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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This primary elections says it all - fewer, decent, astute voters; came out - and the signal they sent to the very corrupt politicians - is simple: " you are not worth the salt".

Go F*** yourselves.

Poll after poll; clearly shows, that dirty politics has divided the Nation - and even on the local level - people are simply - fed up. Fed up.

Divisiveness reigns supreme - because. we the voters permit it. Why do permit these sordid individuals to ruin the lives of innocent people?

The likes of Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener - one worse than the other?

Drab, shallow, inept, immoral, unethical, spineless - politicians are tying to vie with one another - not so much to serve the people - but, to fill their own pockets.

Why would anyone for example vote for Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein?

These two hags have screwed us again and again - both are despicable. Old as they are - with their nonchalant mannerism - they must just go away. Fade into oblivion.

Guess what? One may produce all the facts to back the fact how inept these wannabee politicians are - but, some dumb ass folks - cannot comprehend the facts,

These folks that fail to comprehend the facts - will vote for these - very corrupt politicians, many Zionists and more crooks of the highest order.

Egoist like Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, Bevan Dufty, some others - mostly perverts who do not have the better interests of all San Franciscans - voted on the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (SFDCCC). Go figure!

What do these vermin have in common - except to foster the worst type of corruption. Fill in their campaign coffers - do little for San Francisco.

Here are the local San Francisco results:

It is a shame - how rapidly - Political Action Committees (PACs) have eroded - sound representation - all over the Nation.

There is no cap - in donations given - when in comes to PACs - PACs will bring down this Nation - all because the Supreme Court gives PACs endless - power.

People are simply fed up and soon the people will turn against the system.

Time is running out - and these idiots who think they have it good - with their temporary so called political victories - will get what they deserve.

It is coming to them soon - the package that they deserve. The Democratic Party will suffer - the worst defeat ever - and all because they continue to waste money - and simply do not get it.

Not even Barrack Hussein Obama will be spared.

He may win by a very small margin.

Right now people are fed up - you could have a SKUNK running for office and they will vote for the SKUNK.

There has been no significant improvement in the lives of the majority of hard working - Americans. Decent Americans who favor families.

Here is San Francisco there has been an infusion of "perverts" - people who have NO family values - the like of Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener.

They talk a good talk - but they cannot walk the walk.

Those who have chosen to vote for these scum bags - should be ashamed of themselves.

Why would any person just think of Senior Housing just for Queer Seniors? What makes them so special?

Why not Senior Housing for Veterans who have sacrificed for our freedom?

Senior Housing for the Physically and Mentally Challenged? They surely deserve help.

Why just introduce Ordinances - to divide the people. The perverts do that all the time - some have come out of the closet - other like Malia - would like us to believe that she is straight.

There is nothing decent about perverts - most people do not have the guts to say so - but the perverts will have their day - soon.

It will not be pretty - the wrath of God will visit them - and that is coming  - soon.

Openly now these "perverts" are calling themselves a "Caucus" - opening purporting Queer Senior Housing - instead of Senior Housing for all.

It is the same with the Zionists who have positioned themselves - in key positions.

The Zionists - are are slowly in charge of all San Francisco Departments - you really do not have to be very smart to see this. Even a pariah dog can sniff this nonsense - out.

In San Francisco without any meaningful discussion - the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce - is now trying to control duties that once came under the Human Rights Commission.

Compliance Officers at the Human Rights Commission (HRA) that were given no support - are now pitied one against the other.

Mayor Ed Lee knows this but he wants to transfer power to the Zionists - time will tell.

Jessie Blout, Michael Cohen, Jennifer Matz - just check how big the Mayor Office of Economic Development has grown over the years. 

The Mayor's Office of Work Force is a JOKE.

Heading it one - Rhonda Simmons.  She must go.

With the infusion of small start up companies - who have been given incentives - they are coming to San Francisco - and invading communities and driving decent - low income and no income people - out.

These type of actions - cry to heaven for justice.

Even though TWITTER has money - the City and County of San Francisco is subsidizing them. Jane Kim may not admit that - but; she cannot see much beyond her nose.

Affordable Housing is at a premium - and incentives are given more to Big Developers to build moderate income homes and more market value units.

Last year fewer that 250 affordable homes were built.

We all know the shenanigans created by Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers, Swinerton, Cahill, Turner and Tuner, Nibbi, Webcor - others - who are having a field day.

Plans are afoot to demolish over 1500 homes at Park Merced - and some SF BOS - have been caught in the web of corruption - and the matter will go to court. Never mind the slight of hand - given to these very corrupt SF BOS - who are - pathetic - by the corrupt Ethics Commission.

You ain't seen anything yet - the Ross Mirkarimi Saga - will open a can of worms - and you will see  - before your eyes - dumb jackass toppling down.

Only fools dare go - where Angels fear to tread.

These primary elections have sent a clarion call to the corrupt politician - only morons vote for you.

Especially those seeking higher office - when you cannot fulfill your obligations - doing what you are supposed to do - now.

Pathetic - losers when it comes to morals. Go down and do what you do best - lick all the scum you can - and wallow in your sordid - cesspool of your own - creation.

There is going to be a drastic change in the Representation - with Democrats suffering heavy losses in November:

Here is more on Nancy Pelosi: