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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It is amazing when you listen to a bunch of buffoons; more corrupt politicians - who have NO clue what is store for them and their actions - more so - when they have no clue about history - and how history - repeats - itself. Hospitals the past and those to come!

There was a time when San Francisco had some good hospitals - not anymore.

We brag using folks who purport to know some about hospitals to say this and that - but that is not so - when an independent audit is done - what is reveal in today's world - is shocking.

Again and again there have been major problems with San Francisco General Hospital.

Mayor Ed Lee would NOT admit himself or his family at SF General Hospital. But he and others will brag about SF General Hospital that has gone to the dogs.

One way of finding out - speak to the orderlies, the receptionists, those that do the hard work - then turn to the Registered Nurses, the in-take nurses, the better qualified doctors who are worn out and stressed - soon - anyone with a "heart" - will get the true - picture.

Politicians love to paint a picture that is far from the truth. The true picture today in San Francisco - is that health care and good service is lacking and expensive. If you do not pay a hefty, high insurance - just forget it. You get some minimum care - and out the door you go. "Next Please!".

The mentality behind this type thinking -  folks; that talk the talk but fail to walk the walk - is pathetic to say the least - and our corrupt politicians exhibit it - mostly; because they are shameless.

We have serious problems with Laguna Honda; some private hospital like Saint Francis with charity care - and the list goes on and on. But, few have the time and more the guts to go through the lengthy documents - linked with audits - and find out the truth.

Once we had some great hospitals at the Presidio - none of which are standing. All were brought down and deconstructed - because of greed.

The Letterman Army Medical Center and the Letterman Army Institute of Research right by the Lombard Gate at the Presidio of San Francisco - treated thousands with dignity.

The Public Hospital by 15th Avenue and Geary - once outside the boundary of the Presidio - now, through an Act of Congress - within the boundary of the Presidio and coming under the jurisdiction of the Presidio Trust - that was mandated to be self sufficient in the year 2013 - which is this year.

Few know about the Public Hospital that catered to the Native Americans - the indigent sailors, had a small wing for small pox and other infectious diseases - few know because most people are NOT - educated on issues. They are ignorant. They are in the dark.

Just the few hospitals I have mentioned above - catered to thousands of people in San Francisco. More people from the Bay Area and from far of places.

When I worked for the Presidio - tourists would come from all over the United States and many a time abroad - and request me to take them to the hospitals on the Presidio of San Francisco.

Many took a moment - to separate themselves, be alone, shedding tears of pain and joy - making their peace.

Hospitals remind one of pain but also of joy - if cured, healed - given a second chance - each one that has been to a hospital nearing death, in peril - each has a story to tell - and each story is unique and heart breaking if revealed. I have heard many - and know what I speak of. Aho.

Which bring me to Saint Luke's Hospital that was run for many years - by a Faith Based organization -that was well respected and renowned - more in the Mission, Excelsior, and the Bayview Hunters Point - areas.

Then came California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) and they bought and took over the operations of Saint Luke and we fought CPMC - also known as the Sutter Group - the name does not matter - what these entities do - does - an entity that is - EVIL.

In Marin County, in the East Bay, in other places - the entities above - have adversely impacted and destroyed lives.

While we were negotiating the new-build of California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC)  on Van Ness - our Mayor Ed Lee meeting with the entities of CPMC.

Signing a premature agreement - the deliberation were so nasty at City Hall in Room 250 - that the San Francisco Supervisors themselves were belittled by the Counsel and others - working for CPMC.

The talks halted - very bad blood created - and now suddenly behind close doors - every one has agreed - to some terms - dubious in nature. Harmful to all decent, spiritual San Franciscans.

I will tell you all as plainly as I can - " no good will come at the site - now known as Cathedral Hill - no good will ever come".

Even though the foot print of the proposed new hospital is smaller - and other LIES have been incorporated - to make the deal sound sweet. Again; " no good will come at Cathedral Hill - more if you build a hospital".

Plainly put - Supervisors David Campos, David Chiu, and Mark Farrell - may say what they want - truly speaking on this issue - the should not represent all San Franciscans. They may speak for themselves and their families - but NOT for all San Franciscans.

Right now the workers at California Pacific Medical Center - those in charge of the boiler room operations (engineers), many Registered Nurses, other orderlies - are not treated well by CPMC and this is wrong.

As soon as CPMC took over Saint Luke that cares for so many in the areas I have mentioned above.

Saint Luke always offered - quality 'charity care" - went beyond its duty to serve the people.

Then when CPMC took over  - some high priority hospital care - entire floors - were shut down - creating pandemonium.

Many called me and I was forced to to the Saint Luke's and see things for myself. Pathetic. I could not bear to see the suffering - hear the pleas - and could not understand - truly, what was really happening. 

The entire floor that provided services to the mentally challenged was shut down. Services provide to premature babies were shut down - minimum services - provided. What institution would do that and change the policies to cut cost and adversely impact so many - many "charity care"? 

Only one that is EVIL to the core. There lies the crux of the problem - and only those that are spiritual can find a cure - bring about a solution - shed light where there is abject - darkness.

Politicians love to talk - and when a politician tells you - they have the better interests of the people - believe me - in all the years I have lived - and interacted with the corrupt politicians - each and everyone of them - more so in today's world - they are the scum of the earth. Make no bones about it.

On the site where Saint Luke hospital is built - because of past happenings - it is blessed.

A miracle took place; when it was agreed in the recent agreement to increase the foot print and beds at Saint Luke's in the Mission.

The need there for sure - the increase the foot print and increase the beds is much needed - and what makes this possible the nurses and other - have suffered and continue to suffer - but their determination to serve is - unwavering.

In the interim this is good news. Even though the operations are funded - by an Evil Entity - CPMC.

Not all the doctors, the nurses, the orderlies, the engineers that run the mechanical and electrical operations are bad.

Those that give care will be blessed - but, not the policy makers and not those that control the money. .

As I said; on Van Ness try as they may - nothing good will happen.

Nothing good happened - when it was known as the Cathedral Hill Hotel - the place is haunted.

The feeling at Cathedral Hill - those that know it can reveal to you - what I am talking about - is one of doom and gloom.

You enter Saint Luke's and the ambiance is different - the air and the environment brings solace to the being.

That is because - many good souls have blessed Saint Luke's Hospital. Too many have been saved who today - continue to pray for Saint Luke's. This spiritual element is not recognized by the hard of heart, those that are not spiritual - and of course that have "no heart".

Cathedral Hill has been cursed - and more so with some shady politicians cutting a deal. Time will tell.

Barbara Garcia; the Director of SF General Hospital has let down the people of San Francisco.

It does not matter if a new wing is built at the San Francisco General Hospital. The way the nurses, the orderlies, the doctors, most everyone is treat at SF General Hospital is - despicable.

I challenge the Mayor, Ed Lee to go incognito - as I do and witness the horrors at the Emergency Room.

You may be bleeding; they will keep you sitting down for half an hour and sometimes hours. If you are poor, an indigent and have no health insurance - forget it.

Which bring me to charity care. We have spoken about charity care before. We need to shed light on "charity care" giving free and subsidized assistance to those that are poor - the indigent.

We, San Franciscans full comprehend that - this is the City of Saint Francis of Assisi - the Saint that exercised - compassion.

On another note to spur us to do good and act as did Saint Francis of Assisi - we have a Pope - Pope Francis who is caring.

Pope Francis requests us to be caring, request us to love the poor, care for those that need help most. Should we?

I am Catholic so my being - spurs me to mention what I have written above.

I am an advocate for those that have no voice. I speak on behalf of those that beg me to represent them. I seek no gain from my advocacy -but to serve those that need help most - shed light where there is abject - darkness.

I have no intention to disturb my dear friends from other faiths when I say I am Catholic - the atheists, agnostics, each one knows deep in the heart - what is good and what is bad - you have a conscience.

It is none of my business to tell others what faith to practice - what philosophy to espouse - what theology is best - what practice abounds in goodness - or whatever. Do right is all I request. Stand  up and speak the TRUTH.

What irks me are shallow, spineless, inept politicians who do not care for the poor, the seniors that sleep on our streets of San Francisco, the thousands that live pay check to check - while the politicians fill their campaign coffers.

When the politicians open their mouths - they lie.

Behind the hospitals and the money they make are the Insurance Companies.

Run mostly by those who are loan sharks - for centuries we called them - those that lived in ghettos. They are well known in Europe. Today, in America they have ruined our economy.

These insurance companies and those that control them - leach on the blood of those that need help - the high cost of medical care, the high cost of medicines, the high cost of hospital care, the high cost of insurance - they are behind the scenes - laughing all the way to the bank.

You take an ambulance a few hundred yards - a quarter of a mile to a hospital - and you will get a bill for $1000 if not more. What type of service and pricing is that?

You stay in a hospital and it cost you over $1000 just for your bed and bare amenities; many a time a room with two beds - that you share with another - with a cloth curtain separating you - from the other patient.

You spend ten days in hospital and if you have quality insurance you have to pay some.

If you do not have Medicare, Medical, some one has to pay - the State, the Federal Government - someone.

If you have to pay; for whatever reason, having no insurance but have some income - the bill could be easily as high as $15,000 - if it a heart operation - as high as $150,000 and that is a conservative - figure.

In the hospital care - in the service of care giving - we have lost our heart - and we have brought in the devil and the insurance companies - evil people - their bottom line is the - dollar. But that is not what care and service is about - what about a holistic service filled with love and caring?

What about the oath doctor take - or have we forgotten that?

We know politicians lie, the steal, they cheat - they live for the moment - and they will burn in hell!