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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


The people United will always Win.

Those corrupt more those that harm our children - that have BLOOD on their hands - will understand about their dirty deeds - crimes; they have committed even as they refuse - to follow the dictates of their conscience.

Those that lead must fine tune their moral compass - if you do not do that - folks like Malia Cohen and her like - they will NOT accomplish anything - but leave behind - fluff. 

Those that truly represent - leave behind a legacy. Those that leave a legacy make dire sacrifices - and it is only with sacrifice - that you can love - and truly serve.

We that know see the pandering, the fluff, the pussyfooting - and we know better - we can detect a scum bag - miles before the appear and perform their sordid and evil - operations.

The United States Navy still has control of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - with the exception of Parcel A - which is polluted - more with Asbestos Dust.

Other contaminants all recorded - and the records and documents  are there for all the world to see. At the the Main Library in San Francisco by Grove Street in San Francisco - or you may contact:

Keith Forman, BRAC Environmental Coordinator
Program Management Office West
1455 Frazee Road, Suite 900
San Diego, California 92108-4310


Humans have a tendency to live in the present - and have short memories - few remember when all of San Francisco led by Bayview Hunters Point advocates - opposed Lennar, a Rogue Developer and their evil - Proposition G.

Trying their best to bluff San Franciscans and others - that Lennar was poised to build 10,000 homes at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

This was in the year 2004 - moving on to Parcel A in 2002 and conducting themselves - by grading a 35 foot rock - Serpentine Rock - when crushed that releases - asbestos fibers. 

In 2004 with intent monitors meant to monitor Asbestos Structures did not have batteries in them - and this went on for years - and no one - did anything.

Hundreds of our innocent children today suffer - as they did before - headaches, sore throat, respiratory diseases - and a host of other serious - chronic diseases.

With our children - our beloved seniors - and young and old adults too - in greater measure - and down the line - prone to Asbestosis and other malignant diseases.

The community opposed Lennar's Proposition G - with its own Proposition F. Lennr was bragging to build rental home on Parcel a and amended its Disposition Development Agreement - to remove the clauses - linked to rental housing.

With the demise of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - which I predicted; years before it happened -  Lennar thinks it can fool the people - but no entity can fool all the people - all the time. Time is running out - and Lennar will fall flat on its face.

It happened at Mare Island - where Lennar declared bankruptcy.
Vallejo suffered and declared bankruptcy. Lennar promised Vallejo 10,000 homes - and after some year - past the due date - did nothing much.

Lennar declared bankruptcy - and Vallejo was counting on the tax increment and other benefits - in the end it was holding the empty bag. In due course Vallejo - declared bankruptcy - and the world know about it - and many were shocked.

Lennar is not to be trusted. Not in San Francisco - not anywhere - in the world. Lennar and other corrupt entities like - Lennar.

The community - from Bayview Hunters Point - spent $5000 to put Proposition F on the ballot. It did that - even though it was challenged by the San Francisco Elections Department.

I took the matter to the California, Secretary of State. The Secretary of California under whose jurisdiction all Elections fall - found out the shenanigans carried on by some - led by Gavin Newsom.

We the people had the petitions counted all over again - and we were found to be in good standing. The proponents of Proposition F - Jim Queen and Francisco Da Costa.

The Zionists tried to frame me - but failed. As they failed through out history. The Zionists - will never, ever find  - "peace of mind" They may have money - but never ever - enjoy - peace of mind.

Here, I would like to remind the readers of this article - that the Rogue Developer spent - $10 million - yes - ten million dollars - linked to Proposition G.

There were so many paid advertisement on the television and radio - that the people got confused - and many votes were bought - and we know the sell outs.

Suffice to say the following politicians and Poverty Pimp Pastors - endorsed Proposition G - and until now - nothing is happening - ten years after - the hoodwinking - including the two years - preparation.

So here is the list of the sell outs - and remember them for the rest of your life - Dianne Feinstein, Gavin Newsom, Sophie Maxwell, Carmen Chu, Bevan Dufty, Jose Cisneros, Lynnette Sweet, Veronica Hunnicutt, Willie B. Kennedy, Angelo King, Linda Richardson, Lola Whittle, Arelious Walker, Joe Bell, Edgar Boyd, George Lee and a host of other scum bags - too many to mention.

Right now in the year 2013 the U.S. Navy under pressure is getting ready to cap the contaminants - pussyfooting around - and trying to have fake community meetings - with practical no one from the community, attending these meetings.

The reason is simple - no one truly trust the the Navy to do the clean up.

Our request - the request of the community - is to remove all the contaminants and take them out of State - to a legal holding hazardous material site - the best would be by rail.

In the past Tectra Tech that recently declared bankruptcy - and before them International Technologies (IT) - also declared bankruptcy.

The reason is simple both made vast sums of money IT in access of $400 million - and Tectra Tech in access of $900 million. These crooks - made all the money they could - and to avoid liability - simply declared bankruptcy.

The City and County of San Francisco is a JOKE.

The sell out Representative Linda Richard had this comment - at the last meeting held at the Southeast Facility Commission Facility - at 1800 Oakdale in San Francisco.

