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Sunday, March 24, 2013


The ability to truly represent, be fair and just - is rare in today's world - and especially in San Francisco - and more at City Hall.

Drab, shallow, spineless folks like Scott Wiener, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen and some more - who have no ethics, less morals, and have NO business representing - have embraced sordid - parochial - politics.

These jerks try their best to represent by attending Press Conference, seeking fame by making silly amendments, spew diatribe; wasting the time of the constituents in San Francisco.

Other SF Supervisors - trying to change the name of our Airport - and other silly things - that only those that do not have their priorities straight and lined up - go for - failing to address Quality of Life issues.

Crime us up - many working two, three, and even four jobs - permanent jobs are hard to find. These scum bags are busy - eating, drinking, making merry, and spewing diatribe - we the tax payers - pay their salaries - and they have FAILED to represent and more their campaign promises they made and have NOT 0 kept.

No one would place a Wellness Center at a toxic hot spot - by the ever grinning, shallow, spineless Malia Cohen from District 10 - does not care about our children.

Her behavior, her mentality, each time she opens that filthy, stinking mouth of hers - speaks to silliness, immaturity, and plain - stupidity.

She now wants to back the Chinese Development Bank and make Land Use decisions with bring the issue before the Committees - using the notice 30 day rule - and taking the matter before the SF Board of Supervisors - directly.

Nothing is happening at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - we must focus on the U.S. Navy to do their job. The on going "budget crisis" and other nonchalant behavior of our politicians in Washington DC do not speak - to fairness and justice.

Small people like Malia Cohen do not count - nor does the hag - Dianne Feinstein trying to take on the National Rifle Association and others - who respect and will fight for their First Amendment Rights.

These shallow politicians have never represented the majority - they are in office - because they lie, steal, pander, and have blood money to spend. The time has come - and by a resounding majority - any legislation they bring - before any sane body - will be totally - defeated.

Recently Malia Cohen teamed with that aging, senile Senator Dianne Feinstein who thinks she is doing something right - trying to legislate about guns. A fact I have mentioned above and mention again.

Dianne Feinstein has done nothing much for San Francisco - accept create opportunities for her husband - Richard Blum to rake in the millions with contracts that she has 
shoved his way.

Here are the facts - we have a population of 311 million and in this Nation - where we have the right to bear arms - we have over 305 million arms and growing.

The many serious crimes committed - can be easily linked to folks who have mental problems. Others who should not own arms - but do so - because the Nation's monitoring system is Smithsonian.

The State of California has no money to monitor those that should not be having arms - their back log is well known - but our silly, idiotic politicians cannot speak to it - because they do not know about it.

Others like Mark Leno who knew nothing about it - now knows something - and has fought to appropriate our tax payers money - do that - he, Mark Leno can further his political career.

Always pandering as he did with Lennar - the Rogue Developer that is going no where. We spent $5,000 on Proposition F - I was one of the proponents - Proposition G spent $10,000,000 - yes; ten million. Has anyone asked where is Proposition G going.

Here are the facts Dianne Fienstein, Gavin Newsom, Sophie Maxwell, Carmen Chu, Bevan Dufty, David Chiu, backed Proposition G and are losers - and will be losers.

We have their names and will follow their sordid - track record - for a long. long - time.

Malia Cohen knows crap about arms and the Second Amendment.

She is a liar - opens her mouth and spews lies - and such a LIAR has NO place representing.

Malia Cohen does what she does - because she is sordid and foul - the worst that come into politics - always pandering - and always embracing blood - money. Time will tell.

Scott Wiener has umpteen minor amendments - that is how he wants to leave a legacy of sorts.

This wannabee Zionist from New York - who is seeking to be San Francisco's next Mayor. A despicable person - who should not be representing - not with a life style and mentality - that favors the - pervert way of reasoning.

Jane Kim - another transplant from New York - a Korean American - who rolls her eyes - talks the talks but cannot walk the walk.

A sub-station here, tax breaks paid by the constituents for TWITTER - other silly things that do not address Quality of Life issues - always adversely impacting those that need help most.

Throwing bread crumbs to those that will fall for some gimmicks - she talks often - both sides of her mouth.

In her district hundreds of Seniors sleep in the streets. Tourist are fed up - harassed by indigents begging and at times attacking our tourists.

Mentally challenged people asking for money and if you refuse - they curse, shocking our tourists not used foul language.

Everyone knows about this in the Financial District, around 5th and Powell - in places where tourism - counts - and our tourists must be respected.

Where are those that govern our City Hall on these issues - where have they been? They must walk the streets and see what is happening? Most stuck in their rooms - behind closer doors - making deals and fostering - corruption - of the highest - order.

This nonsense must stop - now.

Why do this vermin come into politics? To chair the affairs of the TransBay for example - a billion dollar project - that is going no where?

 Jane Kim has NO business representing the way she does - pandering to the Press and pretending she has the best interests of the community at large chairing the TransBay without any experience - except throwing those few salvos on issues like Workforce and other minor topics.

Jane Kime openly will not respect and recite any allegiance to our Nation's flag.

Only idiots will respect such a person - who way of speaking to an issue and arguing is convoluted .Such shallow representatives - that cause more harm than good.

More and more our City of San Francisco politicians do not represent families - and decent families.

Politicians who made many promises when they were up for elections - will not stand up - for what is right.

These politicians who are crooked themselves will NOT fight the crooks - the corrupt - the immoral - they have NO time for that.

Thousands of straight families will leave our City - thousands have left our City in droves - and these City Supervisors - all of them - do not give a damn.

Scott Wiener's legislation building small - in dimension - hundred or hundred and fifty square feet units - much like a space for a dog or a couple of dogs - speak volumes.

There is NO place for this queer man for children and families.

The same holds true for the many that espouse his way of thinking - and to think - that we - the many straight people - who abjectly - tolerate such blatant - nonsense.

These creeps keep reminding us to be "politically correct" - those who think and speak - following the "politically correct" mentality will get no where.

John the Baptist would not have left a legacy being politically correct. Nor would Jesus or the many leading spiritual leaders. Most sound moral leaders - speak to the truth.

Nothing good comes from the spineless politicians, those that have no sound morals, less ethics - and anything goes with the  "perverts".

The do not care for our children, they do not care for single mothers, they do not care for our seniors, they do not care for anything that has to be cared about - less Quality of Life - issues.

Now these sordid folks - want us to act and speak to their way of thinking - which is taboo to most normal and sane folks - and must NOT be tolerated.

Public comment has been reduced to two measly minutes.

These drab politicians - who gather in Room 250 - do not listen to the public - they are busy having their side-bars - think they need to be respected - when they must EARN the - respect - if ever they will !

Passing legislation under the 30 day rule - giving notice - but by bypassing any noticed discussion on important topics - at the Committees like Land Use.

We saw Sophie Maxwell do that in the past - and now Malia Cohen - a despicable - person.

We do not have anyone - stellar - worthy of respect to represent - for the simple reason these folks - have no ethics, do not embrace morals, have no standards - and when it comes to representing - they mostly represent their own - hidden agenda. Aho.