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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I was an ardent supporter - may be the only one in the fore-front that exposed the SF Redevelopment Agency for its many sordid deeds, blatant corruption, and its continued haughtiness of sorts.

The Redevelopment Agency was created by statute and was removed by statute all over California.

In the very first newsletter the California Governor published - on taking office - the Governor's office published by article. 

The article was about the blatant corruption of the SF Redevelopment Agency - and how I predicted its eminent - demise.

Many an email congratulated me - but the facts go beyond the congratulations accepted.

For the longest time ever - SF Redevelopment Agency - adversely impacted the poor and especially the Black community.

Sadly the Black community and more its fake, shallow, ignorant leaders the likes of Calvin Jones, Lola Whittle, Sophina Maxwell, Aurelious Walker, Willie L.Brown Jr., the Tabernacle Group, the many Poverty Pimp Pastors mostly Black, Dorris Vincent, Linda Richardson, Toye Moses, Willie B. Kennedy, Dwayne Jones, Tiffany Bohee - others too many to mention - still continue to seek redress from the contaminated well; of the SF Redevelopment Agency - now resurrected as the Successor of the SF Redevelopment Agency.

This time around we are monitoring each and every step; this good for nothing institution conducts - lying, deceiving, manipulating, and not providing the State of  California the correct documents - for review, auditing, and adjudication.

On another important note - we must learn to connect the dots.

The City Attorney Dennis Herrera once declared null and void - 33,000 signatures that we collected - our proposition was that SF Redevelopment Agency declared a large area as a Survey Area without any meaningful discussion, did not consult the community - and just like that declared the Survey Area - a Project Area.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard was included in this fake area, the Visitation Valley, and other areas as far as Sunnydale.

Let it be know to the public at large and the world that the Director of the Elections Department certified our signatures - 33,000 and we the people - have the certification and the valid documentation.

When it came time to submit our Ballot Measure to the voters - the City Attorney used a case from neighboring East Bay - to invalidate our signatures.

In course of time this case; from the East Bay - on which the City Attorney based his case - was thrown out.

The City Attorney purported that in order for our signatures - 33,000 to be valid we had to have had a map and detailed information - to inform those signing our petition - which we did - but to our chagrin the City Attorney - Dennis Herrera - denied us our rights. Time will tell.

From that moment on wards be it known to all concerned - I took on SF Redevelopment Agency and brought about its demise.

Governor Jerry Brown agrees with me and that is all that matters.

Be it that his side kick Gavin Newsom - better known in many circles at Mr. Dipstick - was in favor of SF Redevelopment and failed on this one. Imagine he is the Lieutenant Governor and NOT respected. Go figure!

Today the Successor to the SF Redevelopment Agency has been embraced by the SF Mayor's Office and will cause many problems. 

As much as our City says that it has no money - it continues to expand - the Mayor's Office trying every trick in its book - to support organizational changes, saying one thing and doing - another.

Right off the back I remember monies were expanded for some transitional positions at the Mayor's Office - and that was just that.

Now, suddenly the Mayor's Budget person - says there was a misunderstanding -  the Mayor's office has now accepted the "transitional positions, those salaries, those expenses - as part of the Mayor's Office Budget as permanent".

The Successor to the SF Redevelopment will come to haunt the City and County of San Francisco.

Even today - folks like Willie B. Kennedy are on the pay roll - the Successor's Agency paying over $90,000 plus for what?

LENNAR its ploys and machinations on Parcel A are a total failure. 

The Disposition and Development Agreements are in default - and the City is lucky no one with money is taking the City to Court.

The City WILL lose - with all the deep pocket mentality; the City Attorney and those that advise the Mayor -think - may favor the City.

The City Attorney must apologize for nullifying our 33,000 signatures. It is not too late.

The City Attorney got his KARMA when he lost his race - running for Mayor.

He thought he would go some where; but did not. Rose Pak can enlighten you more - on that episode and more.

Willie L. Brown Jr. the "thug" Mayor is busy making his calls - plotting how best to use the Sewer System Improvement Project; an over $6 Billion Project - to fill campaign coffers - while pandering to Primes that are outsiders - all saturated with utter - corruption.

In August - the Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - and perhaps the only one who stood up to Willie L.Brown Jr. and won - ( Ed does not know something what I personally know) - will retire.

Ed Harrington must leave a legacy - the Southeast Sector has taken the brunt of the adverse impacts.

The so called leaders who are making decision are not from the community - it does not make the reality better - with crooks like Dwayne Jones continue running some outreach programs.

Dwayne's Communities Of Opportunity failed - the only one that profited from COO - was Gavin Newsom and Dwayne Jones. This was a $40 million failed project. The Main Media covered the corruption - complete with names, locations, and events.

Now; Dwayne Jones -  has sneaked in through the back door - partnering with AECOM an outsider that does not have the better of our community.

Holding classes using Young Communities Development - that has no clue; less empirical data about the Sewer System Improvement Project and less about the history of the Bayview Hunters Point.

Young Interns are given watered down information - false hopes - and that has been the pattern of these folks - that make promises - but cannot fulfill their obligations.

The interns must be diverse and the Interns must be exposed to the community leader who speak the truth. Do not go behind our backs - faking it and massaging some - false information. It will back fire - badly.

If I name - names they feel hurt - but, no one should be able to conduct such sordid activities - underhand using - entities and tools that do not serve the community, have no standards - and cannot hold their ground. I am watching like a hawk.

SF Redevelopment left a trail of sorrow, tribulation, and brought the death of hundreds of Black families - sent to live in Single Occupancy Residential Hotels - who then became prone to drinking alcohol, shooting heroin - destroying many Middle Class Black Families.

No one wants to read the Unfinished Agenda.

No one wants to speak about the plight of those Blacks that were innocent, deprived of their homes, cheated of their income - things done comparable - to slavery.

Mayor Lee should read "Unfinished Agenda" to the Black Sell Outs.

More because that document came to be when Ed Lee was the Director of the Human Rights Commission.

Much water has flowed - but nothing has happened.

There are those that talk the talk -  few that can walk the walk.

You have to be spiritual to do right. The devil does  NOT do right. 

You can have all the money - but if you have no soul - you will rot for the rest of your life.

You cannot use anyone with sordid actions, bluffing, cheating, deceiving, faking.

Some of us can see through you all. Pathetic fools who fall for ploys and machinations.

You must know history, you must be educated on issues, you must learn to discern - you cannot if you have no methodology - no sound Blue Print - no track record - no true community support - nothing, worth the salt.

The demise of SF Redevelopment was given to us on a platter - by God.

Remember Lennar spent $10 million on Proposition G - we the community spent $5000 - who won?

"No good will ever happen on Parcel A."

Kofi Bonner can give another three check of $7.3 million - it means nothing - LENNAR is doomed - doom from the day it came in the community and tried to buy it way in.

I challenge Kofi Bonner to a public debate - that weasel of a person.

Once there stood two hills - with the Sacred Remains of the Ohlone. The U.S. Navy destroyed the hills and scattered the remains of the First People - the Ohlone.

This desecration cries to heaven for justice.

Only Parcel A has been conveyed for nothing to the City - who is turn gave it to some corrupt entity - we named Lennar a Rogue Developer.  " No good will ever happen at Parcel A on Hunters Point"

Let it be know that the others parcels B,C,D,E, F, G, UC and so on all come under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Navy.

The U.S. must clean the entire area to the "highest standards" according to Proposition P - passed by 87% of the voters of San Francisco in the year 2000.

The above is a mandate - if you do not do it - you will see fireworks that you have not seen before - in Court.

This is no time to pamper folks - bestowing certificates and partying around like fools.

The BLOOD of our Elders, our children - cry for justice when a large area was bombard by Asbestos friables - the City and County of San Francisco - must conduct a sound investigation.

Paradoxically, our City has no Toxicologist. We hire some one from UC San Francisco - who will not bite the hand that feeds him.

I am watching you all - with God on my side - and I do not fear those that do the devil's work - smiling on your face and stabbing you in the back.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - this is our land - and what I say and speak is the TRUTH.

The  Great Spirit who sees all - and who guides me - has shown me the evil ways of those that purport and say that they will do right - but unfailing do wrong.

We have seen it again and again - especially those that have no standards, no morals, no ethics, no nothing. Aho.