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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Few have dared to study and more to investigate the  San Francisco Transportation Municipal Transportation (MTA) - that the voters chose - without deep thought - dared to link with the San Francisco Parking Department (DPT) and the once robust Taxi Commission. 

With intent buses have been bought without long term contracts linked to maintenance and through upkeep.

The result our SF Machinists working for SFMTA - have been busy on their lathe machines - producing spare parts - that should have been produced by those that sold us our aged buses.

The paradox is those who sold us our buses from Canada and entities dubious in nature - have long folded and gone.

You can look for them but they are no where to be found.

Some of the those crooks that made the deal - with these crooked companies that folded raked in millions and filled their pockets.

These crooks went at great length to buy the buses - years ago and even in recent years - making illegal transactions - have pocketed the money - and the rest is history.

Michael Burns, Emilio Cruz, Nathenial Ford - others still hovering around - scum bags and with connections with the Pacific Height Mafia. 

Now, SFMTA is poised to buy some 1000 buses and replace our aging fleet - but it cannot produce a viable "camera system" - that is a must - for the safety and protection of the passengers.

Over 50% of the cameras on our MUNI buses the public transportation system do not work.

Millions of dollars have been pocketed by crooks. And we have incompetent City Workers and leading the pack of wolves - the man with a ear piece - who acts like a dictator - pretending he can see - when he cannot - hear.

Research and Development done by one expert in the "camera field" and other pertinent monitoring, recording, and wireless scheduling and tracking methods - have been stolen and given to other nefarious entities - who do not have the better interests of San Franciscans.

Those riding our MUNI buses - our tourists and other innocent passengers - who constantly fall prey as victims - on our buses - think the cameras work - and are given a false security - but, far from it - anyone riding our MUNI today - is in peril and this must be remedied on a War Footing.

Those who lied to us - sent packing to jail - made to serve large terms - and you do not want me to name all of them - the list is long - and some one with the balls - must step up and do something - quickly.

Safety on our MUNI buses has failed - miserably.

It does not help with the shenanigans - employing some drab folks who are paid minimum wage with no benefits - dressed in yellow jackets and some black - I call them the "yellow hornets" - good for nothing and getting praise - as some sort of deterrent - in providing safety - when the case is far - from the truth.

The Mayor Ed Lee should ride the buses - without his safety detail - if he has the balls - anyone can twitch his moustache and spew diatribe - you can even train a "parrot" to do that.

Just like you provide free transportation to the "Twitter Folks" - step up and serve San Franciscans who are subsidizing the "Twitter Nerds" - who want everything on a platter - and have failed to give San Franciscans - jobs - we have given these nerds - a tax break - we who work hard and pay our taxes on time.

Again and again at some MUNI bus stops - ten, fifteen, and as many as twenty so called MUNI police officers, sometimes SF Police Officers, others - will show up and ask the innocent passengers - to show their Fast Pass, transfers tickets, other tickets.

Mostly harass the passengers and target the innocent, the poor and of course the indigent - who cannot afford to ride MUNI but must sometimes to get to the hospital or for some emergency.

We can bend backward to help TWITTER and other others - but not those that need help - most.

These officers should be ashamed of themselves - mostly arrogant and all of them should be get some training to be courteous to the passengers and to the tax payers who pay their salaries.

These good for nothing vermin - most of them do not live in San Francisco- make fat salaries.

Treat our San Franciscans and the most vulnerable - with disdain.

I have seen them again and again - harass those that need help most - demand to see some ticket by speaking in a mean way - and giving no considering to our elders.

Our recent immigrants who cannot understand English - and others who do not comprehend our MUNI system - many of them tourists. Confused by demands - like producing the exact change -  the filthy, graffiti infested buses - and an all round unhealthy environment. Check SamTrans - visit Europe and check their Public Transportation there.

Last I heard - we are a Super Power - never mind that we are teething with Sequestration Woes. Wall Street exceeding the 14,000 plus mark - and millions of people without work.

Healthcare premiums the highest ever - food price rising - and Public Transportation provide to the seniors, those that need help - in demand but there is no one provide any quality service - worth the salt.

Of course the MTA Commission keeps LYING at their many commission  meetings in Room 400 at SF City Hall.

Having failed to maintain any standard with the Department of Traffic that the SFMTA consolidated with - and the Taxi Commission - that SFMTA dipped and expanded the SF Taxi Commission Trust Fund - without due process.

Again and again the Taxi Drivers are treated with disdain.

Taxi Drivers placed on some list to get the medallions -  made to wait as many at 20 years and sometime 25 years - and then told a different story - cheated of their lively hood and the thugs keep - confusing, cheating, lying, robbing in broad daylight.

Added to that the Taxi Drivers have to compete with other "taxi pirates" that ply their trade with bogus marketing, using Apps on smart phones.

Other crooked ways, cheating their way and making money - and depriving the honest, hardworking, decent, ever sacrificing San Francisco average Taxi Drivers - women and men - from earning a decent wage - after working long hours.

The public is fed up with the shenanigans from the SFMTA and the SFMTA is put on notice.

Most of you that talk the talk and cannot walk the walk - must step down and go screw yourselves - in some place where crooks and liars - are tolerated.

It does not help that our San Francisco Board of Supervisors are into everything; except doing the right thing - like addressing Quality of Life issues.

Especially the SF Board of Supervisor from District 8 - Scott Wiener who should look into the camera debacle - that will go to Court. Always siding with the MUNI thugs - and wanting to delay the process - and create a Five Board Member - to hire - may be a Zionist favored candidate.

He and the others on the SF Board of Supervisors have failed to study the Administration Code - and mandates - what must be done to hire a new Director to the SF County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) - that must step up and audit the millions it doles to the SFMTA

It is not sufficient to create the "Whistle Blower's System" - it takes ages to resolve anything.

The crooks have placed themselves in all the right places - more Zionists - who will sell their mothers for a nickel.

Sometime ago our youth needed a break - the fuss that the SFMTA made - when they fully know - from the many discussions they have behind close doors - the millions - wasted.

When it came to give our youth a break - all hell broke loose - and it took some of us to use our influence - to make good things happen. Our youth - more indigent youth - can now travel for FREE on our MUNI buses.

Millions wasted on the Maintenance Shed on 3rd Street  - not far from Islais Creek.

A scandal that few remember - whent SFMTA polluted with millions of gallons of diesel - leaking and leeching - I spoke about it - I wrote about it - but, the public does not know about it.

The MUNI Maintenance Hub situated closer to Third Street and 18th Street - with drab management - and ' we do not give a rat ass attitude" - prevailing even today. Polluting our Bay, our Watershed - and those in charge - failed to fine and fire those that were involved in this - fiasco.

Millions wasted on "light rail cars " that are stored and cannot be used - because some dumb ass so called expert - did not bother to check on the specifications.

Millions wasted on accidents because the "so called experts" - have failed to work hard and put in place - a sound software - which works and is in sync with the total MUNI system.

Now, we have one system that in this contemporary technological age - is from the Smithsonian Age - and another that is 15 years old.

Again and again - but for the grace of God - lives have been saved - and now and then some disaster - is covered up - and the truth never told to the public at large.

Mayor Ed Lee knows about the utter nonsense going on at MUNI - but has chosen to protect the gremlins, the thugs, the crooks, those that he knows do not have the best interests of the public at large - decent, hardworking - San Franciscans.

Over $20 million has been awarded to a "crooked company" that has no expertise - the information stolen and given to the crooked company - from yet another company that did over 5 years - of Research and Development (R&D) on cameras - that were to be placed on our MUNI buses.

The company that did the R&D was hoodwinked - but not anymore.

MUNI and its charlatans are put on notice - do the right thing - or you all will fall on our faces.

Nothing that I have exposed before - has not come to fruition - and this time MUNI will be exposed for all the lies, pain, and utter confusion and pandemonium it is causing - to the public at large.

Our SF Law Enforcement is fast asleep, so are the many other City Department heads - that are corrupt and raking in the millions.

Learn to serve the public - and be honest - you may think you are riding a high horse - but; your days are numbered - you will have a steep - fall.