Linda Richardson who is a mole - and represents the City and Lennar - had this comment to make - " will the U.S. Navy - have money to expand - after the capping of the contaminated sites? "

The U.S. Navy's response: " of course yes  - we will continue to be responsible - we will continue to address such situations".

The U. S. Navy has no money. No money for sure linked to the Superfund Program.

The Superfund Money - that money dried up - with corrupt politicians like Nancy Pelosi - raking in millions. Dianne Feinstein shoving projects towards her, crooked husband - Richard Blum.

Our City Mayor and more our SF Board of Supervisors have no idea about what a Superfund Site - truly is. They have no idea about the operations of the U.S. Navy - dumping radioactive elements all over the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

They have no clue about the Bikini Atomic experiments. The many large animals used in those experiments - and buried all over the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The experiments with the Atomic Nike Missiles - and other related experiments - that cannot be discussed in a public forum such as this.

Remember on atomic bomb left Hunters Point to be dropped on Japan - we know this - but, we do not care about that history. The war effort - did everything to destroy the enemies - even resorting to killing millions - many innocent Japanese victims.

Today, we are friend with Japan - but the world must know - innocent children, innocent elders - still suffer - and much of the contamination - relates to the War Effort - and related - operations.

The U.S. Navy has no clue itself - about the dangerous contaminants - spilled and buried by AAA Shipyard operations - linked to chrome plating and other very toxic operations. No records were kept. Much like the "jettison" commands issued by the Navy - polluting our Bay, our land, and even dumping over 1000 barrels of so called low atomic barrels - off Farralones Island - now managed by National Oceanographic Agency (NOA).

Directly, opposite the shores at a distance is Marin County - many cancer victims are found suffering Cancer - in Marin County - could be be - the water that wash at their shores  - and the many that enjoy the beach on a sunny day?

The U.S. Navy really found the sordid activities  - when AAA Shipyard was sued - not by the City and County of San Francisco - that was and is asleep at the wheel.

Not by the U.S. Navy that continues to be arrogant - but by private environmental organizations, staunch advocates that are still alive and kicking - that have the best interests of the Hunters Point community at large and the Bay that all San Franciscans - at large.

In recent days the City and County of San Francisco is counting on the China Development Bank - a very corrupt entity - to bank Lennar and other nefarious developers - to build 20,000 units in the middle of Chernobyl.  Time will tell.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone on issues linked to Infrastructure and Base Closure.

My statement is simple: " No good will ever happen at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard".

The U.S. Navy has not conducted any archaeological survey even though - they are fully cognizant of the fact - that the Muwekma Ohlone had the remain of its ancestors - desecrated.

The remains with the dirt used as landfill. Such actions do not go unpunished - the U.S. Navy pretends it is doing good - while all the time - lying through its teeth.

The slogan spewed out by Lenanr and its henchmen and women - was at the time with Proposition G: "it's time to bring Jobs, Housing and Parks to the Shipyard".

Of course it's time - and let us do it with a proper clean up. Ten years have passed  - and the only way Lennar will accomplish anything is like Cattelus did at Mission Bay - land banking.

No unit can be sold by the Zionists -  with those purchasing the units - signing a waiver. They will not be able to go to the beach - and wet their feet. They will be able to see it - from a distance.

They will not be able to plant anything in the dirt - dirt boxes may be - with clean dirt. All these waivers and more - and nothing assure their good health - the owner that purport to own the units - in the middle of Chernobyl - in the middle of the worst - contamination.

With the pressing issues of sequestration, tday - the U.S. Government compromising our National and International safety - no one it their mind - thinks - that the Government will give the U.S. Navy the money it needs to do any - clean up, mitigation and abatement - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Any simple audit will reveal the millions wasted at Hunters Point before and right now - money; expanded by IT and Tectra Tech - one worse than the other.

The City and County of San Francisco is allowing the Zionists the likes of the John Stewart Company -  to come into communities of color - and practice -  blatant " in your face gentrification ".

It is the same; with folks - like Bevan Dufty who endorsed Lennar - put his mug on their flyers - and now wants to be the Czar of HOPESF - the same goons - who laugh on your face and stab you in the back.

Pretend to give the indigent - some small services at the expense of companies with some goodwill - taking credit of such small services - while failing to help families - more small poor families - who are forced to leave San Francisco.

Our current - San Francisco Board of Supervisors and especially Malia Cohen - are good for nothing - watch her open her mouth -each and every time - she royally will shove her dirty foot in - oblivious to what is truly happening in her District and in the world.

Malia has no clue about what is going at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Wait for the day - when there is an explosion.

Wait for her to announce and make a foolish statement - stating in her ignorance - that she thought everything was under control. Pathetic as she is - she has with intent - facilitated the placement of a Wellness Center - at 3450 Cargo Way - in San Francisco - a toxic hot spot.

The problem with these politicians and Poverty Pimp Pastors mostly black - is that the do not have their heart in the right place.

The devil uses money - and those that pay others to do wrong - break the laws,  those that deceive with intent - will be judged - not now perhaps - but eventually. Aho.