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Friday, March 8, 2013


There is absolutely no doubt that the City and County of San Francisco has FAILED and continues to FAIL - all our residents who live in Public Housing.

Outside Public Housing our City and County of San Francisco officials - have failed to address Quality of Life issues - on a War Footing.

We brag about a Carbon Footprint - while we know we have over 200,000 tons of Methane gas - spewing in the air. More in the areas - where there is landfill - and we thousands of areas that are landfill.

On ton of Methane gas - equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide - so much for all the bragging - about our dismal achievement linked to our Carbon Footprint. Any serious takers on this empirical data?

Henry Alvarez' the recently fired Director of the SF Housing Authority - was paid for by the Federal Government - the Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The SF Housing Commission; really could have dealt - with the many nefarious activities of Henry Alvarez - who was brought on board by Mayor Gavin Newsom - another good for nothing - despicable - individual.

It took a lot of complaining to get rid of Henry Alvarez.

For years this man and the crooks he met off site and made deals - accrued millions of dollars - that they all shared.

Henry Alvarez - was the Ali Baba - the forty thieves all under him - and mostly, corrupt private citizens - all worked for him - carrying on the "thuggery" that will come to haunt this City and County of San Francisco - for a long, long, long time.

So, now we have this  Newsom appointee - fired and put on accrued sick leave - busy trying to put in a place - a New Restaurant - in the East Bay.

Taunting the SF Housing Authority as being worthless - and saying - that he is free on - to achieve his dream -  he is going to operate a "restaurant" - he and his wife in charge of this - venture of sorts.

Right now; Henry Alvarez is on sick leave - to be exact accrued sick leave - as I said. But, he has been seen around - look fine - a brisk walk and full of energy and focused to - achieve his dream and operated - his dream restaurant.

The determination to allow him to be on sick leave - and on the pay roll until June, 2013 - was made by those - that full understood and knew - that Henry Alvarez was a trouble maker - crafty - a weasel.

Henry Alvarez got his back covered - purporting to have to attend to some family business - that business - could have been his pet project - this restaurant that he wants to be operating - in the East Bay - Berkeley. 

We have other crooks - that Newsom brought in - some at the SF Public Utilities Commission.

They all will have their day in court - and before that - may be jump ship - if it too hot - in the kitchen.

These crooks make high salaries over $250,000 with health and other perks - and never, ever have the best interests of the constituents at heart.

All they want and all they think - is to milk the system - and I can name them - but that will NOT - serve any good.

The good that about from the firing of the SF Authority Commission - each and every one of them - and especially one Amos Brown - has brought much relief and a sigh of relief - that should have come - a long time ago.

As a result we have a brand new SF Housing Commission - and I was there at their first meeting.

I advised them to have their "heart" - in the right place - and to adhere to the principles - do right by the people.

There is still some residue -  some of the old ways of conducting the meetings - rules that have to be changed - the Security in close proximity to the public - intimidating.

Public comment rules - antiquated to say the least - at the SF Housing Authority meetings.

The Chair is young Joaquim Torres and he and the others with his leadership - can attain a lot - and will attain a lot - it will not be easy - but it can be done.

The SF Housing Authority is in dire straits - it has no money - one dollar in the pocket and expenses in access of $1 million.

Elevators each costing over $300,000 to be replaced - there are four such elevators that fail.

Elevators old and Smithsonian - have reached their life span and more - and must be replaced - to prevent any major disaster - occurring - a time bomb waiting to - explode. 

Many of the housing units - have serious lead and asbestos related issues - that adversely impact the residents who live in Public Housing.

Most of them "indigent" - who are put in the category - of "low income" and "no income".  Plumping that leaks, toilets that do not work, windows that let in cold air, kitchens and other rooms infested with bugs and cockroaches and the list goes on.

For years these poor people have been treated like dirt.

For years these poor people have been promised the world and given - nothing.

Now, HOPESF is gearing to hand over large properties to Big Developers - like Mercy Housing, Bridge Development, the infamous John Stewart Company - to tear down the old Public Housing units - with larger rooms - once built to accommodate families.

The will be replaced with small rooms - more to accommodate the queer population and those that are single. A different population.

A plan will be devised by folks like Bevan Dufty - to remove other segments of the population of color - and foster blatant - gentrification. It is happening now - and it will happen until no Blacks that are poor can afford to live in San Francisco.

Those who are indigent - will survive on the streets, in the bushes, under the Bridges - and then suddenly one day - move on. No one will remember them- and as years past - they will be forgotten.

The City and County of San Francisco has long made up its mind - not to embrace families - and since 2000 over 60,000 decent families have left - San Francisco.

Of course Mayor Ed Less has nothing to say to about this urgent situation.

He is focused on the lights that give one some instant and  temporary joy - this and other trivial news - more fantasy - while hard working - blue collar workers - are suffering.

He love gazing up and bragging that 23 high rise cranes - are at the many construction jobs - building Market Price units - when we already have - more of them.

Where are the moderate priced housing, the low and no income housing. This blatant policy of "discrimination" is evident - and will come to haunt this City and County of San Francisco.

This City named after Saint Francis of Assisi - a man of compassion - who care for all life.  He love the poor and those tha could not defend themselves.

Much like the work done by Martin De Pores on Potrero and Saint Anthony's on McAllister Street in San Francisco.

It is the same with our SF Board of Supervisors - they are NOT focused on Quality of Life issues.

The many crooks - given jobs by more crooked Mayors of the past -  have embedded themselves in Enterprise Departments - making hay while the sun shines.

The San Francisco Airport, the SF Port Authority, the SF Public Utilities Commission - San Franciscans are looked with disdain - and outsider from the East Bay and further away - embraced.

Department heads - hiring their own buddies - and creating divisive situations - more with the situation - at SF Public Utilities Commission - and the Assistant General Manager in charge of Communication - linked with dubious issues.

Nepotism and other uncalled for hiring and rewarding these fake employees - shallow and corrupt - with huge benefits - is totally uncalled for. Time to weed the chaff.

Gavin Newsom and before him Willie L. Brown a "thug Black Mayor" - created hundreds of jobs - and classified them as "Administrative Assistants".

These folks now are heading Departments in the City and County of San Francisco - have made tenure and are laughing all the way to the bank.

Have made a cozy nest - attained tenure that hard working, and more qualified San Franciscans have but were deprived from holding any of these jobs.

These good for nothing individuals - looking down upon San Franciscans - the wannabees - are the scum of the Earth.

The last three Mayors of San Francisco have fostered - blatant corruption with intent - and we must stand up for what is right.

There is nothing more important than - grass roots support - the best are those individuals who are spiritual and educated on issues - having standards, high morals, and an aptitude to do right.

United the people cannot be defeated.

Educated on issues - we all can go to a better place. 

With a fine tuned moral compass - the sky is the limit - and with this, God on our side and more - we can  - with UNITY - attain we is best for most of us. Aho.