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Saturday, June 16, 2012


In this dire economic times - no one dares spend BILLIONS - unless they have an unending resource of funding.

A pipe line of money - ways to make quick money - that is California Pacific Medical Center - who should not be in the business of serving good, decent people.

This institution is one of the most despicable institution - that have come to San Francisco - lying, faking, creating ploys and machinations - shenanigans of every shade - most of them - crooked to the core.

A woman makes a statement that one out of every two women who delivered a baby in San Francisco - had the delivery in some hospital operated by California Pacific Medical Center.

YES, but not when the present California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) was in charge. 

In fact CPMC should have heard the Bishop state clearly - how his Christian Faith Based organization - was enticed sell Saint Luke's by CPMC - only to disenfranchise the very people - Saint Luke's cared for many decades.

No one is really listening to the poor.

The poor and those that need help - like the mentally challenge are treated like dirt. Folks that once cared and love to go to Saint Luke's.

The many patients who went to Saint Luke's are so grateful for all the good things. That was much before CPMC came on the scene.

The present "thugs"  CPMC - came on the scene - with their phony presentations, lies and more lies - an entity that will create problems and has been creating problems - for many years - now.

CPMC own Hospital Engineers despise CPMC management and are on strike.

CPMC's nurses - are out there speaking their mind - and revealing to those that fall for CPMC lies and machinations - that they have to struggle - working so hard and getting little in return. Treated like dirt.

Our SF Board of Supervisors - have fallen for money - and really do not seem to have the ability to first discern, secondly adjudicate, thirdly serve the people.

Take for instance - that grinning Malia Cohen and her opening statement at the Friday, June 15, 2012 hearing in the chambers in Room 250 - " time to rumble" that is exactly what this woman said.

I really do not know what this dumb, inept, shallow woman is thinking - expect that she has been bought by CPMC - lock, stock, and barrel.

Malia initiate changes to over 26 Blocks in the Bayview to help another person - Nadine Burke - operate a Wellness Center - the ploy behind this sleek operation - CPMC and its gift of $4 million dollars.

The paradox this Wellness Center is being slated to be operated - at one of the most contaminated sites - Third and Cargo. Just visit the site - and see things for yourself.

All in the name of children - when Malia Cohen herself does not want to have children - and it not straight. She is as fake and as corny as they - come. Let us get that straight. She represents herself - and has no consideration for any of her constituents.

Malia Cohen is a sell out - and you thought we had it worse with Sophie Maxwell - this woman is a million times worse than Sophie -  a professional liar, a person who circumvents most situations - and what is important to note - a person who cannot be trusted.

Malia Cohen cannot be straight with anything - not even with her closeted - self. Is that not strange and weird?

Back to CPMC and it wild plans to build a brand new hospital; where once stood the Cathedral Hotel - let us see how they do it - and how many people and business they put out of business - on the Van Ness and Franklin corridors.

The entire Van Ness corridor had plans for Rapid Bus Transit - no one really knows how that will work.

CPMC pushed for its plans without any transparency and accountability. Buying people - left, right, and center.

Ninety percent of the folks that came to the CPMC meeting for the Special Land Use Meeting on Friday, June 15, 2012 - were paid to come.

The sellouts like Aurelious Walker, Linda Richardson, Girls 2000 - others who have no clue what they are talking about.

These were the same evil people who backed the Rogue Developer Lennar - on Parcel A at Hunter Point.

Where are their plans - after all these years? 

What is really happening to the land at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - the land still belongs to the U.S. Navy that polluted it. The land is a Superfund Site. Do folks like Malia Cohen and the dumb Supervisors - know anything much about a Superfund Site?

Does Barbara Garcia know anything about a Superfund Site? If so why does she act so nonchalant? She is the Director of the SF General Hospital and is backing CPMC.

CPMC is not the University of California San Francisco hospital chain. CPMC must not dare compare its sordid history with that of UC San Francisco - and at the June 15, 2012 presentation - it tried to put itself on that pedestal. NO.

Our SF Board of Supervisors - love to pass on Environmental Impact Studies, California Environmental  Quality Act documents, other fake analysis - with the SF Planning Department and Commission - pretending to stand for some standards - but pandering to money.

San Francisco has made a laughing stock of itself - when it come to our Planning and Pandering to Big Primes - devious folks like the Pacific Heights Mafia and the Zionists - who are behind all these machinations of a kind.

The Zionists are for the rich - and will not cater to those that need help and the poor.

Scott Wiener is another one of those - he will lie and not blink an eye. His time is coming - another one of those transplants - and has no clue about Quality of Life issues.

Barbara Garcia was there - and the SF Planning is now using a conduit of Lennar - participating in lying and spewing diatribe.

I will watch her like a hawk. We do not need - whores  acting like pimps - especially; when it comes to anything holistic - like our hospitals.

San Francisco in recent times is compromising its standards.

Our hospitals were mandated to be built according to new prescribed standards; and some needing seismic retrofit.

Years ago in 1996 - when Willie L. Brown Jr.was the Mayor - this weasel passed it on - to others - who had no clue - only for the current Mayor - to fulfill a mandate or face severe fines and Notice of Violation (NOV) - total closures of some of our hospitals - the SF General hospital falls into this category.

Time will tell.

Bottom line only a FOOL will trust CPMC.

Anyone that deems fit to rumble with Malia Cohen the fake, corrupt, politicians - it on the right path - to destruction - pathetic.

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