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Thursday, February 28, 2013


For the longest time - again and again - the San Francisco Supervisors as a whole at the many San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) - meetings; have not been paying attention to the matter - in front of them - and rubber stamping important projects.

We once did have a Director named Jose Moscovich who has seen left the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) - known for his long speeches - on something that could be said in a couple of sentences.

Some say he knew a lot about his job - most say otherwise.

With his departure there was a breath of fresh air in his Deputy - holding the fort - her name is Maria Lombardo - conducting business as best as anyone could. Kudos to her and her team.

The SFCTA doles out millions of dollars - sent its way by the State and Federal agencies - the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).

In turn the SFCTA gives money in the form of grants - to the Metropolitan Transportation Agency  (MTA) the entity that has done a deplorable job - with our MUNI - San Francisco's Public Transportation system.

Other bodies that apply for grants and need them - if funding in available to assist and better - transportation and related projects.

I have been attending and following Transportation Issue since 1988 - this information if for the buffoons - the SF Board of Supervisors and the Mayor of San Francisco - Ed Lee.

Our fair City - the City and County of San Francisco - has chosen from time to time hire inept candidates - to be heads of departments.

This surely cannot be said of  Acting Director Maria Lombardo. 

Most people who truly know anything about Transportation - acknowledge her expertise - her demeanor;  favor her promotion - filling the empty seat left by Jose Moscovich - to make good things happen.

The City Administration Code calls for a three member body to review candidates - some Head Hunter entity - has already been given $70,000 to provide some names. This is to say the least a formality or sorts - but there is nothing wrong to hire in house - as has been done again and again.

Now, here come the perennial trouble maker - the vice- Chair of the SFCTA Commission - Scott Wiener - who wants to tweak the system to be in the lime light - for all the wrong - reasons.

The SF Board of Supervisors - a body that much represent the 11 District - use the SF Board to further their won agenda.

For all practical purposes -  the SF Board of Supervisors - one worse than the other - known for talking in circles - and have zero tolerance listening to anyone who knows facts - better than they do.

The Vice-Chair Scott Wiener for some apparent reason wants a five member body - he seems not to agree with the three member body already encased in the the City's Administration Code - that can and should - choose the most qualified candidate.

That candidate is then sent to the Full Board - and then we hear in the public at the SF Board meeting as a whole the matter on the agenda - the enlighten statement Scott Wiener and the other jackasses make. Again and again - instead of having common sense prevail - the dysfunctional folks - take the wrong route.

Before you know it - they all are swimming in the CESSPOOL of their own creation. It does not make it easy that the Queer thinking and talking - is the worse part of this sordid - equation.

In this case - subjectively speaking -s Maria Lombardo - who knows her stuff, works as a team, manages well her task and works very hard - is the candidate to fill the vacant - position.

Maria Lombardo meets all the criteria of a good leader - she knows the way, she goes the way, and she shows the way. She is a team player - and there is NOT a person who dislikes her.

Not unlike the SF Board of Supervisors and those who have shown some interests to be on this - supposedly to be formed - five member body - USELESS to the core - who talk a lot - spew diatribe - and should be ashamed of themselves - trying to represent.

Even the skunks wills shun most of these shallow SF Board of Supervisors. The leader of the pack - one Scott Wiener. He has an opinion on anything and everything - and loves to upset the apple cart. Most of his amendments are trivial - and he wants to be the next Mayor of San Francisco. He hails from New York and should go back - to help those folks on the East Coast.

Scott Wiener is despised by many in his District 8 - we have 11 districts in San Francisco. First this Zionist was in favor of nudity - then suddenly he made a right about turn and was against it. He loves to nit pick.

Graffiti is found all over his district - suggesting he is a good for nothing person. Also, bringing on the issue of the Zionist - and the horrors of the Nazi regime to the fore - and this Queer man - simply does not get it.

Because of him parks have been vandalized, one clean kept walls tarnished with graffiti and many a times - mentioning his name.

That is what we notice about the Queer - the so called spineless and shallow representatives.

They talk a lot - act like Queens most of the time - and love to express themselves at length - most of them having just found some freedom in San Francisco- but, what these good for nothing - so called representative practice is license.

There is Freedom and there is License - and abuse of Freedom is License.

Our MUNI public transportation system receives millions of dollars to install Cameras.

Yet again and again our MUNI system - has been found lacking in being honest - again and again MUNI - has deceived the thousands of passengers - riding our MUNI system - thinking that the cameras work but they do not.

We have defective cameras meant to record and prevent crime.
Passengers have been stabbed, assaulted, robbed - and to find out that the cameras do not work. Who is fooling whom.

The SF Board of Supervisors - have known about this - but done nothing about it.

The Mayor Ed Lee knows about this - and has done nothing. Some heads must fall - the rotten, those that LIE - must be show the door. The liability is too much to bear - too many innocent people - have been the victims on our MUNI transportation - system. 

I have reported this matter to the SF  Controller Office - complete with some documentation- and waiting for their slow process - to find it way to some - adjudication of sorts.

The SFCTA and MTA are suppose to deliver a workable transportation system - but have not - and more failed - miserably.

Ripe with corruption - many of of MUNI buses - have passed their age of operation. Deferred Maintenance has further cause greater havoc - and employee morale has been and all time low.

 Many MUNI buses do not have parts - and the Machinists at the MUNI workshop - make the parts on the lathe machines.

These inept, shallow, spineless SF Supervisors - have never, ever spoken about these facts - because they have no clue how an aged system that has been cheated - by many within the MUNI system - wasting money - stealing money - tons of Over Time to some favored employees.

Corruption galore and lies for the man who wears a ear piece - and practices - blatant discrimination.

All we witness at the many SFCTA meeting those who are  Queer and the other Supervisors shallow and spineless - try to make small talk - talking at length - spewing diatribe.

Refusing to give the constituents of San Francisco- sufficient time to speak - and being reminded that the representatives are NOT doing their job. Except pussy footing around - most of the time.

At many of the sub-committees meetings - be it the Plans and Program linked the the SFCTA - no one comes forward from the Public to speak.

I use to at one time - and found that I was was wasting my time - with the buffoons.

I can watch the crap at home on SFGOV.TV and then comment when all the buffoons meet - as the SFCTA Commission - which is the SF Board of Supervisors - as a whole.

Now, suddenly these buffoons want to have a say -  in the selection - as to who will be the future Director of the SFCTA. 

When, in the very first place - they do not have the ability to understand - the  fundamentals of the Administration Code, less of transportation policy, even less of operations, and even less of the despicable states of affairs - our aging and failing MUNI system, our roads, the failures resulting from deferred maintenance and low employee - morale.

At the last meeting the SF Board of Supervisor meeting as a whole at the SFCTA Commission - did not have on the agenda - the issue - as to how to select and fill the position of the Director of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

In other words this issue was NOT  to be discussed because simply put it was NOT - on the agenda.

Yet; believe it or not - these buffoons were going on and on and on - just like some bitches on heat - irritating to the core - and displaying their ignorance and arrogance.

Malia Cohen walking around in her white suit - blank as ever - every  time she opens her mouth - she puts her foot in her mouth.

Most of the time not understanding anything and going to Chair - John Avalos - for side-bar conversations - while those watching are aghast. Sit in your chair - you cannot even find your notes - when legally called to speak.

These folks are pathetic . Most people watching this charade - were laughing at these buffoons - happening in Room 250 of the Chambers where the SF Board of Supervisors meet.

City officials Ed Reiskin the Manager of the MTA, Mohammed Nuru Director of the Department of Public Works, Faud Swiess, other officials and constituents - had to watch this charade, blatant disrespect of the constituents.

All the while the Chair - John Avalos - could not control the diatribe.

This matter was not on the agenda - and if there was need to discuss the matter - he just had to say - the matter will be continued - reminding the buffoons - that it could only be discussed to be acted upon - if  the matter was notice and on the agenda.

I am bringing this matter to the public - because we have clowns on the SF Board of Supervisors - no one worth the salt - they talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. Talk in circles and waste our precious time.

Come Public Comment time - and I was the only one who spoke on most of the items on the agenda. When I was speaking to the point - these buffoons were having side-bar conversations.

This one fact - points out how arrogant and ignorant these idiots are.

Scum bags who should not be representing.

Less representing because ALL of them knew very well they had not read the Administration Code well - less the Charter of our City and County of San Francisco.

We have City Attorneys to consult but this morons know more they thing - and when the time arises - make a fool of themselves.

Everyone taking their time to chirp and crow on a topic they do not know - these SF Board of Supervisors.

Wasting our time - because we pay them and we should not - we should go to the time - they were paid $38,000 and not the $120,000 with benefits - these good for nothing goons get now.

Then you have Norman Yee - who comes from the SF Board of  Education - comparing the despicable SF Board of Education to the operation of our City and County of San Francisco - with a budget more then $7.9 Billion.

The SF Board of Education constantly asking our fair City to tap into the "Rainy Day" fund - always begging and never, ever address pertinent issues linked to superior - education.

We have four such characters from the San Francisco Board of Education - one worse than the other - Jane Kim from District 6 the sly weasel, Norman Yee the lost soul, Eric L. Mar he says one thing but means another; the former Counsel to the SF Board of Education - David Campos - like an Ever Ready Battery - he can go on and on and on.

Maria Lombardo has done an excellent job before - and we do not want any Zionist as the next Director of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

I was sitting next the Head Hunters and they did not know who I was - I heard them speak - and I was watching them take notes.

I have been interviewed - referred to by many candidates including a candidate who gave my name to vouch for him - he now is in charge of operation for the AC Transit.

 I know and understand what large Transportation Agency need and the caliber and expertise that must be inherent to run the operation and manage the thousands of employees - some directly and other indirectly.

I know what is means to be involved in policy making.

I suggested five points  when I spoke on the creation of the unnecessary  five Board to help the selection of the next Director of the SFCTA - if that happened at all:

 1. There was no need to create such a  Body.

 2. Those proposing such a measure - had not read the
     Administration Code - less study it.

 3. This matter was not on the agenda - no action could be
      taken - yet, too much time was wasted - debating this matter.

 4. Those trying to be on the Board should have 20 years of 
     hand on experience - linked to Transportation and related

 5. I suggest that the acting Director was fit for the job and
     should have it - her name is Maria Lombardo.