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Saturday, June 2, 2012


History repeats itself.

Some of us know this - but; few delve to study the past, monitor the present - so that we do not repeat the same darn mistakes - and mess the future - for those that must receive the best - but turn out again and again - to get the - worse.

The current bunch of "thugs" we have in the Senate and Congress - representing San Francisco and the neighboring areas - are despicable.

Few read history - and it would do good to delve into the history and sordid actions of the Railroad Barons for example - that killed innocent people, sent corrupt politicians to represent their custom -  blatant corruption -sordid interests in the United States Congress - and did as they pleased.

That is until the people revolted - removed these "vermin" from so called "politics" - more political power - and restored some semblance.

In those times we did not have the deep influence of the "Zionists" as we have today.

At the core of all deep corruption, division, a well planned, devious - in today's world of politics - a blue print to take our Nation down - today - are the Zionists.

We saw this with the downfall of our Nation's Economy - and we see it with the influence - of corrupt politicians in the House and Senate.

Here is San Francisco an added attraction, pests, displaying arrogance and bent on destroying family mores - perverts.

Much like the Baron Railroad "thugs" that influenced the West, Middle America, and the East Coast - using power to rake in wealth - we have very corrupt, inept, shallow - politicians.

These vermin worship power and are - bent on doing as they please - paying lip service to decency, standards, morals, ethics and what is most - ignoring decent Americans  - that further humanity and compassion - what we are know - for.

Just a little history for one to put things in context. A glimpse from the past:

Today we see in Congress folks like Senator Diane Feinstein and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - others in the State Assembly Fiona Ma and Mark Leno - who are as corrupt as these Railroad Barons.

But not for long - these Representatives did have their chance to do good - but have done WRONG - by the people.

The time has come for them to go - for too long, have too many innocent people suffered - while these vermin keep spewing diatribe, rake in millions to fill their  campaign coffers.

More with "political action committees" where there is no cap - and today; the candidates for the Presidential Elections - have BILLIONS of dollars - in these dire economic times - and are making a mockery of democracy.

Truly we see the ONE PERCENT - disgracing all that the Nation stood for - standards, morals, ethics, decency, accountability and transparency.

As much as the local Democrats scream and shout about the Republicans being bad - they are worse.

Who is the world would endorse perverts like Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, Mark Leno, and a bunch of other idiots - who dare represent decent San Franciscans? 

Why do we not call them out - perverts to the core.

Politics has become a "cut throat game" - we see it here in San Francisco with the abuse of power - take the case of Ross Mirkarimi. In all the deliberations - no compassion for his wife and child.

Who truly is behind this utter nonsense - and where are the people with guts. We can the "independents" send a strong message - on June 5 and in November - get rid of the vermin.

Shine light where there is utter darkness.

It is as if this trumped up case - linked to Ross Mirkarimi - has a deep hidden agenda; that the Democrats - who are behind it - want to make an example - for all the wrong reasons.

Why did these same minions - not choose to do so with Gavin Newsom - or the many political QUEERS - now in office and more running for office - and are - perverts. These folks talk in circles and cannot even think - straight.

For sure these "perverts" do not represent decent families - father, mother and children.

They have their "closet manners and mentality" - that the military for years - kept at bay - that others want to release to tarnish - standards, decency, morals, ethics, accountability and transparency.

We have the top political wanna bees pandering to those that are perverts - Gavin Newsom, Mark Leno, others too many to mention.

Recent jerks like Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen - who are egotists and do not have the better interests of San Franciscans.

No one wants to speak the TRUTH.

It is much like the Rail Road Barons - only this time - the modus operandi has changed - it is subtle - say the right things and do what you please once in office.

As is the case with Malia Cohen - the laughing jackass - who wants to rake in the thousands - but, will fail - and fall flat on her dirty - face.

She wants to build a Wellness Center on contaminated ground. Changed the zoning linked to over 26 Block in the Bayview by Cargo Way - without having - one single, meaningful community meeting.

It is the same with Scott Wiener - who uses his subtle  and mean perverted thinking - to further his diabolical intentions - we will not have a politician like him - running for higher office - no way.

The San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee is a JOKE.

The many INDEPENDENTS better not vote for the perverts - they are much like the Railroad Barons of old.

They have a hidden agenda - that is contaminated and very corrupt. They have NO family - values.

Read on - one more time and be educated on issues: