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Thursday, June 28, 2012


This is the United States of America - our Nation is not a Police State - nor should we permit Law Enforcement and hand them powers to act like any other para-military force.

In San Francisco not too long ago - Chinese Americans were treated like dirt.

In fact many Chinese were taken away, killed, and nothing could be done. This was mainly from 1850 to the early 1950s. In the era around 1850 - small fishing village were burned down by others that discriminated against the Chinese fishermen. Not too long ago - but we forget that - and paradoxically at Hunters Point.

During World War II the same was done to the American Citizens was were of Japanese and of Italian origin.

The scars of these interments - caged in camps and disgraced just for being American citizens - has created distrusted - and only when you win the confidence of these victims - do you realize the deep hurt and comprehend the full - truth.

I have stated the above - because these facts occurred  and if we do are not cognizant of these facts - it was very difficult to Represent your community.

Not all that has changed and with astute Asians representing at all levels and asking for restitution and an apology - Congress has admitted its fault for injustices done on the National Level - be it that it has not admitted its guilt to all communities.

Congress has come a long way and we all the better for it - if first we are educated on issues - our current Representatives - seem to betray their ignorance - by flawed legislation and pandering to the MACHINE..

In San Francisco mainly for the last 25 years - the poor sections of San Francisco have not been given opportunities - more so because of very poor Representation - the SF Board of Supervisors. 

We all know the fake representation by Supervisor Sophie Maxwell representing District 10 and now that pathetic Black woman - Malia Cohen.

Unlike most folks who just talk the talk - I have walked the walked.

I have not been afraid to address pertinent issues to Mayor Feinstien, Mayor Jordon, Mayor Agnos, Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., Mayor Gavin Newsom, and now Mayor Ed Lee.

Crime does not happen in a vacuum.

We have empirical data about crime and what fosters crime.

It should NOT come as a surprise how Big Developers will work with the local government - to permit areas slated for development - to be run down, people harassed, youth treated like dirt, adults looked upon with disdain - all to create a situation - and environment - to move people away.

Simply put - it is called Gentrification.

If the Federal Authorities chose to investigate Sophie Maxwell - the bribes she has taken from Lennar - it will take no time to bring her to justice.

Hand in hand are crimes committed by Mayor Gavin Newsom and before him Mayor Willie L.Brown Jr.

There a number of Supervisors who took money from Lennar and we had people on the payroll of Lennar with a key person who worked for Swinerton - being the Pay Master - he now has control of all the Starbuck Cafes along the BART line.

We had "thugs" in the Bayview on the pay roll of Lennar - monthly payment of $10,000 per month for years - and all these "thugs" did is carry out divisive actions - and divide the community.

The above does not happen in a vacuum.

And do not tell me that  the former Police Chiefs were not fully aware of these criminal Mayors - the large pay offs they got - to fill their campaign coffers.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is aware of it - and the tentacles reach Congress - the House and the Senate.

For sure Mayor Gavin Newsom and Mayor Willie L.Brown Jr. raked in millions.

Mayor Willie L. Brown going so far - as to put millions of dollars of CALPERS funds in jeopardy - using his influence to have CALPERS invest in Lennar. Check the LandSource debacle.

We have folks who have lived in the Bayview Hunters Point for over fifty years, and some for over sixty - and we are fortunate to have three who have lived for over seventy years - and we have access to them. There recorded statement speak to the history - but to facts.

Most of them state that during the term of the District 10 Supervisors Sophie Maxwell and Malia Cohen - the Bayview Hunters Point has seen the worst crimes - lack of Quality of Life - and increase in more Part One crimes and an increase in Part Two crimes.

From the year 1999 to the year 2011 - I have attended over 240 funerals. I know of others who have attended more. Most of them Blacks. These facts speak to the despicable Representation - and lack of leadership.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way. 

Do not tell me perverts, unethical folks, immoral folks can be good leaders. Why do these folks Represent - to make money - to fulfill and vent - for too long they have been in the - closet.

