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Saturday, June 9, 2012


You would think that those in charge of the brand new San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center - would get their act together - NO.

San Franciscans are generous and when the Bond Measure passed by over 84% - we all decent San Franciscans - wanted first the Trauma Center to be built - and secondly to be built within the confines of the Bond Measure.

Here are some details of the bond measure - named Proposition A - a $887.4 million bond measure of sorts:

WEBCOR bid for the job - and WEBCOR is now - crying like a starved baby asking for help.

This happens all the time.

Big Contractors - corrupt to the core - bid low - then make change orders - and in this case - corrupt folks are backing WEBCOR.

It is shameful to go begging in these dire economy to anyone - when within the confines of decency - the passed BOND MEASURE - would suffice to build this project.

Our City Authorities - think they can do as they please.

Plans are afoot to raise $160 million if not $200 million - the over 60 Billionaires who live in San Francisco - can foot the bill if they want.

Aiding and abetting WEBCOR - sends a WRONG message - to Big Contractors - you can have your way.

This is the same WEBCOR - that denied paying the local truckers on time - keeping many of them waiting for over 180 days - to be paid. Some of them have not been paid - until today.

Local contractors were invited to bid - and then rejected. I can name the contractors - but, it would not do any good.

There has NOT been enforcement by Human Rights Commission (HRC) - not that it could not be done - but -political forces have put a STOP to such - enforcement.

Plans are afoot now to move that section dealing with Local Business Enterprise (LBEs) and other choice contractor designations -  to the City Administrator Office from HRC.

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce playing a major role - in further ploys and machinations.

When the wheeling and dealing is made on the table behind close doors.

If some Big Developer insists that he and she wants no interference from and small contractors - no stringent enforcement linked to Local Hire Ordinances - no this and no that - with one sweep - someone can say: " we will handle that".

Blatant corruption of the highest order.

When the idea came up some years ago - to build the SF General Hospital Trauma Center - some of us - not more than fifteen attended a serious of meetings.

Espanola Jackson was there, so was Tom Ammiano - and we made it known - that the Trauma Center should stay at the current location.

Much as the neighbors brought objections about noise of the helicopter and helipad.

Traffic impeding the ambulances - we the people in a united voice - stated our case and won.

The Bond Measure was passed.

Those that are in power today - have lost the list of the attendees - who made this project possible and who fought for the Bond Measure to be passed.

Today the SF General Hospital leadership has chosen to shun those that helped to make this project happen - turned their backs on those that should have supported. Nothing much has changed with the authorities that rake in millions - from the over $1 billion SF General Hospital budget.

At some recent event - with Mayor Lee present. Judy Guggenhime, Sue Carlisle, Barbara Garcia, the WEBCOR vice-president - spewing diatribe - but not once addressing why this project could not be finished within the budget - allocated.

Mitch Katz the past director of the SF General Hospital was a crook. Thank God he has chosen to leave the San Francisco area - I repeat he is a CROOK.

The many speakers at the recent event - have no history about how the project came to be about.

Which points out about crooks who can jump on any band wagon - and pretend to ride the wagon all the way. Only this time - it reveals their character.

If Willie L. Brown Jr. was a decent man - he could have initiated this project - to meet the California State seismic retrofit - standards - during his eight year term. He started in 1996.

Willie L. Brown Jr passed it to Mayor Gavin Newsom - and he waited to the last second - and we the people saved the day. Newsom had two four year term - waiting a little later - to be sworn to cause - utter confusion. History will record his sordid actions. Bevan Dufty's twenty minutes recess and the other - shenanigans of the day.

We know now - as some of us have known for a long time that WEBCOR made millions - on the 525 Golden Gate Building - belonging to San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC).

Any Enterprise Department can find the money and SFPUC did find the money - to help complete their state of the art - building. The opening will be held June 20, 2012 - if I recollect - correctly.

In a recent meeting I had with Ed Harrington - he plans to leave in August, 2012.

I would have liked him to stay for another two years.
The only City employee - worth the salt - to stand up to Willie L. Brown Jr. I know this for a fact - and Willie L. Brown Jr. who know me - know it too.

Plans are afoot to high jack the SFPUC - and whoever is in the cockpit - will have to deal with an organized, grassroots organization - that brought Lennar, a Rogue Developer to its knees.

We will monitor the $6 Billion dollars Sewer System Improvement - due to start and most of the costly improvement in the Bayview Hunters Point.

I will monitor as I said this - project like a hawk. Never mind - how many devils come in our way. We have the decent community leaders and the young men and women on our side.

With the SF General Hospital - they love to waste money - so there is little in their saving account.

These vermin - who prey on the poor - to bill the Federal Government double; sometimes triple - who will lie and sell their mothers for a nickle.

They charge a $1000 plus a day for any patient - even a five star hotel room costs - less. Says a lot about the corrupt Insurance Companies - and the hospitals who pander to the corrupt - system.

Those that harm the poor - those that are in need - those that need help - their time is coming.

The filthy rich will line up - fork out the cash - expect their names to be put on some wall of fame.

Never mind they are crooks, corrupt to core - these folks do injustice to any institution - where healing takes place.

The works, deeds, and blood money of the devil and his minions - must not be associated with good works, healing, blessing - any aspect that is associated with being - holistic. Aho.

Here again for those who want details about the Bond Measure named Proposition A - money has run out. Plans are afoot to raise over $160 million to complete the project: