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Monday, June 25, 2012


There could not have been a worse malady to befall District 10 - then the fake election of Malia Cohen.

Since being in office - she has done nothing - but rake in the money and filled her own coffers. Pandered to the MACHINE.

Recently, she stood for election to the SF Democratic County Central Committee and won. Only the most corrupt could win an election to this body - where as far as "true representation" is concerned - Malia Cohen has shown - little - and tarnished the name of District 10.

Ever since she has been in office - she has been selling out the community - left, right and center. She says all the right things - but does not take a stand - for the community at all.

Poor folks in Public Housing are suffering - and hundreds have been evicted.

Most of them Blacks - and Malia Cohen - will have nothing to do, less to offer in terms of succor - this Black woman is pathetic to say the least.

The best time she has and you can see her grinning - that wide grin of a kind - it when you mention LGBT - and when she is in some parade - it is fluff like that that inspires her - to come out of the closet and reveal her fake glow.

She is quick to lend her name where she can make money - and soon this route she has chosen - will take her over the precipice and into the "cesspool" of her own making.

Many young men have died - as a result of shooting and killings in the Bayview, in the Visitation Valley, all over District 10.

Instead of walking the streets and meeting with the community - Malia Cohen - coward that she is - has been prodding the SF Police Department to send extra Police Patrols - to create hostility in the community.

Some of us  really know what Community Policing which is lacking in District 10. When the community is intimidated what entails from such artificial actions - is hostility.

Community Policing can be attain only by trust and focused meeting when Law Enforcement and the community has a common stake - the welfare of all concerned. Malia Cohen has divided the community.

Of course fake, artificial, superficial Malia Cohen would not know that - she is NOT from the community.

Her ties lie with folks that are greedy, seek political power - in short Malia Cohen is a panderer.

Malia Cohen now makes her abode in the Potrero Hills - where she never lived before entering her race for District 10 Supervisor.  Despicable; Malia favors the cushion of larger LGBT community - where she can pussyfoot around.

Such are the times we live in - where folks pretend to be one thing - and favor a mind set that is perverted and consequently the actions - are flawed.

We learned this in the Army - and the lesson learned as far as I am concerned bear testimony. I watch for the deeds not the vain - talk. Malia Cohen is as fake and artificial as anyone can be.

Businesses on Third Street are hurting.

Malia Cohen cannot take a walk by herself on Third Street - all she does is criticize the community - from afar.

What decent person would change the zoning affecting 26 Blocks around Cargo Way in the Bayview without one single meeting with the community?

Not even informing the SF Port Authority that will be adversely impacted? 

What decent person - would think it prudent to place a Wellness Center at Third and Cargo Way - one of the most contaminated places in San Francisco?

Using our children as pawns - this act is despicable.

Malia Cohen has lost her mind - and her mind set - her mentality mainly focuses on herself.

When she speaks it is in circles. The mostly her diatribe is utter nonsense - sometimes - just hot air.

The woman cannot articulate - because she is not educated on issues - she is a panderer.

Panderers are mostly chronic liars. In deep there is a scar that has marred them - and they live in a make belief world - one day soon - this world will - crumble - the bubble will burst - and the panderer will be the worse for it.

If you look at crime and mostly Class One crimes - District 10 has the most.

If you look at foreclosure rates - it is the same - thousands of homes - under water.

If you look at education - the plight of the youth could not be worse - in District 10.

There is not one High School in District 10. Students have to travel long distances - often crossing - "gang turfs" - and putting their lives in danger. What is Malia Cohen doing?  Nothing.

If you look at Quality of Life issues - District 10 is contaminated, polluted, marred by abuses and lack of enforcement from all the Regulatory Agencies.

Recently at the end of Palou Street by Hawes and Griffith - for years the people were suffering from contamination.

God alone knows how many innocent people - mostly children and our Elders suffered.

No one - not the manager who was called, no one cared about the suffering - brought about by the worst contamination. Least of all the SF Housing Authority and its Director Alvarez.

I was approached by Espanola Jackson - and once I got the location; the address I sent an email to Mayor Ed Lee, the Health Director Barbara Garcia, to Rajiv Bhatia who is on vacation, the Chief of Police, Gregory Suhr, to the Director SF Housing Authority who was on vacation, to others - only for the Director of Health Department to take action and bring some relief.

The action is on going - and has taken days - leading to a an understanding that something serious had to be dealt with - a long time before - I brought this incident and issue to the authorities.

What would Malia Cohen know? She is pussyfooting and the wrath of God will befall her.

Malia Cohen would not know of this incident and hundreds of other incidents - that I take care of - thanks to the connections I have in this City and County of San Francisco.

At Third and Palou there was a dire need for a bus stop. Seniors and single mothers standing and facing the inclement weather - with no bus stop. I had to approach Ed Reskin from the MTA and get this job done. Collecting signatures in the rain - and making all the calls - where do you think Malia Cohen was on this one? Pussyfooting!

The youth in District 10 are fed up; about how Malia Cohen behaves. Haughty she think no end of herself.

Recently she went on a junket to Israel - with Scott Wiener and Carmen Chu. Her comments noted in one of the Blog that got her saying - she would have preferred taking the $6000 and going for vacation to the Bahamas. Yeh!

Malia Cohen - she is out of touch with reality - and loves fame and to be in the spot light. I saw her recently at the opening of the SF Public Utilities Commission - Building 525 Golden Gate - on the podium and not saying a thing. Hovering around like a poodle with fleas.

Malia Cohen saw me - and I looked at her - and she put her head down - not expecting to see me. That is what happens to liar, to those that are not stable with themselves - they are always leery of the facts - of themselves - they are patiently - fake.

I spoke to the Mayor Ed Lee - other dignitaries - gathered at the SFPUC even at 525 Golden Gate Avenue - and left.

You leave the panderers to hog and dabble with little things - that is why they are created - little people with little brains. Go figure.