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Thursday, June 7, 2012


The San Francisco Ethics Commission is NOT working.

We recently found out through a study done by the Budget and Legislative Analyst that when we compare - San Francisco with Los Angeles - San Francisco's Ethics Commission - is found wanting in many pertinent - areas.

That is putting it mildly.

San Francisco and Los Angeles have similar standards linked to the functioning of the Ethics Commission. That is why the Budget and Legislative Analyst embarked on this study.

While Los Angeles dismissed only 19% of its total cases over a 7 year period ending November 2011 -  San Francisco dismissed 76% of its cases.

Both cities are tasked with educating the public at large about Ethics.

More when they pertain to local elections; lobbying and other such areas affecting economic interests having in mind policy making and sound public administration.

At the end of this article I will attach the entire report - so that those interested can read the report at their leisure.

Scott Wiener is trying to upset the apple cart - every which way he can - and has now become a "pain in the ass".

Scott Wiener has now taken upon himself to make some silly amendments - that are not required - more to harm the Ethics Commission - that has made known to him and three other SF Board of Supervisors - that they have broken the law.

Scott Wiener an ardent Zionist is a loser. We really do not need him in San Francisco. His interference using amendments to legislate and create hurdles - in becoming a nuisance.

Ethics Commission once served this City well - until folks like Willie L. Brown Jr. and other corrupt politicians - used loop holes - to circumvent the Ethics Commission.

I will spare the reader getting into technical details and permit the reader to read the Budget Analyst Report - which speaks for itself.

There is a hearing today at City Hall in Room 263 at 1:30 pm - the last two Agenda Items pertain to the Ethics Commission.

Those interested in upholding the law - in favor of accountability and transparency - should attend and voice your opinions.

Take a good look that the Budget Analyst report and the many nefarious defects with our Ethics Commission that Scott Wiener wants to weaken to aid the crooks - like the Pacific Heights Mafia: