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Monday, February 13, 2017


San Francisco has been lying to the public - hoodwinking - about addressing issues that matter. Right now the killing and rampant shooting - that has inundated our neighborhoods - more in the Southeast Sector.

Nothing much is done - millions of dollars spent from the Federal Government - kicking the can down the street.

All over the City and County of San Francisco - in the Mission, in the Bayview, in the Exelsior - on Market Street - in many other places - the number of shootings and killings - some drive by - but most at close range - are increasing.

The Main Media does not have the ability to conduct the necessary - " investigative reporting ".

The Media reporters - are so dumb that many a time - three or four lines - are reported - generally say - what happened which is mostly a shootout - and if the person was injured or killed.
End of story.

The reporters in the East Bay, in the San Jose area, Sacramento - other smaller towns do a better job.

Gentrification has reach its saturation point - and there are evil forces - that are behind the shootings and killings.

In the last 5 years over 120, 000 families have left San Francisco - never, ever to come back. San Francisco has a population of about 650, 000 - according to reliable sources.

We also right now over 20, 000 vacant units - some landlords - keeping their units vacant - rather than deal with tenants who are abusive - and stress them out.

Yesterday - we had one more incident - a 60 year woman shot two times - another shot and both in hospital. One dead - who had just come our of a store - and return back to take refuge - just to fall down and die.

Over a long period - the Southeast Sector - more Bayview Hunters Point - has been used for para-military exercises. Few of us understand this in detail - except those of us who were trained and participated in the recent wars - over-seas - Desert Shield/ Desert Storm, - the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya - and so on.

In the past following such incidents - sweeps were conducted -using Law Enforcement - be it the California Highway Patrol, the ATF, the FBI, the SF Police Department - and others Law Enforcement agencies on stand by.

Recently a pact between the FBI and other Law Enforcement was curtailed - but most of us San Franciscans had no clue.

Even today - most constituents - have no clue - about such matters - the cloak and dagger activities - too convoluted to comprehend and more understand.

The District Attorney kicking the can down the street.

The Mayor of San Francisco - for all his talk - has no clue how to address Quality of Life issues - all  over the City and County of San Francisco.

The folks living in the Pacific Heights - have privileges - that those in the Western Addition, the Bayview Hunters Point, the Exelsior, Potrero Hill - can only dream off.

I call those living in the Pacific Heights area - the Pacific Heights Mafia.

Yesterday, Sunday a car drove by Third Street and Quesada - and before you could blink an eye - shots were fired - two individuals were injured and rushed to the hospital - one died - seeking refuge in a store - where he had just made some purchases - and now took refuge - in the store he had just left - after being shot. He died.

The District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen is no where to be found. As usual the Mayor Edwin M. Lee has said nothing - about
this incident.

The area is a " safe haven for many youth " - who cannot go to the many areas - where " turf battles and on a on-going war " has been going on - for many years.

Since the year 2000 - I have attended over 258 funerals - after some time - you reach - saturation point. 

Now - with great difficulty I will attend a funeral - where some advocate who worked hard for the children, youth, young-adult - passes away - and show my respect.

Death is something that I take seriously - but to go - again and again for those that have so much to offer - their life cut short - by senseless killings and shooting - is too much to bear.

The many organization be they Young Community Developers, Girls 2000, the YMCA, the Bayview Hunters Point Foundation, the many churches - more Black churches - are quick to receive City grants - but when it comes to addressing Street Violence - other pertinent issues - that affect children, youth, young adults - they address them in a nonchalant manner.

These entities are not educated on issues - and think because they speak the " hood lingo " they can hoodwink and bluff most - no one can fool all the people all the time.

This wheeling and dealing must come to a STOP - non-profits should not be functioning and operating - to make a living - and filling one own's coffers. Right now that seems to be the case - with the entities mentioned - above.

Often you will see these folks - having breakfast at Tiffany's  -  wheeling and dealing with City Officials - getting money  in the thousands - but doing nothing much - accept what is known well as - paper pushing.

There is the PERF document that spells out the details about Quality of Life issues - when the SF Police Department is involved - it cost  thousands of dollars to produce - it is now sitting on the shelves somewhere - gathering dust.

We have a new Chief of Police from Los Angeles - he better read this document - then meet and vett pertinent issues - with those in the  City  -  that have been addressing Street Violence and all its aspects - and have empirical data to back their talk.

