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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


You would think in the year 2013 that the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - would have a better grasp - on matters that count - have more transparency and full - accountability.

For the longest time - some of us that count - that know about the shenanigans in two departments where millions of dollars have been wasted.

The department that has an Assistant Manager of Energy - and in recent times the Assistant Manager of Communications and External Affairs.

The woman who is now in charge of Energy - once dared to place 3 Combustion Turbines using fossil fuel by Third and Marin; we the community - shot the ill fated project, down.

The only sane person at the SF Public Utilities Commission that helped us - Mr. Richard Sklar - now deceased. May his soul - rest in peace.

Community Choice Aggregation is not for the faint of heart - and it does not make it easy - when someone lies, and then tells more lies - to cover the multitude of lies - that are the foundation of the fake concept and shallow blue print.

The San Francisco Community Choice Aggregation is going no where.

It all the fault of the woman who is the Assistant General Manager - making in access of $200,000 with benefits - and not fit to fill this job - she has a Bachelor degree in Philosophy.

From the inception - the concept put forward was shallow. From the start the decision making was flawed. From the inception - the survey done, the other discussion were drab and at the most unworthy. 

The time has come to set Community Choice Aggregation aside - and this woman has already expanded thousands of dollars - paying consultants - while - never, ever listening to those that explain to her the details.

She could carry on these ploys and machinations at the California Public Utilities Commission - but, not at the SF Public Utilities Commission - where the public and advocates are much more astute and will take her to court.

The other woman who is the Assistant General Manager of Communications and External Affairs - in like manner has NO experience in Communications, Media Affairs,  and what that all entails.

For sure has no experience in External Affairs - dealing with bills passed in Sacramento, California - bills passed at the Federal level in Washington DC. She does not have the history of local San Francisco politics - and can and should find succor in the East Bay - where sordid politics and corruption - rules.

This woman in the short time she has been the Assistant General Manager has funneled thousands of dollars - in the direction of Non-profits in the East Bay.

She must go - as she favors nepotism and she better go now - or this problem will bury her deep in the sink hole - she has created. 

Green For All - Urban Habitat, the San Francisco Foundation - and some other so called non-profits - are just that - they thrive on donations.

These entities; surely do not have the best interests of San Franciscans. They may brag they do - but they are not going to do anything for San Franciscans - more - if they do not profit - in one way or they other.

The woman who is the Assistant General Manager for Communication and External Affairs - once was on the SF Public Utilities Commission - appointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom - a good for nothing - entity. Nothing good came from this idiot.

This woman then jumped from the SF Public Utilities Commission to becoming the Assistant General Manager of Communication and External Affairs.

This move more this call - was totally out of sync - and contradicts - ethics, morals, standards, and most of all accountability and transparency. But someone endorsed it - and that someone now has the full responsibility - to cure the situation and do it - very soon.

This woman must go and go as soon as possible. If not there will be very serious consequences. If right now anyone ask some pertinent questions - demands some documents - a whole can of worms will be open.

What is more - as the days turn to weeks - the weeks turn to months - this woman has created animosity and divisiveness in the community - in San Francisco. 

Trying to use some dubious entities in the community to side her - against advocates and decent people - who now are agreed upon - that she must - go.

Both women are there for their salary and their own selfish interests - both these women do not want to serve the public at large. Both women will be exposed for their shenanigans.

It is a shame that the Enterprise Department that is the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission lacks good leaders - and has resorted to hire - such drab candidates and there are more a liability to all San Franciscans - one worse than the other.

All  the money spent is our tax payers' money. 

The sewer rates are up, the clean drinking water rates are up - and we must stop paying - these good for nothing - shallow, spineless, inept so called Assistant Managers over $200,000 with benefits - they are not worth it and more a disgrace to anything - decent.

There is more to come. This is just a clarion call.