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Friday, June 29, 2012


Today is June 29, 2012 and we are still making every attempt to find some closure.

Today - June 29, 2012 if all goes well - we will receive the  Missing Person Incident report - written by Officer Bautista from the California Highway Patrol. The Officer has promised to visit Tilotilo Faoa mother and hand her the report.

His superior  Captain Amy Mangan has been in touch with Tilotilo Mother Maya Suisala and I - and we keep in touch with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) - as they are the lead agency.

The Missing Person Number to the CHP: 415.924.1100

Early on I had contacted San Francisco Police Chief - Gregory Suhr who is a very good friend of mine.

Today - June 29, 2012 he replied to by email - stating that the SF Police Department were supporting the California Highway Patrol - and had a SFPD report too.

I mention this this because even though the California Highway Patrol (CHP) has jurisdiction over this case - the SF Police Department have more personnel and can conduct deeper investigations - into this case before us - the Missing Person Case Number is 120439973 initiated by CHP.

This journey has been a long one and we thank the many supporters, family members, friends - who have been praying for Tilotilo Faoa.

 We have been vigilant and have hundreds of volunteers - we are looking out - hoping against hope to find closure. Posting flyers and spreading the word. Week after week - this work has been on going - with tons of love. Hoping against hope for the best - results.

As much as we want closure - we have to be patient with the CHP - who have taken their time - and we hope that the end result will lead us to something - positive.

I am just posting this latest information - for all those who cannot contact the family members - the many extended family members abroad - who are concerned - so that they understand fully - that we are using every tool, every contact, every method know to us - to bring closure of this sensitive case.

There is no doubt that Social Media plays a part - and even though the Main Media has been slow to spread the word - the Social Media has stepped up and shed light when there was darkness.

Tilotilo Faoa was a decent young man - who went to Catholic school when he was young - graduated - and did two years of college. His mother and family members loved him - and so did those that were close to him. He was a job to be around.

Tilotilo Faoa - worked to make ends meet - and those that saw him for the last time - did not notice anything out of the ordinary. These facts make this case all the more - difficult for those that were near and dear to Tilotilo Faoa - to deal with case - where he has been found missing since June 2, 2012.

We pray to God - that he may bring him back to us soon - and soothe the pain and take away this burden that we all who love him are enduring.

It is not easy to be without a loved one near - already his mother misses hearing his voice, the other tender loving things that endured his mother and father and family members to Tilotilo Faoa.

If we hear something positive or anything worth reporting - we will do that - as soon as possible. God Bless you all.