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Monday, June 25, 2012


As much as - the better informed constituents - have stated that the Sutter Group of Hospitals - that control some of the hospitals in San Francisco - have stated again and again - clearly that the Sutter Group Board is not to be trusted - some in the City and County of San Francisco - are bent upon - adversely impacting health care in San Francisco - by pandering to the Sutter Group of Hospitals - more the Sutter Board that is greedy; and should not be in the business of providing - health care to decent constituents.

Sutter Group should not in anyway adversely impact the Saint Luke's Hospital - a hospital that has played an important service before in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

As soon as Saint Luke's was sold to the Sutter Group - most of its critical services and departments; more Charity Care - have diminished. 

The Sutter Group have always started bargaining on an important issues - by sending conflicting signals - mostly providing - false information.

With its nurses, stationery engineers, other Sutter Group hospitals - have chosen to adversely impact - nurses, engineers, and other critical staff - who are treated with disdain. This nonsense must - stop.

Another factor Sutter Group uses - is buying influence.

Unfortunately that will not work in San Francisco.

Kudos to Supervisors David Campos, David Chu, and Eric Mar - for asking and following up on some pertinent facts - linked to Sutter Group's Disposition and Development Agreement.

The Sutter Group will have to reveal its latest fiscal information - so that the Legislative Branch of San Francisco - can make a better and informed - decision.

The Sutter Group has hoodwinked the constituents at the Marin County and San Leandro. Moving millions of dollars from these hospitals - into an account that has no accountability and less transparency.

California Pacific Medical Center - that comes under the jurisdiction of the Sutter Group - is out to destroy general, efficient health services - all over San Francisco. More to the constituents that need help in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - where to day we have no major hospital.

The Sutter Group that controls hospitals has one thing in mind - making extraordinary amounts of money. They worship - Greed.

If the Sutter Group - genuinely cared for patients - they would have provide Charity Care at a level comparable to other hospitals - Saint Francis, SF General Hospital and so forth. The do not.

The Sutter Group have embarked for years - buying hospitals and shutting down those departments that should offer genuine, standard services like mental care, pre-natal care, cardiac care, rehab unit, and so forth - but the Sutter Group stays clear of such services - preferring; to offer those services where they can rake in millions - quickly.

The counsel who tried to reply to a question and publicly chided the SF Board of Supervisors - said it best.

She literally told the SF Board of Supervisors - that the "financial reports" of the Sutter Group - were controlled by the Sutter Board - and could be revealed only to those entities - that the Sutter Board deemed fit.

Indirectly; suggesting that the financial statements - at this time - were not to be revealed to the SF Board of Supervisors - an entity that the Sutter Group does not respect less wants to trust.

The Sutter Group is not to be trusted - not with the quality care they ought to providing to the general population. 

Not to the Charity Care - the Sutter Group - ought to provide to the indigent - population.

Hospitals were built to provide quality health care to all constituents - the Sutter Group want to make a fast buck treating patients - as if they were expandable.

Much like any cattle operation - or a production operation - where money is important - and "health care", "safety net", "providing charity care" - are uttered as cliches.

Do not trust Sutter Group - and those that now control Saint Luke's and California Pacific Medical Center - unless; a complete and through Disposition and Development Agreement - is closely verified, vetted, and the details evaluated by experts who are independent.