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Monday, March 11, 2013


We must be very careful when it comes to the Chinese Development Bank and more the Chinese Railway that has the ability to follow the dictates of the ruling Communist Chinese government.

A Communist Chinese government - that has the worst track record when it comes to human rights, pollution, cheating, stealing copy rights, and saying one thing and doing another.

The worst harvesting human organs - if you do not agree with the government - they can jail you - murder you - and harvest your organs. These thugs have no conscience - and now we want to invite them into our Nation - that belongs to the First People - the Native Americans. 

There are large cities in China where the pollution is so bad - that you cannot step out - it is not smog you witness in Southern California - but worse.

To get some idea a thousands times worse than the smog around Los Angeles - in China in the cities known for their pollution - the air so pungent and the air so toxic - that it burns your eyes.

We Americans who are used to our pristine environment - would not dare to live in such cities - where there is NO freedom and the Quality of Life; we are so used to - does not exists at all.

The peasants in China are treated like dirt - even, Mao would not stand for what is happening now. Now, we have those that are turning their back completely on the village and the peasants - those in the City want to compete with London, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Vienna, Berlin - but cannot - and never, will.

The Chinese are not environment friendly - and pollution for them is something - they think comes with the territory - the worship - greed. We in San Francisco and in our Nation - must have little to do with such - scum bags.

We do not need Willie L. Brown and Rose Pak to tell us what is good for San Francisco. These two do not represent San Francisco - and have worked behind the scenes - to destroy decent, standards, ethics, morals, compassion that once were our stalwart - qualities.

These two have no clue about the First People - the Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco and the Bay Area. 

Treasure Island is man made - was created for the World Fair - and is prone to the worst type of - liquefaction and flooding.

These two Rose and Willie - an odd pair - DEEP into greed - and their "greed" - knows no bounds.

We, the people must be united - and stated clearly - that - " we will not tolerate these two making decisions for the constituents of San Francisco and the Bay Area - inviting the Chinese - who are corrupt - we do not need their tainted - money".

90% of Hunters Point is Landfill - when the Big One arrives - all that is landfill will be contaminated - a thousands time more than the present contamination.

Parcel E2 is an Atomic Bomb - waiting to explode - and if the Chinese know this for sure - they will have nothing to do with Hunters Point. As I said all of Hunters Point with the exception of Parcel A is landfill - the worse type of landfill.

The watershed is polluted with radio active elements.

Willie L. Brown the former Black, thug Mayor of San Francisco - is all into making millions of dollars.

Promising permits - and now "green cards" to the rich Chinese - who can afford to spend $5 and $10 million - to buy condominiums. As those proposed at 8 Washington by the Ferry Building - this project is now in Court - and soon we will be taking the Chinese to court - and those that help them - and why not?

The filthy rich, evil Chinese, more crooks, cut throat crooks - who worship money. They will spend some time here in San Francisco and America - in their market value condominiums - hob nob; while conducting undercover operations for the Chinese government - spend time in other countries - where they already have made their nest.

The eyes and ears for the Communist Chinese Government - who do not value our Democracy and less our values - laden with freedom.

There is freedom and there is license. Abuse of freedom is license - and the Chinese practice - license.

Treasure Island should be left as Open Space - all of it - after it has been mitigated and abated. It is polluted and has been by the United States Navy.

There is nothing wrong in doing the same at Pier 70 and Hunters Point. Also; at Candlestick Point and all the land that once was - "wetlands" - we must not fall - for the greed - the greed will take us down - quickly.

Mayor Ed Lee is not helping San Francisco at all by negotiating such nefarious deals.

Working with some locals - that have already preceded his tour to China - this before Mayor Ed Lee's delegation of sorts - is due to visit China.

Let me say to Mayor Ed Lee - " we do not want the blood money of China - and if you dabble in such sordid actions - it will NOT bear well for the majority". Mark my words - each and every word.

Willie L. Brown already has equity in Macao with his gambling assets - Wynn.

Rose Pak may think she feels at home in China - and she is free to hold that view and settle there. She is but a nuisance - here in San Francisco.

We the people must be leery of the mainland Chinese - who will come in pretending to help us Americans - and then create endless - problems.

For sure the Chinese Railway and the way the do business - is not in keeping with our standards - of building and construction.

How is our Department of Building going to tackle the situation at hand.

Some corrupt entities in our SF San Francisco government have taken care of firing the previous Director of the Department of Building Inspection and installed - a puppet Director. 

It is the same with the Department of Building Inspection Commission - towing the line - and conducting themselves in a nonchalant manner.

It is the same with our SF Planning Commission - passing on a Wellness Center that is going to be in operation - at 3450 Third Street - a contaminated site.

What is happening to our City and County of San Francisco - we do not need to sell ourselves to the Chinese.

The Communist Chinese - who have no clue about our values. Have no clue about our Constitution. Less about morals, ethics, and decent values - they are cut throat - in all of their dealings.

If something goes wrong - there will be riots in San Francisco.

 Mayor Ed Lee does not comprehend the social repercussions that will ensue.

The UNIONS are not going to stand - for outsiders; such as the Chinese from Mainland China - coming here with their ill proven techniques - linked to construction - inferior design, poor workmanship, lack of standards -  cut throat dealings with those the Chinese do not agree with.

Make no bones about these folks - who have done this in African, and other places - pretending to help - and stealing what they get - for a bargain. I have had dealing with them - before.

You just cannot have a dialog with these "goons" - the way they operate - the say and you mist agree - there is no middle way - there is no dialog. When they show you their tainted money - they want full control - screw that!

We the people of San Francisco - want no more market price housing in San Francisco and for that matter Treasure Island.

This land - all of it belongs to the First People.

The Bay has shrunk and we should increase the Bay by getting rid on some of the landfill land - Pier 70, Hunters Point and Candlestick Point. Let the Bay water occupy the land and cleanse it from the many years - of ill use - fostering - greed.

Let the Bay recover - and let that land that was once the Bay be restored to what it was - there will be a greater transformation - and the wise will leave a legacy - that is if they have the ability to leave - a legacy.

On the contrary we follow this thug, former Black Mayor - with ideas of selling "green cards" to the Chinese.

Making money - inviting "thug Chinese" to San Francisco and no one has the guts to say anything about this man - Willie L.Brown who has long served his time; minting money and doing wrong - and that holds good - for his side kick Rose Pak.

It is a shame when the constituents of San Francisco - have allowed these thugs; former politicians, facilitators of evil - prostitution, loan sharkers - expediters - who can deliver permits on a platter for a fee.

They freely carry on such blatant in your face evil, actions - that will adversely impact the Bay Area, San Francisco - and adversely impact thousands of innocent - people.

On their side you have the Zionists - the ones that control the money - insurance, real estate, commercial and rental units - and these vermin - do not care about people; who need help.

These evil Zionists; who do not have the best interests of Americans; these Zionists who have access to vast amounts of  money - we must be careful of them.

The same Zionist who were involved in our spiraling economy - the year 2008. The likes of Goldman Sachs.

We the people must be armed with intelligence at all times.

We must be educated on issues.

We must also be armed to meet the enemy when the times comes - following the law.

We must not fall for the on going shenanigans - led by Dianne Feinstein and a spineless, shallow, inept person like Malia Cohen - on issues that they two women have no clue about.

We cannot fight the Zionists - others that they control and will use - who will have guns - while some want us to fight - with our bear hands. That will simply not happen.