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Sunday, March 31, 2013


February 27, 2013 history was made in the United States Capitol - more Statuary Hall.

Among the leading notable leaders of our Nations - that are honored at the auspicious  Statuary Hall - the first African American woman; Rosa Parks - had her statue placed to honor her  singular role in the Civil Rights Movement.

This year Rosa Parks would have been a 100 years old. She was born February 4,1913.

Rosa Parks changed a lot of things - and she changed a lot of things quietly and more importantly following her deep spiritual and moral teachings - she impacted and left her imprint on what we all know as the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

In the African American community for hundreds of years in America and for thousands of years in Africa - the Matriarchal way of life - has being deeply embedded in the African way of life.

Rosa Parks embodies the best that the Black woman in America projects - loving care for her own family and more for the  community at large - that she was part off.

Rosa Parks worked and walked the Congressional Halls - few people know that. Hundreds came to see her - more folks than those that visited the Congressperson she worked for.

Rosa Parks was invited all over the Nation to speak and empower more women and children - and today we lack those type of leaders - that walk the walk. We have more that talk the talk.

We must always remember the Civil Rights Movement has a lot to do with spirituality, standards, ethics, and deep morals.

We just cannot add other rights that anyone may think is important - in their own subjective way - and tag it arbitrarily - to the Civil Rights Movement.

Today in San Francisco nothing much has changed since the days of Rosa Parks - as far as being fair and respecting - people of color.

Even though we had living in San Francisco Black women leaders - like Mary Pleasant and others - who fought for all rights including Civil Rights - and did it with a flare second to none - in the late 1880s and the early 1990s.

In San Francisco since the early 1800s - Blacks have contributed to this City and County of San Francisco. You would not know this - from the way Blacks are treated in San Francisco - today. 

The sad part the sell out Blacks of today in San Francisco - who garnered and benefited -  a lot giving them opportunities to move up the ladder. Benefits and a sound foundation steeped in legal rights to help all  - from those few like Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and others - that went before them.

Today; it is a shame that many Blacks and many of them Black women - are selling out the community - and the Black community for sure - does not accept this fact - and more something must be done - to stem out this sordid - behavior.

Rosa Parks stood her ground - much like many of us; advocates - must stand our ground and not pander to those values and actions - than demean humanity.

In San Francisco today we have Black women who are disgracing Rosa Parks - turning the back on those that must be helped.

Mentioning their names - would tarnish this article -  I have mentioned their names before - and most of them are Black.

The President of the United States - President Barack Hussein Obama was present - at the ceremony - the unveiling of the Rosa Parks statue - and so were the key officials of our United States government - at Statuary Hall in Washington DC.

They key United States officials and representatives all praised Rosa Parks - but; all of them have failed to serve the poor, those that need help mostly - the indigent - by failing to pass a balance budget - and cutting aid where it is most - needed.

Life is for the living - not the living dead.

Long live the memories of Rosa Parks.

The true Civil Right Movement of the 1960s.

 May those that benefited from the Civil Right Movement - remember - there was BLOOD spilled - so that millions - may be free.

There is Freedom and there is License.

Abuse of freedom is license.

True freedom is associated with the Civil Right Movement - for those that comprehend standards, ethics, morals, and of course the difference between license and freedom.

God Bless America and long live the memories and actions of Rosa Park - a true, loving, spiritual, moral, righteous - dedicated Black woman - second to none. 

Rosa Parks is my hero with others such as Frederick Douglass.

Let us not pay lip service on the day we celebrate Black History Day in a drab way.

Black History month in February - the shortest month among all the months.

Forget we have to stand up and fight for those rights that help all persons - each and every day of year.

God Bless Rosa Parks and her memories - her family - her supporters and all those that work hard to give opportunities to those that need them - so that they may be empowered.

An article from the New York Times - on the ceremony held at Statuary Hall in Washington DC: