the public at large.

San Franciscans should not fall to the worst type of bureaucracy - corruption - kicking the can down the road - such behavior must not be tolerated. The time to change and bring about drastic change is - now.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has always been plagued with "corruption".

Too many of those - so called higher ups - working at the Enterprise Department - have it good. Making in excess of $200,000 with benefits.

Some lazy, other plain stupid - moving along - chatter boxes - making huge salaries - paid by the tax payers - and not performing. The chaff must be tossed out - and better qualified - hard working staff hired - that can serve San Franciscans.

We do not need outsiders - especially those from the East Bay - telling us what to do - chiding, bluffing their way and thinking they can get away with murder - in broad daylight.

It did not help with Pat Martel as Manager of SF Public Utilities Commission - doing as she pleased and then let go.

Then it was the turn of Susan Leal - hiring those of her type - based on life style - and she was let go. Today; she still hovers as a consultant - she is wrong but those higher ups - like to toy with fire. You play with fire - you burn.

Ed Harrington tried his best but he too fell in the trap and helped promote folks like Juliet Ellis; whose time has come to take a hike. 

End of this week - March 31, 2013 - Juliet Ellis is history. 

Juliet Ellis - brought it on herself and she can build her nest in the East Bay - but she will forever dream of 525 Golden Gate - and regret the many opportunities she had to do good - but carried on doing - evil deeds - with intent.

I have good friends at San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - and always encourage them to do - " the right thing".

Never ever will I tolerate corruption - be it from the SF Public Utilities Commission or the employees. There are past Commissioners who will tell you this - and there are those that think still - they can play with fire.

Juliet Ellis will not been seen anymore - harassing others - poking her nose in other people's business.

Had she behaved - she could have gone places - but; she will forever remember - a person called Francisco Da Costa - who warned her - but she failed to listen.

Now, is the time to ponder your future Juliet - think of your Romeo but think more - to be a better - person. The sordid deals with Green For All - took you deep in the waters and away from the task at hand.

The many gathered for the workshop at the Harding Clubhouse - got an opportunity to vent - and I guess venting plays some part - but what is need at this time - is a vision, a blue print that brings all together. 

The leaders of the many activities, the entities that lease huge properties and conduct a host of activities.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - more its employees the head of Real Estate, the one in charge of  Lake Merced and the adjoining properties - has take a nonchalant attitude - and the time has come now - to listen to the public at large - and bring about change - change with a purpose has embraces the people of San Francisco and other of good will.

The SF Public Utilities Commission has had its first ever Commission meeting at the Harding Clubhouse.

One can imagine why - the SF Public Utilities Commission - loves to lead you on - promising you that it can do something - and delivering promises that are hollow, shallow, and often time - plain annoying.

It is time to come up with a Blue Print sans San Francisco Recreation and Park.

We need good leadership and astute San Franciscans - cannot stand the nonsense - time to stand up for the people, the community, those that should enjoy the amenities - especially our youth.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Enjoy the photographs:

Those that are supposed to manage and do right at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - all making in excess of $200,000 plus benefits:

Matier and Ross and the conflict of interest - Juliet Ellis and her former non-profit: