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Friday, March 8, 2013


We the people, the tax payers of San Francisco want to know - how hundreds of thousands of dollars have been funneled to Non-Profits in the East Bay.

We will expose the conduit and culprit that has embarked on this dubious - journey that will take all those involved - into a - cesspool -  that will  further take many more down; and over the precipice - with the one key culprit - who lacks ethics, less standards, is arrogant and has brought disgrace to many.

Your time is coming and it is best for you all is to step down - fade into oblivion.

Green For All - Urban Habitat, and some other Non-Profits have been enjoying some grace time.

We, in San Francisco are savvy enough to invite others to join us to take people to a better place - and bring about change.

We in San Francisco have noted environmentalists, we have started many movements - recognized nationwide.

Those in charge of the SFPUC in the past have chosen to use outsiders - to bring about - divisiveness and this must - STOP.

We will NOT tolerate corruption and nepotism and that is what is happening at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

A Community Benefits Manager to the Sewer System and Improvement Project has been chosen - who has NO idea of the history of San Francisco - less of the Southeast Sector - even less of past projects and is groping in the dark.

Other nefarious individuals who are NOT from San Francisco - dabbling in surveys and other machinations and ploys - all very detrimental to San Franciscans.

San Franciscans should not be taken for a wild ride - while those astute watch this charade with - disgust.

We have qualified San Franciscans and those at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission are put on notice. Stop the on going - shenanigans.

First we had Pat Martel, then Susan Leal, then Ed Harrington - and now we have others trying to bring "disgrace" to all of San Francisco.

The Water System Improvement Project - did not benefit anyone from the community - in term of Community Benefits.

Expect - cronies like Al Williams who is not from District 10 - and continues to rake in the millions - pretending he is doing good - while filling his own pockets.

Kelvin Hayes - who passed away some years back - who got what he wanted on a platter. Was given free Maps to aid the contractors - but who did little if nothing to give the contractors any help.

The heads of the non-profits from the East Bay have a philosophy that does not jive with sound City and County of San Francisco Ethics and higher standards.

Again and again - non-profits like Green For All and others - have received large sum of money - and some one has to be held accountable. How have these thousands of dollars been expanded - and who truly approved these vast sums of money? We the people want to know and there is more!

Our money from the Enterprise Department - the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - has reached this non-profit organization and others  - that really over the many years - have never served the best interests of San Franciscans.

Recently a journalist and there are many journalists that have contacted me - who have requested for information from the person the heads the Communication Department - at the SFPUC.

The person in charge has LIED. Those surrounding this person - know about this - and such behavior must NOT be tolerated. A wrong precedence is set - and the higher authorities cannot and will not go Scott Free this time - around.

The rehab project at the Southeast Facility Commission is stalled because of this woman.

More interested in placing a CAFE - aiding some rogue Community Based Organization - creating animosity in the community and the contracting entities.

With the newly appointed Benefits Manager - who has no clue - who she is dealing with - insulting long time stalwarts - who are amazed at the language she uses - and further stunned - where this "novice person" - gets her drab, shallow, inaccurate - information from.

Under the Assistant Manager who is in charge of Community Affairs - all sorts of machinations and ploys - have been encouraged. Open defiance with the community at large - we the people - have never seen such abject, disgusting, despicable behavior before - and plan to address it sooner than later.

The Community Choice Aggregation is going no where.

Consultants like Paul Fenn were paid to do some work - but he was set up - for failure - and at one presentation the poor chap - felt like a fish out of water.

Barbara Hale has long taken on projects that have failed. We, the community saw this with the Combustion Turbines that she and Susan Leal - tried to install in our community.

We, the community brought that project to a stand still - and killed it. Our only supporter on the SF Public Utilities Commission - Richard Sklar - who is no more - God Bless His Soul.

This deal with Shell is a JOKE - and the billion dollar plus figure that comes with some fake Community Choice Aggregation - better be nipped in the bud - now.

Further we want to know how Darolynn Davis and others were chosen and give a contract linked to the Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) - and some drab - survey. 

Who fished in the sordid waters for such types of consultants - that are not worth the salt.

Who was truly behind the fake survey and why was the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - treated with disdain - by those who encouraged this fake survey? We all want to know - and we want to know - how the money was spent.

I attended one meeting held by  the Citizens Advisory Committee with some cronies that still bow down to the whims of Sophie Maxwell - Sophie Maxwell has long left the City - as a failed SF City Supervisor.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - better be aware that having any links and dealing with her - with cronies who support Sophie Maxwell - will come to haunt the SFPUC.

We the people want to know what is the SFPUC doing with the Digestors - from which come the stench that fill the air - is closer to the Wellness Center at 3450 Third Street.

The community is insulted - by those in charge - acting in a nonchalant manner - three of the six digestors are not is operation - and those in charge - have NOT kept the community informed.

Every one wants to make money - from the Enterprise Department - the the primes - who give jobs to crooks like Susan Leal who now works for AECOM.

When it comes to creating a new hub for contractors - with workable and much need furniture - the party in charge of the project - is forced to seek and encouraged to use "used furniture" - penny wise and pound foolish.

Everyone wants to take credit for something they never could envisage, less put into place, less operate - it is always the corrupt, the crooks behind the scene - wasting millions of tax payers money - on other mundane stuff - but, failing to spend money to something that must shine and attract.

Time will tell.

So, how are we dealing with those home owners that have contacted me and say the SF Public Utilities Commission - has been slow to help them - District 7.

Who really is in charge of the mess?

This a "test case" where the one - who has funneled thousands of dollars to the non-profits - must now step up and show what she truly knows - from all her learning of some fake - "Public Affairs" that she purports to have studied and knows - about.

Suddenly, we see - yet another woman - speak from both side of her mouth - when the large water pipe burst. She knows little and this type of so called Public Relations - will fail and more bring disgrace to San Francisco.

A good, sound Public Relations person - bring about solutions - does to treat the victims with disdain - and leaves them - in the dark. This woman who seems to not know what she was talking about - after the incident - has done more damage than one can ever imagine.

Who is hiring these good for nothing - individuals. Time to bring Tony Winniker to the fore - and see how best to handle this public affairs - fiasco of sorts.

Where those victims in District 7 - as a result of the large clean water malfunction and flooding - adversely impacted hundreds - lead to three homes red tagged and five others - yellow tagged - and hundreds who cannot go to the homes.

These victims  continue to suffer - and have been stressed beyond - any reasonable measure - who no succor to be found - and no reasonable financial aid give to them.

At the next SF Public Utilities Commission Meeting - we want the Assistant Manager under whose purview this fiasco comes - to step up and explain to the public - what has been done - and what solutions have been put in place.

These fake ass SFPUC anointed folks - must be exposed and their lack of comprehension and less bringing about practical solutions - must be brought to the fore - evaluated; and their performance if it does not meet the minimum standards - if they have not performed - these vermin must be shown the door.

There is a lot of "pussyfooting" going on behind close doors - the party is over - and all those who think they could - hoodwink us - are now exposed - for all they are worth.

An audit must be done - on how thousands of dollars - were funneled to the non-profits in the East Bay - who has been behind these ploys - and how do they truly benefit - San Franciscans?

There is more - we have some documents - and more is NOT forth coming - but we will get to the bottom of the nonsense.

The crooks are put on notice - do not ever think you can fool all the people - all the time with your smile - we detect - other machinations and shenanigans - with those in charge - those that constantly - pussy foot around - acting arrogant.

You all are put on notice - and the Main Press and others want the information we have - and can release -  the window of opportunity to change is yesterday - but as of now - we are in the hot seat - redeem yourself or forever - hold your peace.