This Black on Black violence must stop - and the only way it can be stopped is for Community Policing to be accepted by the community at ground zero - on mutual, agreed, vetted terms - as stakeholders.

We need genuine Leadership and we call trust immoral folks, folks who live on lies - and cannot be trusted. Folks like Malia Cohen - a disgrace to anything - decent.

Law Enforcement at all levels be it local, state, or federal are paid employees.

Their salaries come from the tax payers.

Law Enforcement at the local, state, and federal level - were never, ever envisioned to be para-military forces - but, the fact of the matter is they are.

Laws are changed as we speak to facilitate - para military forces - and some of us will die - fighting for what is right. The evil forces are working hard - to keep people down - and deprive us of our Constitutional Rights.

On the highest level State Governments are working with models to shoot and kill and then ask questions.

This is the model used when we go to "war" - to see an enemy you kill the enemy. No questions asked.

We have seen this in San Francisco - again and again - and some of us have spoken up, worked hard, only to be compromised by ignorant, arrogant, Supervisor the likes of Sophie Maxwell and Malia Cohen.

Both panderers and one had a drug problem early on and lives on Third and Jerrold - and the other favors the norms of the LGBT community - never logical in her thoughts - she lives in the Potrero Hill area - always on the take. A chronic - panderer.

Some of us; work with the better educated Police Officers - more the Officers from the Command Group. Our discussions and our views are well known to these individuals - because they have seen us act more - not talk.

I for example can have a frank talk and reveal whatever I wish to reveal in a frank manner - to those in the SF Command Group that I have known for years.

Suffice it to say - they read my articles, see me in action, and understand where I come from. I have stood by them and they know this - when most just let them down.

I am not naive to side with those that have no values and commit crime. No educated person makes his or her bed with criminals.

I know some of those who have committed serious crime - spent time in jail for long periods - and have offered my services to work with teams - to rehabilitate such individuals. I have a track record - in this field.

I am also fully aware that there are many individuals who break the law who are heavily armed - and have arms and ammunition - much more powerful than our SF Police personnel. I do not endorse nor tolerate such tactics.

The criminals are in the minority. Thousands of those who belonged to gangs - now linger in jails - some for cause but many for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Once these folks men and women are released from incarceration - their plight is mostly for the worst. Our prisons do not rehabilitate - they given those incarcerate - a better way to commit crime - birds of a feather folks together. Once released - there are fewer institutions - trained in accommodating and rehabilitating those incarcerated. We talk a lot about this but there is simply NO funding - to accomplish the bare - minimum.

More since 2007 the opportunities for our youth who do NOT have high school education.

It is next to impossible to give these youth a chance to have steady jobs - less CAREER jobs.

It does not help when we have had folks like Dwayne Jones and other Community Based Organizations like Young Community Developers in the years from 2003 to 2009 - who have divided the community. Now, Dwayne Jones is back on our community - doing the devil's work.

Millions have been expanded by these so called Community Based Organization - with little money focused on CAREER JOBS.

Our City still puts faith in outsiders like Rhonda Simmons who has been an utter failure with City Build.

Our Unions be it Local 22 or the other UNIONS must train individuals - but the UNION have been busy making deals - and some of the Union leaders - cannot even comprehend; less speak English - and yet these uneducated folks are at the table - signing Project Labor Agreements - that favor the Union Leaders - and not the constituents, not the Union Workers; be it those living in San Francisco or in the extended Bay Area.

We have seen this with the Water System Improvement Project which failed on producing CAREER JOBS.

We are monitoring the Sewer System Improvement Project with early shenanigans - introduced by AECOM and Dwayne Jones.

I have spoken to Ed Harrington in whom I have some faith and requested him to leave a legacy.

Do not fall into that syndrome where outside forces and corrupt politicians - offer jobs, favor corruption, and control major projects - pulling strings and chiding and favoring those with money to give - while - pitting the Local Business Enterprise (LBEs) and those decent companies and sub-contractors - that are promised the world and shafted - each and every time.

There is no doubt that this City favors WEBCOR, Nibbi, Swinerton, Cahill, AECOM - who pull strings with Platinum Consultants and get projects - on a platter.

More and more outsiders are coming to down and doing San Franciscans in. While those that can do something - and screwing around.

Time to FRISK the outsiders - many coming to the work place - with guns - let the SF Police Department begin at the various - job sites.

The Construction Companies favor "criminals" pay them less, use these thugs to intimidate the locals - while the Primes or Big Developers rake in the millions.

If the SF Police Department falls in the trap of harassing innocent youth - the crime will increase by leaps and bounds.

Today's youth will NOT tolerate undue interference - and infringement of their RIGHTS.

We went through this debacle when we had Gang Injunctions - initiated by City Attorney Dennis Herrera - it back fired.

The SF Public Defender, others that know the community well - will tell you - Gang Injunction back fired - divided families - and today there is a lot of distrust and crimes will increase in the long run.

Gang Injunctions did not work in Southern California where "real gangs" ruled the streets.

 Gang Injunctions in Southern California pushed gangs all over the Nation - spread "gangs" like a virus - that today cannot be controlled in many areas - on the East Coast and Mid-America.

Some thirty years ago with the introduction of "crack cocaine" we saw our communities destroyed.

Some one introduced "crack cocaine". We also saw the use of machine guns - some one introduced machine guns.

I do not know of any small community especially in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - that manufactures "crack cocaine" in the hundreds of pounds weekly and has the ability to produce thousands of machine guns and Teflon bullets. Go figure. 

Community Policing, Restorative Justice, other models that favor everyone working as a team - has been put aside with some thinking they know best - when they are corrupt, have been corrupt, and now pretend to be half way decent.

If you treat the community like dirt, with disdain, it will back fire and when it backs fires no one - I repeat on one - will be able to stop the rampage.

We see it - every now and then - but no one has the guts to speak about it - because some think the have "an iron clad" apparatus when they are as vulnerable as ever.

The youth in the Southeast Sector - are especially sick of those who think they can treat the youth - like animals.

This is a clarion call to those that talk the talk and fail to walk the walk to pay heed.

The disparity among the poor has now been compounded by harassment, brutality, ignoring environmental issues, lack of health amenities, child care, people are starving, ignored by forces that should be aiding the community.

In the past we have seen this treatment exercised to the fullest with drastic adverse impacts.

The Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco. I represent them. Most people have no clue about the Ohlone - they live on land that was stolen - every single inch.

All this land we see was stolen from the Ohlone. The thieves will not say a word - expect to say that those that had power; took the land. That is called - stealing - and those that steal are - crooks.

The Chinese Americans many are my friends - suffered untold discrimination. Thousands lingered on Angel Island. China Town on many occasions was slated to be totally - burned to the ground. For years Law Enforcement abused the Chinese in San Francisco.

The Japanese Americans I have stood in solidarity with them. Many Japanese units fought in the U.S. Army so hard and won the highest honors.

The Nation betrayed them by incarcerating them - they honored their own NAME and brought honor to the United States.

The Irish; many have forgotten their history and now work with entities and did same to the Irish community. There are records and books that spell the details of discrimination and even lynching in San Francisco - not too long ago.

The Latino - many come here for a better life - and some do not and we must deal with that issue - step by step. The many cities and towns that bear the Spanish names - should wake us up - San Jose, San Francisco, Santa Clara.

The Blacks from slavery to to date - the most affected community - now fallen prey - to blatant Gentrification.

Mayor Ed Lee must read the "Unfinished Agenda" - before he touts the "Out Migration" fake document.

Learn to "frisk" your past - the history that repeats itself - respect each individual linked to Human Rights, the Constitution in toto, laws that are adhered to in most decent States - and stop pandering to groups that are immoral, unethical, corrupt, and seek to have their own better interests.