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Thursday, June 14, 2012


There was a large fire by the Bart rails at West Oakland Bart Station - the fire caused by a structure in construction to house low income folks.

Millions in damage and inferno cause was so hot - that the inferno damaged parked cars near by and other facilities.

It is 11:00 am now and still the traffic over the Bay Bridge is bumper to bumper.

12 hours later plus - and confusion and pandemonium - has reigned supreme. Judging from the slow response - the utter confusion - this situation may prevail for a full 24 hours - plus.

People are waiting in long line for over an hour and many for a two hours and more - to catch a bus to San Francisco.

The logistics offered by Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) in terms of alternated transportation - is despicable to say the least.

Today, June 14, 2012 millions of dollars was lost - in person hours and other related services.

With all of our meeting and talks about offering Emergency Services.

In a situation like this - the stalling of the entire BART system. We find out exactly how capable we in the Bay Area - as a whole to address an emergency situation.

We now find out that we in the Bay Area talk a lot - but when it comes to walking the walk - as with the inept BART entity - all we have seen - has been fumbling, struggling, falling again and again - in the pit of ineptness and inefficiency.

Throwing hands up in the air in utter - despair.

It is time - when such events take place - we have in place - Emergency Models - to address Quality of Life issues - on a Regional Basis - with other Regions offering help to address Quality of Life issues.

Emergency buses - from neighboring areas - San Francisco, San Mateo, other well so called organized cities - must come to the rescue of BART. Today, we could have exercised that model - but all we do is talk - spew hot air and fail to address the service we must provide to the public at large.

Today incident must be an eye opener. Just imagine one fire - close to the BART operations - and the entire system - comes to a halt.

What should be done now - is evaluated and find out the millions of dollars that this ONE FAILURE has caused the economy.

For sure it is in the millions of dollars.

As usual those gurus that talk the talk on the many Emergency Services Models that they say they can provide - has not been triggered in this case - and should have - an ideal situation - as an exercise to learn more.

Our Ferries are loaded - we have to think about this mode of transportation too - in the future.

There will be a lot of talk about BART - that has not yet resumed normal traffic.

Judging from the state of affairs - we may resume normal operations - a full 24 hours after the incident that cause this mess.

A fire near West Oakland Bart Station - where a structure fire - housing low income people - caught on fire.