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Thursday, March 7, 2013


The rampant corruption that San Francisco is experiencing in recent years - was not created by some  - in a vacuum - but, by many who go with the flow as the say - and cannot connect the dots. Fail to stand up and speak their mind - fail to do what is right.

Most City Department heads are satisfied that they have a cozy job. Fail to maintain standards - and deal with blatant corruption - we know what we speak of and this time we will explain - with a warning - terse and to the point.

While millions - many highly qualified - all over the Nation - do not have jobs - here in San Francisco - over 28,000 City Employees - have a decent salary with benefits - and do not work hard.

Practice a nonchalant way of doing things - and do not speak for what is right - and more take a stand and represent. Corruption has reach a high point - where shallow, inept, spineless people are appointed - just because they know one another.

This is wrong. And you will be dealt with - not by frail human beings - but by a FORCE - much more powerful and omnipotent. 

What is worse - many of these lazy, inept, shallow, spineless City workers - do not live in San Francisco - they take their fat pay check - and laugh all the way to the bank.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Again and again - we find it despicable when those in charge who  must do right - with intent - do wrong.

In recent months - we have found - despicable entities that the City has embraced - hide toxic soil - and expose innocent people to it. In open defiance - and we have the manifests - and if we expose the culprits - they will be put to utter shame.

So here is the salvo - the first warning - beware you will be exposed.

Large piles are placed at a Restaurant Depot on Cesar Chavez in the Bayview - other toxic soil by Thomas St by the Bay - still other toxic soil removed from near the Ferry Building and placed in an area - that adversely impacts - the health of the innocent constituents - that live in San Francisco.

Who is authorizing to move these toxic dirt - from one place to the other - to save money - and at whose - expense. Where are the Regulatory Agencies on this one - the Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC) for example?

Where is the San Francisco Health Department on this one - and one Dr Rajiv Bhatia - Barbara Gracia - Mayor Ed Lee.

We all remember toxic soil from the present AT&T Park - formerly known as the Pacific Bell Park - brought to the Bayview and piled closer to Carroll Street - in the Bayview.

Some of us have sound memories - while others - in high places - indulge in making money - at the expense of decent tax payers in San Francisco.

Mission Bay is a paradox - you would think the dirt under University of California - San Francisco (UCSF)- would be clean?

No, it is not!

The toxic dirt - contaminated for years - by the Santa Fe operations - were brought down - from the area around 4th and King - from the higher ground - and dumped where now stands the UCSF buildings - the buildings within this area call for  addressing health issues and all things holistic - but the very foundation of the buildings are contamination.

No one addresses such concerns - and at many Press Conference the filthy rich that participated in this blatant conspiracy - speak as if they did right - when the hypocrites with intent - did WRONG.

The buildings on which UCSF stands - the basement today - experiences fumes - more toxic fumes - and this is not just a paradox - but an insult to high standards and decency.

Some where along the line in recent years - the City and County of San Francisco has lost its moral - compass.

The crooks - and we have many in high places - think they can sell their souls to the devil - and get away with murder - in broad daylight.

Not so. You will be judged on Earth - not some other place that some other crooks - purport to tell you - learn things for yourself.
You will be dealt the justice - here on Earth - and your days are fleeting.

All crooks and those that harm the innocent - will be judged on Earth - your KARMA - is here - here on Earth.

While you live - try to be just and fair - and if you are cockeyed - and that is putting it mildly - dabbling with lies, fornication, stealing, putting innocent people in harms way - and if you did that with intent - you will receive your punishment - here on Earth.

Pier 70 in San Francisco - that comes under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Port Authority - is very contaminated.

Much of it from the World War II operations - but Forest City - who the "thug Mayor" - Willie L Brown Jr has embraced - and others - who do not know right from wrong  - want to build hotels and other fancy buildings - on contaminated soil  - surrounded by the worst - toxic hot spots.

San Francisco has deprived - hard working people - of thousands of decent rental units.

We have permitted the Academy of Art University - to convert building offering rental units - with rental control - to be converted to dormitories - and that without the permission of the San Francisco Planning Department.

Just like that thousands of rental units - have been taken away from the hard working blue collared workers - and this one corrupt entity the Academy of Art University - permitted to adversely impact thousands. All this done by the San Francisco Planning Department being asleep at the wheel. So, does the Department of Building Inspection. So does the Mayor and the SF Board of Supervisors. Spineless, inept, and totally - irresponsible to the constituents of San Francisco.

Now, we do have an access of Market Priced homes - but, all the more the City of San Francisco - and the corrupt policy makers - want to build more hotels for the filthy rich - who will see the tumbling of the Wall Street - before October, 2013.

This fake high rolling dice - that Wall Street is experiencing - much like a roller coaster ride - where - something is not attended to - some cog - but, people take a risk - and then - suddenly - there is a malfunction - the impending disaster of sorts.

Those in the know - know this - and will allow the vulnerable to fall prey to those that play the dice - where you win some, little - you lose more, and more, and more - until you can lose no more.

Our City and County of San Francisco is failing in its duty to serve those that need help most - the seniors.

When you disown the senior population - God in His infinite mercy - will step in and deal with the corrupt. 

Never mind your high you think your status is - I have seen the very corrupt; in high places - come to me when disgraced.

Even though I warned them years - before their imminent down fall. History repeats itself.

Change your ways - those of you that permit - the diabolic actions - permitting those to save money and adversely impacting -  the lives and health of thousands, more innocent people - to breathe and be exposed to very toxic - soil.

Go to Carroll Street by the Alice Griffith Public Housing complex - raw sewage flows on the street.

This - right before you make the turn, South - heading for Candlestick Park - and this has been going on for over 15 years.

This City knows about it - but with intent - has permitted raw sewage to flow and seep into the ground - and no one thinks much of it. Your day has come.

Well, you have to be educated on issues - and if you are head of any City Department - move your ass and do the right thing.

Do right and be fair. Learn to adjudicate with sound facts and wisdom that comes from learning and educating yourself. Do your keep the company of the evil - evil begets evil.

There is freedom that all of us cherish - and there is license that is the abuse of freedom.

Those in power - with a false pretense - try to impose harm on those that cannot defend themselves.

Here, in our City and County of San Francisco - that day is coming in some areas it has already come.

The public relations linked to the damaged homes - and bursting of the huge pipeline - in District 7 - exposed the Public Relations of one Enterprise Department - its head of Communication - is worthless to say the least - and she still does not get - it.

We must hire astute people and not wannabees who in turn surround themselves with an entourage from whence they pussyfooted before.

Folks from the East Bay - who do not jive with San Franciscans - not the savvy ones; who are in the know - have been observing the many charades and on going nonsense.

This must come to a stop - and those unfit to do their job - removed.

Time is always of the side of the just.

No one can fool, all the people, all the time.