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Friday, June 22, 2012


The family of Tilotilo Faoa addressed the Golden Gate Bridge District today, Friday June 22, 2012 at the Golden Gate Bridge District - headquarters by the San Francisco - Toll Plaza.

This is perhaps; the first time in the history of the Golden Gate Bridge District's 75 years - that so many Polynesians gathered in that meeting room.

All with a sign of unity - also to send a very strong message to the more than twenty Board Members - who did not expect so many of us to be present.

We all met down stairs around 9:30 am and we had a prayer holding our hands in a large circle - we were over thirty five of us - with some children - that made all the - difference.

The Golden Gate Bridge District Board Members know me - and so they accommodated us all as best they could - in the packed space they had in the meeting room above. 

We could have all spoken at Public Comment - but we chose some key speakers - and we all did well - given the circumstances.

A pastor spoke, one of Tilotilo's brother spoke, his mother spoke - Patsy spoke - and I set the tone with the introduction - explaining some cultural nuances and the need for the Elders to speak .

The meeting room was fully packed - with many standing in the corridor.

The Security at the Golden Gate Bridge District - were kind to us - and those who witnessed this meeting - were impressed by our presence and the dignity we showed - in the given circumstances.

The Board Member promised the family that they would do all in their power - to help the family. 

The jurisdiction of the incident report taken by the California Highway Patrol - is the CHP - and so we must now determine - how through was their investigation - and when will they reveal to the family - that conclusion of their investigation.

The family wants - closure.

In a case like this where some clothing was found on the bridge - we know that the clothing belonged to Tilotilo - but we do not know for sure - beyond that what truly - happened.

As anyone may imagine - this is a case where a body has not been found - the missing person has not contacted anyone.

And so we wait - because the only  through closure to this case - lies in contacting the person - or in the worst case scenario - finding his body.

The family is united - and the family is holding tight -  and we have all done what is humanly possible - to spread the word and follow the process. 22 days have passed - and we wait for some sign for closure.

The San Francisco Police Department will assert what pressure they can.

I met Deputy Chief Cashman today at the meeting - who promised me his help. The jurisdiction of this case in not SF Police Department's but the California Highway Patrol - and there is only so much that SFPD can do.

I met the Bridge Manger - Mr Kay H. Witt and he promised me to contact the family and give us all the possible help he could. He can be reached at:

415.923.2240   We do not want to disturb him without cause - I am putting this number out there - for serious questions that may arise by some of the family members - to get peace of mind.

For now there is not much to reveal - accept that we pray for the family. We count on the support of everyone.

On behalf of Tiltotilo Faoa's family we appreciate your prayers, your support, and we thank you for your fortitude - in staying connected with the family. God Bless You All.