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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Why are so many of our dear Senior Citizens sleeping on the streets of San Francisco?

What are our San Francisco Board of Supervisors doing about this situation - a disgrace to our Nation.

Tourist wonder what is happening to those in charge of caring for the poor and the indigent - the City of Saint Francisco of Assisi - blessed with moderate climate - where one can take the risk and sleep in the open - and bear sometimes the inclement - weather.

Can this City do better and more the very corrupt politicians that favor the Big Developers - but look upon our poor and more our Senior Citizens with utter disdain.

The horrific conditions in District 10 headed by the air-head Malia Cohen and District 6 where Jane Kim - a Korean American is pandering to those that are hooked with her - on bigger projects - fill her campaign coffers. It is all about greed and money. 

I am sure the volunteers from the many High Tech companies - will offer these Senior Citizens - a home - not just a shelter that is full of bed bugs. Now that some one has brought the cause of the indigent to their attention - and they are all geared up to volunteer.

Volunteering is good - but there must be a holistic approach - and the end result - must be to bring solace to the victims - and more empower them.

Now that the Tech Savvy have decided to remove themselves from their comfort zone - and deal with reality - for sure the experience will change them - some of them will invent APPS that could revolutionize the entire world.

Lot of good comes from pleasure and more from pain - and even more from suffering. That has been the history of humanity and human kind - homo sapiens.

These Tech Volunteers can now visit those places - where the Senior Citizens - sit on a hard chair seat.

Seat on a seat  - the whole night long.

If the Seniors - fall asleep and fall on the ground - their bodies limp - someone just drags the limp bodies - no care - no consideration - and set them in the open - to meet the elements.

All these in San Francisco - and I have visited these places incognito - and seen things for myself.

The tech volunteers would do well - to visit the shelters - and take note of what I have mentioned.

Then TWEET the information to their loved ones, their contacts, the sell outs at City Hall - who are now - demeaning the poor - paying lip service - and thinking that we advocates - will fall for the trap - their shenanigans.

Now is the time to follow the example our newly elected POPE - Pope Francis.

Visit the poor, touch them, talk to them, help them, restore some confidence in our poor and indigent - and do right by our City and County of San Francisco - named after Saint Francis of Assissi. 

Come of San Francisco let us not let the perverts rule the roosts and take us down the drain and into their cesspool - that we must stay away from.

Time for the San Franciscans and the Jesuits - especially the Jesuits to be on the forefront and do the right thing. Much like Saint Ignatius Loyola and Saint Francis Xavier.

You Jesuits have your connections in all the right places - and you can and should - take the led and the time is now. All for the greater glory of God!

We have never ever seen so many poor - the indigent sleeping - on the streets of San Francisco.

What are our San Francisco Board of Supervisors doing to help those that need help most?

Who are the SF Board of Supervisors truly representing?

Why are they making so many deals - behind close doors - and why are they filling their campaign coffers?

Especially the likes of Jane Kim and Malia Cohen?

One worse than the other - pandering to those that give them fake kudos - appearing with the Mayor at Press Conferences - when they talk - they spew - a lot of hot air - but no action - worth the salt.

So Malia Cohen the sell out back Dianne Feisnstein on the guns and ammunition laws - to restrict our First Amendment Rights - shallow and inept - and not educated on issues.

Political whoring can take this Nation so far - but, not when it comes to our self defense. We have a population of 311 million in our Nation - and we have now more than 305 million guns. 

More since the political whores - started their campaign without any empirical data. The mentally ill, the sick in the head, much like many politicians - who should take their medication, take control of the life style - and not venture where angels fear to tread.

In the Bayview Senior Citizens - waiting in line - for hours to get some help.

I hope the tech volunteers - who work for the Tech Firms - visit the Bayview - and if the Mayor wants me to speak to them I will - and give them all the empirical data they need. Take them to places - few have seen - where people crash in filthy, stinky, dangerous places - and this City have no clue - about the state of affairs facing the indigent and more the poor - senior citizens. 

The same with the plight of the Senior Citizens in and around the Tenderloin Police Station - no one cares for them - while drugs are sold and other nefarious activities on the rise.

Right there by the Glide Memorial Church - where millions are spent to rehabilitate a park - and the poor people have no place to go. What has Jane Kim to say about open space - little open space - where the mentally ill and other - use to chill out?

The same on Mission Street - by Capp and Sixteen Street while David Campos is busy trying to put Carnaval on map - and trying to name our San Francisco Airport (SFO) - to Harvey Milk Airport (HMA) - imagine the confusion - all the International Airports and other book agencies will have?

But truly speaking go to Capp street at night and check things for yourself David Campos? Then go during the day time and see thing for yourself? Some of you given the time - will talk from side of your mouth - and go on and on and on and on.

Where are you flying to? HMA or some place like that? How about SFO and everyone comprehends that. 

Our SF Supervisors are shallow, spineless, inept and a bunch of idiots to say the least - you must watch them - spew hot air - at the many meetings in Room 250 at City Hall - and no one respects them - anymore.

When given any little time to comment - these SF Board of Supervisors -  make a fool of themselves. In any other civilized country - worth the salt - these vermin would have to resign - but in San Francisco they linger - like an on going - cancer.