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Monday, June 11, 2012


I know there are many stupid people but not everyone in San Francisco is so stupid - not to notice the obvious. No one can fool all the people - all the time.

City Hall is now aiding and abetting the worst type of corruption. Touting it is creating jobs and that such machinations are good for our City - the answer is NO.

The TWITTER deal was just that - we the tax payers were represented by corrupt SF BOZOS with Jane Kim leading the chorus.

TWITTER in the short run or long run will not help our City at all.  In fact TWITTER in large measure will be subsidized - its rent paid by tax payers - when it has millions of its own.

As far as jobs - the only ones profiting are those who use tax payers money - to provide safety and security to TWITTER.

These techees are now like leaches all over the place - taking over neighborhoods and depriving people of " affordable housing".

Last year our City built only 235 affordable housing units. Go figure.

Few people are aware that key City Departments - the Department of Public Works for example - the ones that monitor permits and so forth - have to move out - and are now look for space - because of the TWITTER - deal Why?.

Why this disruption and who really foots the move and the extra costs - the waste of time and money - and the stress to move from a location that served that Department of Public Works well - all these many years?

Inquiry minds want to know?

Folks like Jane Kim who has no clue about better government - a product of the SF School District - being on its board - a board that has failed our City's children.

We have over 10,000 youth that are truants - what is the SF Unified School District up to - and what are the SF BOZOS who once were on the SFUSD Board - up to? Who is really address this Quality of Life issue?

Jane Kim - moved to District 6 to further her political career - and has been wheeling and dealing with corrupt politicians - thinking that we are not monitoring her.

At Pier 30 and 32 - the shanenigans are the same if not worse - first Power Engineering was hoodwinked.

While all the time - the corrupt had in mind - to give the project to Turner and Turner - who have not served the better interests - of the City and County of San Francisco.

They have contributed a lot to campaign coffers - I know this and others know this. Some of us can connect the dots and have been - for a long, long time.

So, we say we want the Warriors - do we really want the Warriors and at what cost?

We did not like when the 49ers left us and moved to Palo Alto. Did we?

So, why are we trying to entice the Warriors from Oakland who deserve the Warriors there - and have been there - since the Warriors moved from San Francisco to Oakland - a long time ago?

Who really is behind this ploy? Could it be Platinum? Could it be a former - corrupt, despicable Mayor? Could be be the Pacific Heights Mafia? Could it be all of them!

Ploys and machinations with California Pacific Medical Center. This entity is very corrupt - so corrupt that its own employees - those engineers that maintain the equipment of the hospital - are on strike.

The Nurses working under California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) are fed up with the management.

Corrupt to the core. Just visit Saint Luke that CPMC took over and ask the patients there how they are treated.

The City of San Francisco - those that wheel and deal at City Hall  made a pact with the devil.

It is all about money. CPMC is NOT to be trusted - and those that pander to them - will fail.

One project after project - fancy names and acronyms are created -  linked to projects that if they meet a criterion - acceptable to a few - they are wheeled in and pampered - fed and massaged - and given the project on a - platter.

Here is how the deal works - greedy, corrupt, folks that do not have the better interests of San Francisco and San Franciscans - are raping our City Coffers and our tax payers - by promising to fund political - campaign. 

The politicians are everywhere like leeches - be it the SF BOZOS not all of them - but, those that most know - who wheel and deal. When you mention the fact at Public Comment - they put their heads down. The faces and ears turn red - and you see SHAME written all over there - sordid faces.

These BIG PRIMES - folks bid low - massage those that accept the bids - and then use - "change orders" - to rape our City. This is done - again and again - ad nauseaum.

We have bond measures passed by Enterprise Departments like the Airport Authority and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - other City Department too.

Devious methods are furthered - to bring in their choice Big Primes - who have fleeced our City and County of San Francisco, our tax payers - millions of dollars.

This nonsense must STOP - now.

The "design built" nonsense is a joke.

Subjectively speaking who makes the decision, subjectively speaking who monitors, subjectively speaking why cannot we get a line item evaluated on a quarterly basis on the project.

Who objectively does the evaluation, auditing, monitors transparency, and accountability.

It sounds nice - but it is yet one more ploy used to bring in those that are favored.

The SF Human Rights Commission is far away from implementing its mission and objective. Again and again it has failed to deliver. The HRC is NOT funded - and constantly starved.

The compliance officers have their hands tied - and there is no real objective compliance.

Compliance officers are posted at the various City Departments - and paid by the Department to do some work - in other words they pay the Full Time Employment (FTE) salary.

Why would anyone - more the Compliance Officers - want to bite the hand that feed her or him?

Soon all matters linked to Local Business Enterprise and such issues will come under the City Administrator - go figure?

Low bids lead to a lot of hassles.

This is how another salient gimmick has come to the fore - when some BIG PRIMES and other corrupt companies - mostly from out of town - bid low cannot complete their projects.

If on the front end they contributed to campaigns - filled in some campaign coffers - as they did when Mayor Gavin Newsom was the Mayor of San Francisco - then these companies are aided - by private contribution, donations.

Great efforts are expanded  - to aid and abet the -  very corrupt BIG PRIMES - most of them from out of town - who rape our City's enconomy.

Case in point WEBCOR and the SF General Hospital and Trauma Center.

Whey could not WEBCOR complete the project with the $187 million plus BOND MEASURE? Why? 

Why has WEBCOR not paid the local truckers on time? Why has WEBCOR not paid many small business after 180 days? Why?