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Friday, March 29, 2013


San Francisco is a RACIST City - make no bones about it.

A good place to comprehend about blatant RACISM is in our courts, monitoring our adjudication system, in our politics of sorts - and how democracy is practiced - before the courts of sorts.

There use to be a time when public law libraries afforded those that wanted to learn more - an opportunity to go to a "Law Library"  much as I use to do - and read on the law.

I have represented myself and won many cases. People wonder how you can do that - well - if you can read and comprehend - if you can discern - you can use the information - in many of our good Law Libraries - and use the material and past cases - to make a case and win - hands down.

The librarians were of help and more those that congregated at these places - mostly free spirited people - who would bend backwards to explain some point - and help you as much as they could.

Now and then a lawyer, even some judges would brush shoulders with you. Some would recognize you - many see me on Public Television - and would come up and speak to me.

In recent times "Law Libraries" that were available to all - have slowly but surely - been shut down one by one.

There use to be one near the Financial District - and suddenly those doors were closed. Three or four others - some small other large - now - now more.

The old timers remember the "Law Library" on the Third Floor of City Hall - then came the renovation - it was moved across the street - and now that the the War Memorial Building.

The War Memorial Building is up for renovation. The current Law Library needs to be moved to a new location and it needs sufficient space. Space enough; to accommodate the books - and keep the "free spirit" alive and ticking.

The suggestion is we need 30,000 square feet to do minimum justice. We do have the collection of books, one of a kind collection, we have information available to all - and the logistics and the dedication is there - but where is the money? 

In fact many lawyers who cannot afford the space to have these law book - visit the public law libraries.

As I said once there were many - and now we are left with just one. The Law Libraries at Hasting Law College, the Golden Gate Law College, a private university like University of San Francisco - these so call places of education - have no compassion - the public is kept out - and told to stay out.

In fact some rich lawyers often will borrow law books from the present - "SF Law Library".

Those policy makers, officials concerned about the public law libraries at one time did due diligence.

The public law libraries were well patronized - well maintained - and as I said - had one of a kind librarians - who I fondly remember - and treasure the moments - the memories and the help - to soothe the pain and the memories of the victory in those courts of sorts.

You went is solo, you spoke well - impressed the judge with empirical data - and when you won - it was euphoria and a feeling that only those experience - after all the worthy hard work - long hours spent - focused on your case - because you could not afford - the retention fee and the mostly lying lawyers - who want your money and to hell with compassion.

Our City and County of San Francisco - that wastes money - panders to the corrupt politicians - to shenanigans, ploys, and machinations - now wants to curtail spending some money and providing the required space for the moving and lease of the "Public Law Library" - kit picking - on the space and the money - required.

Our City has a $7 Billion budget - and can easily accommodate the wishes of the "commons" - but it has failed to do so; dragging its legs - and so it was sued - and rightly so.

The San Francisco Law Library is over 140 years old. It was the first library of its kind in all of California.

We once had astute and decent constituents - and to go with that - fairly decent politicians and patrons - they put their best foot forward - not any more.

Now we have the rich but they are greedy - they want the accolades for pennies - they want their aged, ugly mugs on the little money they spend. Now are the days of Mayor Sutro and the many one of a kind books he had. But let us not digress.

The law libraries are funded by civil filing fees as far as I understand.

Our City's Charter mandates a law library to be in place and also has a mandate from the State - to provide space and amenities - as any well know - civilized city must.

The Law Library was first housed at City Hall in 1914 and stayed there until 1995.

We all remember when City Hall was closed for seismic up grades - and the books were taken across the street to the War Memorial Building - where it remains - now.

Its fate to be decided and time in running out - the dead line date is May 31, 2013. Today is March 29, 2013 and some days ago there was a Budget and Finance hearing - tons of diatribe but no concrete - action.

We the COMMONS - hope the SF Law Library - finds a new home - with ample space and some one - some rich patron - will come to the aid of the "commons" - our Republic - our democracy - and save the day.

It has been a long 17 years since the law library was moved to the War Memorial Building - where not all the books could be accommodated - lacking space - some 25% less - and the expectation was the law books would be moved to City Hall - when it was upgraded and fixed - but some some decided - not to do so. Why?

The members of the public have petitioned the San Francisco Mayor, Edwin Lee and the SF Board of Supervisors and more the Supervisors sitting on the Budget and Finance Committee to address the situation at hand - take this matter - very seriously.

Something must be done quickly - a space and lease found - more near the Courts - so that the Americans with Disability Act and other minimum but rightful amenities are in place - for the public at large - our seniors, those with mobility issues - others that need other special needs.

Many prominent people - including lawyers, judges, politicians, the State Bar of California, the Bar Association of San Francisco, hundreds of prominent associations involved in providing succor to victims and offering law services - have signed the petition and rightfully so. Time is on essence - something must be done before May 31, 2013.

And it will. Call 415.554.6821 for more information and more action - you help is needed and the time is now.