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Saturday, June 9, 2012


The City and County of San Francisco spends over ONE BILLION DOLLARS on its Health Care Services.

In San Francisco we have a population of about 811,000. Our City employs over 28,000 City Employees. Most of them choose Private Insurance - many of them known as Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) - such as Kaiser Health Care.

During the past ten years - for sure - emergency services at the General Health Care at SF Francisco General Hospital has spiraled to a - all low level.

Years ago the City could have started its seismic rebuild programs - but waited until the last moment to do it. Right now a major seismic rebuild in going on at SF General Hospital.

Other hospitals such as California Pacific Medical Center are planning for a huge - brand new hospital costing millions - on the site at Van Ness the old Cathedral Hotel.

Many of the indigent population suffer the most - and with Saint Luke's Hospital changing hands and handed over to California Pacific Medical Center - the entire Southeast Sector of San Francisco - has been really impacted.

The perspective of some so called experts has been that SF General Hospital has been caring for the poor in large numbers - well - those in the know - know very well; that Saint Luke has been doing a yeomen service - until the monster arrived buying up Saint Luke's - California Pacific Medical Center.

Health Maintenance Organization such as California Pacific Medical Center rape the people and make billions of dollars. Right now its nurses, the engineers that maintain the boiler plants and other heavy duty machines are on strike.

It is the same with San Francisco General Hospital - while Management get huge salaries - the Registered Nurses and other orderlies that work very hard - are treated like dirt.

There are being a system where hundreds of employees are temporary and have been for years. They are on stand by - abused by the system and this crap - must change - now.

The Human Services Agency in San Francisco pretends to do a good job - but, has been encouraging and fostering corruption of the highest order. Hundreds of innocent nurses and other hardworking hospital personnel -have been impacted.

We have had hearings but this report that you can read at the end of the article does not address - the human aspect of services delivered and the many shenanigans, polys and machinations - employed by SF General Hospital Management that I have been monitoring for the last thirty - years.

The entire system of giving quality health care has suffered badly in San Francisco. The Insurance Companies are raking in the money - with Hospital Management mostly cooperating with these financial thugs. One of them was Mitch Katz who now operates his "thugs ways" in Southern California - good riddance of very bad - rubbish.

Mostly affected are our children in San Francisco. Thousands of decent families have left San Francisco. We are no more a children friendly City. We have over 10,000 youth truants and more poor children - that get very little quality health care.

True; some of us with Supervisor Tom Ammiano fought for Healthy Care and base line services for our children and won. However, year after year these services are compromised.

We have our Veterans Hospitals who now treat many Veterans with disdain.

We have far too many Veterans who fought for our Nation - the United States of American - living on our streets.

The Veteran Hospitals are doing a poor job with over 900,000 Veterans - on the disability list waiting to be acknowledge and given their benefits - Nation wide.

Few know that Northern California has a large number of Veterans who have sacrificed for our Nation and are being daily - shafted. There is no one - worth the salt to take a stand for our Veterans.

In recent days some mickey mouse programs have been half cooked with a dubious person in Bevan Dufty - pretending to offer some drab programs. We have over 30,000 homes for sale in San Francisco.

We could use homes in the Presidio of San Francisco - a former Military Base to house at least 400 Veterans. The Veteran Administration is doing a poor job - and the SF General Hospital has to sustain an added service - caring for many Veterans brought in by ambulances - mostly to offer emergency services - life and death situations.

The City authorities - steep in corruption - wheeling dealing with corrupt politicians - the likes of Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - who pay lip service but are a disgrace to the human race.

Our local City politicians join them in some shallow refrain - of course none of them have studied the pertinent and salient causes affecting our Veterans. They are more interest in their own welfare, their own inflated salaries, and having Press Conferences - where there is a lot of hot air spewed.

No action at all. I could go into details but these morons would not comprehend a thing. Pathetic.

If you happen to smoke marijuana or weed as it commonly known and called - joint by those savvy and know more about WEED.

The Veteran Hospitals - treated such patients who reveal in honesty that "weed" does them good - as "drug addicts".

President Bill Clinton inhaled and so do many politicians today.

In the year 2012 - while most sane people know the benefits of Marijuana - The THC properties that can help many diseases without any side affects.

Weed those help many patients with diseases suffering from acute pain - relieving pain, in many cases instantly stopping pain, and encourage appetite - the Veterans Hospital takes a sordid stand - that is primitive, senseless, and destructive - failing to give credit to this herbal medicine.

It is the same with our City and County of San Francisco and its so called mundane Environmental Department headed by Rajiv Bhatia - on another subject of toxic hot spots and contamination.

We have over 1000 very toxic hot spots in our City - but, this City will point fingers at others - but fail to do the remediation. Over 450 of these toxic hot spots are outside the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - which is Superfund Site.

The Mayor and his so called top staff know about this fact - but will talk about our fake, artificial Carbon Foot Print and fail to take notice of sound - empirical data - over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas doing harm to all life.

Few have read the Precautionary Principle that is law in San Francisco and hardly used. The reason is simple - if you are ignorant than mostly probably you are foolish - is if you say - you want to serve the people - but do not have the tools to comprehend the basics.

The Final Report of the Health Care Services Master Plan Task Force - stacked the committee with those that could be controlled by authorities to be.

I attended the last meeting - and was shocked by the lack of information, less education, and the manipulation of the representative from the SF Planning Department - one woman who worked for Lennar - and now has been hired by the SF Planning Department.

The woman paid the bus fare to bring young Black youth from Alice Griffith Public Housing by Candlestick Park to speak nonsense at this meeting.

This type of behavior is totally uncalled for - and Barbara Garcia who is the SF Health Director has been made aware of this blatant disregard linked to inherent facts and contamination and pollution.

Ignorant folks - more foolish listen to a White woman to represent the hurting mostly Black community with false - representation - is something to say the least - pathetic and despicable.

Read the report for yourselves - I will spare you all - giving my subject opinions on this drab, inept, fundamentally flawed - and shallow - report:

San Francisco Medical Society Blog: