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Saturday, April 6, 2013


We must not stand and wait for all the corruption at the highest level pass us by - we the constituents of San Francisco. For sure without standing up for what is right - and more blatant corruption.

At the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission; one Juliet Ellis was caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Funneling thousands of dollars - some two hundred thousand plus - to Green For All - while all the time she sat as the Board Director linked to - Green For all.

Her primary job - Assistant General Manager of External Affairs - a job she was NOT qualified to perform at any level. While at that job - she created hell and many were stressed out - by her ploys and machinations.

All the time making in access of $200,000 plus benefits.

We had a good man in Chris Iglesias and he had to leave his job - he has a good job now - with a bigger pay - but; we lost a good man, a decent man - and all because of Juliet Ellis - a corrupt person.

Juliet Ellis brought in the wife of the man who is the Director of Green For All and hired his wife Kay Fernandez - to be the SF Public Utilities Benefit Manager.

Kay aka Mary -  has no clue about our San Francisco neighborhoods, the issues at hand - and when we met her last at a meeting at 525 Golden Gate - she heard the remarks from many present - and to say the least - the remarks were not  - pleasing.

Juliet Ellis helped hire three or four folks from the East Bay - and if we connect the dots - all of them had some role to play in the machinations and ploys - engineered by Juliet Ellis.

So - they all must go - we are not prepared to sit around and watch that "fungi" grow - spread - and infect.

It is high time Tyrone Jue be promoted and he deserves the promotion - as he had come up the ranks - worked hard and is a decent man.

The same holds good for Masood Ordikhani. Masood should be the Benefits Manager added to what he does now - to serve the community - where he is respected and what is more understands the issue.

I sincerely hope Harlan Kelly and those that make the key decision take note - of who is decent and has morals and follow ethics - and those that we hire - through influence to hurt the constituents and take us into the cesspool of abject - corruption.

Harlan Kelly is in China - on a tour with the Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin Lee.

For those that are not in the know - Harlan Kelly is the General Manager of San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. I have know Harlan for a long, long - time.

His wife is Naomi Kelly - the City Administrator - both are black and both seek to work diligently and do the right thing.

So, here comes Juliet Ellis - in their shadow - and shoves her foot in her mouth, put her dirty hand in the cookie jar - funnels money in the thousands to an organization - she is associated with - and with intent - breaks the law.

Conflict of interest - and if Juliet Ellis goes Court - she will Go To Jail. She better take refuge in Jamaica - where she originally hails from.

The City and County of San Francisco has the Ethics Commission. created by a Ballot Measure - approved by the constituents of San Francisco. Does it work? From all appearance - it does not.

Can the City Controller act in this case. He can. Can the City Attorney act in this case. He must - but he has been dragging his legs. It is our tax payers money - so we must have a say - and our statement is " out with that the stinks to high heaven and is corrupt ".

City officials travel abroad - make hay while the sun shines - take gifts - have people contribute to their welfare and travel - like plane tickets and choice hotel bookings - and the constituents are kept in the dark.

There are forms to be filled and the Ethics Commission is looking at this sad state of affairs.

The Ethics Forms must be filled before the fact - and not after the fact.

That is a violation - and the Notices of Violations must be posted on the Internet - complete with the "mugs" of those that infringe on the law of the land.

Corruption; at all levels today are a given - even the San Francisco  Board of  Supervisors have been charged David Chiu, Carmen Chu when she was a Supervisor now City Assessor, Eric Mar, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener - and these folks - think that breaking the laws - is something that the constituents take lightly.

Anyone can read the violation available at the Ethics Commission. And the charges are there for all the world to see. These folks are suppose to represent - but, they are all the time filling their own pockets - working their way up - by hook or by crook.

As part of their bio it must be made mandatory - when in office - the many charges; that they were charged of - that these blatant charges; violation committed with intent - be posted on their web sites.

This that all may know - how well these corrupt politicians represent. So far what we have seen has not been - pleasing to the eye - a black eye for the City and County of San Francisco.

It is only recently that the Main Media has started looking seriously - at the many infringements.

I have been reporting them for a long time - like the Juliet Ellis episode.

Even now; Juliet Ellis is laughing - she has not got the point - we need her out of San Francisco - and out of any official representation - linked to the City and County of San Francisco.

The East Bay is ripe with such shenanigans. Enough said.