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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Indigenous people all over the world; incarcerated by the White Institutions- in the Western world - will never comprehend - really - how those not White - the Indigenous themselves are treated without fairness and justice.

Further no one can - dare to rehabilitate the Indigenous - when in the first place - those running the White Institutions - are despicable by nature.

If you review history - thousands of stories and facts are mentioned - of Whites killing the indigenous - just for the sake of killing the indigenous.

Stealing their land, raping their women, killing innocent children - and in short taking, whatever; these despicable strangers - men and women want - just because they want do it.

Today; our contemporary institutions that incarcerate brag about rehabilitation.

There is not an iota of truth - when the truth is hidden under the rug - and lies told - to create an impression that all is well - in all of our institution - run by the Western world - where the victims are of color. Ponder deep about this statement - and reevaluate all your models and fake aspirations - to rake in millions - using human beings - more people of color - as pawns.

Large Women prisons in Northern California - such as those at Chowchilla are treated with disdain.

We know that - but there is nothing we can do about it - really.

60 Minutes a well known National Broadcasting show - revealed the many sordid actions going on at Chowchilla - at first there was some change as soon as the 60 Minutes show was shown - but, soon after - it is back to normal - the abuse, rape, and all sorts of heinous crimes - behind the wall of those incarcerated and treat in an inhumane - manner. 

Our politicians are part of the on going saga - each and everyone of them. I have tried inviting some of these shallow, spineless, hardened politicians to join me - to visit the prisons - but, these crooks and corrupt folks - will not dare take the challenge.

Back to Chowchilla - after a while nothing much has changed - women are treated with disdain - and many at will "raped" by some hardened, evil, uncaring - Correction Officer in exchange for favors given to inmate - and this is plain - wrong.

In most Indigenous Communities - Restorative Justice - comes easy. Whites mostly find it difficult to understand and less comprehend - Restorative Justice. 

The reason is simple they do not have their heart in the right place. Most greedy, full of materialism, they seek there own interested and give a hoot what happens to the indigenous and people of color - in general.

When anyone who is not White commits a crime - the first thing that comes to their mind - back by their evil system - is to send the person - woman or man - to hell.

When Restorative Justice is mentioned - and there is talk of compassion, bring the victim into the family - as I have mentioned the notion of being - embraced by all - shown compassion - and at the same time - meted-out punishment with discernment - the Whites freak out - it is so out of sync with their shallow way of  - comprehension.

What seems to work with Restorative Justice - is the shame - associated with the act that the culprit committed.

The culprit, somehow fathoms - and her or his guilt - and the great  shame brought about to  his or her community - and this is that "aspect" that the White Institutions - will never, ever emulate - less learn.

Simply put the DNA of the indigenous and those of the Whites are  poles apart - and history has recorded the injustices of the greed, materialism, thieving, raping, killing - none of which must be condoned - less forgotten - by all decent, living, and thriving human beings.

Slavery was once practiced in the open - by Whites who deemed it fit to treat those they thought were "inferior".

A sordid mentality that is embedded - in the many Whites who today - who do not have a change of heart.

They deem it fully right to practice what they think to be right - when it is totally - wrong.

Joining them are others -  some, " people of color " brainwashed to committed blatant crimes - linked with discrimination and all in the name of  justice and fair play - but, in reality is just the opposite. Many of them in Law Enforcement. We call them sellouts.

Time and time again I have seen folks - who mean well but have no clue about Law Enforcement. Some of the most heinous crimes have been committed by those - who are there to protect the ordinary, decent, innocent - constituents. 

We  know this but we do not have the gut to do anything about it - because most folks are cowards - and will not step up and do the right thing - because most of us live in fear and and do not have the "guts" - to speak up and stand up for those that have been targeted and are innocent.

It is pathetic to see - ignorant people - more emotional who need help themselves - challenge themselves and do injustice to the topic of incarceration, the exploitation of those incarcerated, and  related issues.

We must be very careful not to immerse ourselves and dare hold forums - and not have at hand - people who are mature, fully comprehend the issues at hand - and more can articulate the very deep issues - with compassion but more with the ability to shed light and bring about - holistic changes.

The United States has created - one of the highest numbers - of people incarcerated in the world.

A full ten percent of the about three hundred and eleven million in the United States - are incarcerated and in some States - live in horrible and inhumane - conditions.

Thousands of lawyers and hundreds of judges prey on the innocent. The entire judicial system is ripe with corruption - and the many Public Defenders - will tell you more. Suffice to say - we must be ashamed of ourselves - pretending to uphold the law - while most of the time - using the grey areas of the law - to easily send people - to jail.

The Three Strikes come to mind - again again some innocent person who has one strike - in caught in the bind - then Law Enforcement - depending on the color of the skin - tags a serious of strikes - linked to the many penal codes - many of which have not been visited in decades - and those corrupt, hardened Law Enforcement - see nothing is sending innocent person to jail - the look at it as a batch of honor. 

This nonsense must stop and stop now.

A person may be innocent - as many are -and spend 10 years, fifteen years, 20 years - and when these poor, innocent people are exonerated and released to the world - many of them cannot believe the changes - and a host of others - are dysfunctional - because they are NOT  prepared for the inevitable facts and what follows.

Mostly, no one really - pays due attention to the many years spent in horrible conditions, the psychological  and physical adverse impacts borne by the victim.

The public in general are so brain washed about those in jail - and creating a mentality that anyone incarcerate is not worth the salt.

Many are Christians but have no reality of compassion and forgiveness. To forgive is divine.

The debate about the deeper issues of incarceration cannot be conducted by those who are victims themselves and find it difficult to deliberate the wider issues.

Statistics for example are a general factor for Whites to use to incarcerate those that they have disdain for. I have heard Law Enforcement speak ill of Polynesians for example.

When I proceed to have a meaningful discussion of the topic and explain to them the culture, the other deeper meanings; that, they have no clue about - they apologize for their foolishness.

We cannot conduct ourselves in this manner - not educated on issues - and get used - to faulty judgments - that can make or break someone - who is innocent.

Someone who needs help and can be brought back on track - when none of these options are available.

It is difficult  - next to impossible to address any issues linked to incarceration in a meaningful - way - when there is not a common factor - a heart that is fine tuned - to the best moral compass.