More Quality of Life issues - Safety, Education, Health, Transportation, Land Use ,  SF Planning, Infrastructure, and so on.

Diane Aroche and Paul Henderson - must be ashamed of themselves - pandering to the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who has no clue what is happening - when it comes to killings, shootings, and other such matters.

 The man Edwin M. Lee  does NOT have the pulse of what is happening - at the many hot spots - right now - and will worsen - because those that brief the Mayor - lie to him - and more pander to him.

Our children, our youth, our young adults are our resources.

Let us have SFGOV.TV produce shows that deal with Career Jobs - and success stories - where the City and County of San Francisco - where our youth have been helped  - graduate and then gave back to the City and County of San Francisco.

The Mayor makes a big deal - during Summer - creating slots and money - form private and City Departments - the SF Public Utilities Commission - donating money for over 2000 youth Summer Jobs - monies linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - while spending nothing much to support those that are addressing and doing something - about Quality of Life issues.

Much is made sending our youth to West Africa - and rightly so - with private donation from former Chief of Police Gregory Suhr and others.

However, we must also do much more for our youth - more from the " hot spots " where children, youth, young adults - daily live in fear.

 All over the City and County of San Francisco - Valencia Public Housing, Public Housing in the Western Addition, on Army Street, Oakdale Public Housing, Visitation Valley, Hunters Point Public Housing, other areas too many to mention  - where with intent - " band-aid service are provided ".

 Those " armed with superior guns and other lethal weapons " - roam freely and can conduct drive by shooting and killings - with impunity.

Who you think is the butt of the jokes made by those that do as they please.

There is true Freedom and there is  true License - that we all seek and must protect -  abuse of " FREEDOM "  is what we do not want - and that is called - LICENSE.

We have entities that receive thousands of dollars - to support those that are victims - the paper-work - and the rest of the ploy, machinations, and shenanigans - connected with the process is very cumbersome - and all this for a meagre - $7000 at the most.

In the mean time our District Attorney George Gascon - is doing nothing much. The many murders cases pending before him - are not addressed with any standards.

It does not help - this office was flood with " sewer water " dripping down from the 7th floor - targeting the District Attorney Office on the 3rd Floor - feces and other foul water contaminating the offices of the District Attorney - George Gascon and with that critical and pertinent - files - that NO judge will touch.

San Francisco on many levels - makes belief - that all is well.

Look at our Tourist Maps - and see if you see the Bayview Hunters Point mentioned. Sometimes - tourist land by mistake - and I would take them around and show them the finer aspects of an area - the Southeast Sector - that has much of offer - but lacks - sound leadership.

Good leaders - show the way - no the way and go the way.

The Mayor is put on notice - you have done nothing much but talk - learned nothing from the introduction I gave you in your office - without any notes. This in the presence of Paul Henderson your lackey - who is useless - and Arturo Carrillo - who works with the Mayor's Office and can vouch all the help and advice - I have given the - Violence Prevention Intervention Program.

The current violence - the killings and shootings will continue -  "ad nauseaum ".

We have a weak SF Police Commission - the Office of Citizens' Complaint  - keeps increase the funding of this entity - that just placates the SF Police Commission.

The SF Police Chief has limited powers - has to deal with the above two entities - and play ball with the SF Police Officers Association - who has the money and the support - of the SF Police Officers who pay their dues - and want their rights - preserved.

The constituents of San Francisco - the tax payers who work hard - are price out - the rent are high - $3700 for a one bed room unit - in a decent locality.

Crimes are increasing - assaults - car break ins, home invasion, petty crime on the MUNI and in all place - those who have no money - will steal, rob, invade, attack and decent San Franciscans  - can endure only so much.

The root cause is lack of spirituality. The family is decimated - it is now normal to say boldly - the living condition - create dysfunction families.

Three and four families living in a unit - be it a one or two bed room unit. 

Stress is a disease - and the youth who crash and have no place to live - create " sets " - that arm themselves and do things that they normally would not do.

We see these problems at the SF Unified School District - and folks like Shaman Walton - hearing about the problems but can do nothing.

We have families that cannot cook - and all they eat - is junk food. No one should be eating junk food - not even our cats and dogs.

The Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco.

This is Ohlone Land - once is was pristine - no more.

The SF Board of Supervisors - talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Our City and County has a $9 Billion plus budget - but cannot address