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Monday, June 18, 2012


The SUTTER hospital groups are the most despicable; when it comes to offering the least charity care.

Check the empirical data on this issue and you will be shocked.

Frankly speaking Crooks Prostituting Medical Care - that is what CPMC stands for.

At the core of any hospital are our nurses.

For God sake - why do we have to bend backwards to listen to the crooks who now are in charge of telling us what we must agree to and what is good for us.

What is very good of us - in the first place is respecting the nurses.

Once you get that fixed - with the nurses getting "transfer rights" - full benefits - and what is more respected - as the essential element in primary and secondary care giving - then we MAY talk with the Sorry Ass Sutter Group of Crooks the entity behind CPMC.

Right now California Pacific Medical Center CPMC) - has serious issues with the Stationary Engineers, the Registered Nurses, discriminating against the Nurses from abroad, and a whole series of serious defiant moves - importing nurses from the South and shuning  and taunting good nurses; who have worked for years.

San Franciscans will rally behind our NURSES and NOT favor the Sutter Group - let alone permit the Sutter Group - to shove stuff - down our throats. Believe you me.

With drab benefits about offering 40 new jobs a year and 200 over a 5 year period - Sutter Hospital Group - thinks it can take us San Franciscans for a ride - and this will NOT happen.

Every time Sutter Group of Crooks gives a presentation - it is full of LIES. Those negotiating with the SUTTER GROUP - go back to the table and this time you must have the NURSES at the table.

The Sutter Group in the past did not care about seismic issues.

Now, suddenly the Sutter Group is lying.

I know this because I started addressing seismic issues over 2o years ago - a little before the 1989  earth quake and seriously after the 1989 Earth Quake.

 These Sutter Group Crooks - are LIARS of the first order.

In Marin County, at San Leandro, at Saint Luke's in the Mission - the Sutter Group that controls the Sutter Hospitals - has been raping the institutions that it has taken over.

Who does the Sutter Group of Crooks - think they are kidding?

Our SF Board of Supervisors are inept and dumb that is a given.

In the case of  Lennar - Lennar got the land for free.

If Lennar panders with a $7.3 million fake benefit - ask Lennar how much it paid for the land on Parcel A? Ask Lennar why it has defaulted on all of its Disposition and Development Agreements - DDA.

As for the Sutter Group - it fleeces the State, the Federal entities and works with Insurance Companies to rake in the millions. Charging the patients the highest amount and giving them the least amount of care.

The Sutter Group - wants to upgrade, build new hospitals - but does not want to deal with emergency care. So really what happens to emergency care? Every hospital must may sure that emergency care is factored in their services? More "charity care" - but the Sutter Group in utter defiance - wants to challenge us.

The Sutter Group does not want to deal with "Charity Care" at all - and we must fight for the poor, those that need help and those few that fall between the cracks - and depend on Charity Care.

Does our City and County of San Francisco - think it can get away with MURDER - in broad daylight?

Those in bed with the Sutter Group - better think twice.

This time around - we will take you to the cleaners. Believe you me.

The Sutter Group forces the Nurse in its system to work hard - long hours - and with fewer and fewer amenities. This nonsense must stop.

Rhonda Simmons must GO.

This woman opens her dirty mouth and shoves her foot - much like Malia Cohen - who has no clue what she is talking about. " Come on let us rumble" - What do you have to say - " Good Night". How unbecoming of anyone - on such an important issue - and health care at that.

How can we allow this woman - Rhonda Simmons - who has wasted millions to continue to float around.
She has nothing to show - and was hoodwinked by the Sutter Group - of course Rhonda Simmons has no clue about Project Labor Agreements and less about Work Force and Career Jobs.

Malia Cohen calling Rhonda Simmons  a Director -  when did that happen?  This woman Rhonda Simmons must go - she has failed with City Build. We must stop throwing money - in the cesspool.

Rhonda Simmons - has no clue about Project Labor Agreements and less about quality Work Force Training for Career Jobs.

Really speaking the Union must be into the Training and Work Force - NOT misfits like Rhonda and City Build and the other lack luster outfits - we find all over the place.

These so called Community Based Organizations are in for the money - with "thugs" like Dwayne Jones, and inept folks like Rhonda Simmons - none of whom are from San Francisco - preying - on San Franciscans.

Our City Department Heads must speak up - those that truly employ folks - stop this nonsense of band aiding - and wasting millions - when it comes to job training. 

San Franciscans want CAREER JOBS - if you can attain that - you are in. If not you are out. Get out of town - now.

The need for a sound hospital right now favors the Saint Luke's Hospital. District 10, 11, and 9 - needs Saint Luke's - much as Saint Luke's has performed well before - doing so much with so little.

The former "faith based" entity giving its best - before the Sutter Group came and bought them over and promised them the world.

Then came the devil - the despicable - " Sutter Group" - and all hell broke loose.

The site by Van Ness and Geary - on one side Franklin Street and the other side Van Ness - is the worst site anyone could have chosen. 

It is simply astonishing to hear "idiots" pander to CPMC - it is just a matter of time when CPMC will fall on its face.

CPMC is a disgrace to the human race - and should not be in the care giving business - it is a GREEDY out fit - with NO compassion and with intent does not want to have anything to do - with the poor and charity care.

I repeat; does not want to have anything with the poor and charity care. Such entities should stay away from San Francisco - I will take the lead on that.

No one worth the salt must have anything to do with CPMC - unless it changes its attitude and works with the Nurses, the hospital engineers, the various workers who are treated with disdain.

Anything; agreed upon must be in writing - and we know how to read the legalese - we know the crooks like LENNAR - studied the DDA on Parcel A - and have brought LENNAR - to their - knees.

I see folks like Michael Terriot from the Trades Council offer his two cents.

A man that will side with anyone that fills his coffers.

Manny Flores from Local 22 - who speaks from both sides of his mouth.

The man who did nothing when AIMCO fleeced the workers and denied paying RUBECORN from the Bayview - after completing the project.

Others, who do not know anything about our Union City and our UNION workers - we have had people die - shed their BLOOD - to maintain standards - and offer fair wages.

If the Sutter Group thinks it can drain millions like it did in Marin County and San Lorenco - to Sacramento its head quarters - forcing these hospitals to close down - when it comes to San Francisco - the Sutter Group will be in for a shock.

Lennar is a Rogue Developer - make no bones about it. They got the land for FREE.

They; LENNAR "with intent" bombarded the community and they adversely impacted our children and elders. We do not want Lennar in our community.

Much as the decent folks detests - CPMC.

There is only one simple and direct condition to keep the Sutter Group in San Francisco - expand Saint Luke's. As for the shenanigans at Van Ness - shelf it - it is not worth the salt.

Herrera Bolt may mean well - but for all the wrong reasons.

Herrera Bolt should have a Town Meeting with the Nurses, the Stationary Engineers, the hospital staff that are now suffering - those are the folks that really matter.

Construction folks just build and move away.

If you build with care and compassion all is well - if not - all will suffer.

Do not make money off the backs of those that care - that sweat and have their blood on the line. F*** California Pacific Medical Center - and I should know.

Again from the Bayview we had the sell outs - Linda Richardson she will never, ever - get it straight.

No one respects you Linda - so stay with Treasure Island that is going no where. Much like Parcel A on Hunters Point - that you were involved with that is going NO where.

As for Aurelious Walker - his HOPE CHURCH - sits on a toxic land fill. 

It is just a matter of time when his buildings - will fall prey to flooding and liquefaction. The man talks for the sake of talking - but again is NOT respected in the community.

Be very careful when you back Crooks who Prostitute Medical Care - that is CPMC for all that it is worth - a snake; an entity that cannot be TRUSTED.