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Monday, June 11, 2012


We have bed bugs, mice, and a host of other parasites that adversely impact the poor - the indigent - who live in Single Residency Occupancy (SRO) Hotels in San Francisco.

In China Town the City permits - in SROs for 8 persons to share one toilet, kitchen - all this in San Francisco. Why?

All over San Francisco - people hear about the despicable condition in SROs - but no one is doing anything about it.

Add to this despicable conditions, folks doing drugs like the infamous "crack cocaine" - folks with mental conditions - who cannot get their medication and are on a rampage.

Other choice folks like "jails birds" - just waiting for an opportunity to prey on the vulnerable.

The San Francisco authorities are looking the other way.

Not a single SRO should be able to operate without some baseline elements in place.

The SF Planing Department must get rid to these vermin infested spaces - too small and filthy - where the indigent, the vulnerable, those that need help but spend their last days - in filthy conditions - some worst than the worst slum that we see in other poor Nations.

One by one these places must be renovated and the units given to the poor. Not to students, not used as tourist havens - kept in place for the poor, the indigent, those that cannot find housing in San Francisco.

Not far from these sites - live the filthy rich - in four and five star hotels and spend thousands of dollars daily.

In the Pacific Heights area - other filthy rich who prey on the poor - who have made their money on the backs of others - mostly the poor.

Over 30,000 homes in San Francisco which has a population of about 811,000 are vacant.

We have Veterans sleep on our street of San Francisco and dying. What a way to honor our Veterans. We have folks that say they represent - with hard hearts - and they look you in the eye and lie.

Why is the City named after Saint Francis Assisi - so nonchalant? Where is the compassion.

The Mayor as does the other housing authorities in this case Bevan Dufty, Trent Rhorer, others too many to name - these folks - look the other way - pretending to help - throwing arrows in the air?

Today, at City Hall in Room 250 we had a hearing on the conditions in which poor folks live in Single Residency Occupancy (SRO) Hotels.

Sad to say - hundreds of people were there to testify at this hearing.

After some time - if you were a decent human being - you could not stomach it anymore.

Slum landlords have been preying on the poor and this must stop.

The SF Planning Department must step up and doing right.

The Mayor must visit these SROs and may be spend a night there.

The SF BOZOS and we have many - must visit the SROs and see things for themselves.

I have gone to these places and they are filthy. I have gone to these places to help people in need - and have been shocked.

Some places stink to high heaven.  Many floors - the corridors - never ever cleaned in years. Why should decent but poor live in such conditions?

Now; is the time for action - and within three years all the Single Residency Occupancy Hotels must be renovated and decency restored - and those low income and no income - helped.

In many cases the SROs need to come down - just to get rid of the pests, the mice, the vermin, the many other crawling pest that abound in these filthy - places - not fit to live by any human being - not even a dog.

No SRO should be converted to other type of higher residency - like condominiums for the rich with Market Value Prices.

To student housing making a mockery of affordable housing - depriving low income and no income - people.

We are watch the crooks that abound at City Hall like a hawk.

How Single Residency Occupancy Hotels came about: