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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


The so called elitists - the once that purport to run the San Francisco Democratic Central Committee (DCCC) - are at their wits end - they will be audited - for all their underground activities - better known as - nefarious activities.

San Franciscans are suffering - and for all the lies told by Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - ( still getting used to her pace maker) - the many lackeys - all Democrats are at their " wits " end  -  wondering - how can they turn the present political - climate around. They cannot.

For the longest time - having all the power - and a following - more of dumb and stupid Democrats - petty minded - most of them NOT educated on issues - purport to pontificate - on practically any issue - making a fool of themselves.

We all remember the 2008 economic debacle - which revealed to us - the cloak and dagger activities - within the power brokers - in the SF Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC).

It is amazing that we in the Southeast Sector were not given any help - agains the rogue developer Lennar Urban - who now operates under the name of Five Point Communities LLP - same snake different head.

The Southeast Sector of San Francisco - is the last frontier that is now been targeted - for housing - dense housing on land that is contaminated. Much like building units in Chernobyl.

Few San Franciscans know about Depleted Uranium and how it was tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - all of which is still under the control of the United States Navy.

Only one contaminated area Parcel A - was conveyed to the City and County of San Francisco - who in turn quickly turned it over to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - who wasted no time to turn it over to Lennar Urban - a rogue developer. 

All the housing built are Hunterview by the John Stewart Company a Property Manager - the poorly built housing at Parcel A part of Hunter Point Naval Shipyard - is built on contaminated ground - this City and County and our lap dog - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - takes pride in building housing units - on contaminated ground - also prone to liquefaction and severe flooding.

The Democrats have not once produce a Blue Print - a plan that addresses quality housing - with facilities and amenities for those occupying the housing.

 The Democrats the SF Democratic County Central Committee for all its - " Fake Slates " -  kept deceiving the decent, hard working - tax paying - San Franciscans.

Receiving million from corrupt entities - so call big developers - to fill their sordid coffers.

When it come to Quality of Life issues - the Democrats get a - F - yes a minus F!

Decent people cannot afford the high rents - and many who sleep in tents - on the streets of San Francisco.

Including families - some die a slow death - bombarded by the inclement weather.

 The heavy rain - the extreme cold that has visited San Francisco - and adversely impacted mostly the poor - that lack proper clothing and what is worse when they have no roof - over their head

The Democrats - at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - shallow having received NO sound education.

Corrupt to the core - the likes of Malia Cohen and London Breed - both have failed to Represent - and use the Chambers Room 250 - to act like fools. Each time the above two open their dirty mouth - they shove their dirty foot - deep.

Malia used to bleach her face and other parts of her anatomy - now she sports some dark skin - the woman is a JOKE.

 When one does not accept what God has given - a buffoon of the worst order - you may whiten your ass - but that artificial action - does not make you a better person.

The Southeast Sector is slated to be undergoing a lot of changes - for sure the Candlestick Stadium and the " Big Hole " - that is now there - will NOT be developed.

With the changing economy - Donald Trump - pushing for and rightly so -   " Made it America ".

 Making business take note - and asking for an emergency meeting with the Trump - be it Best Buy, Target, Walgreens - others too many to mention - fear the extra taxes on imported stuff - including the very inferior products - from Mainland Communist China - will cut into the profits.

Bayview Hunters Point does not need a large Shopping Mall - to be built - where once stood the Candlestick Stadium.

The many Stores - one of a kind downtown San Francisco - are closing - and even a blind person has noticed this of late.

There is a lot construction work going on - with very poor monitoring by the Contract Monitoring Division - and its inferior software  linked to " Elation " - that does not capture the relevant fields.

The Mayor Office of Economic Development and Workforce - has so called experts - that beat around the bush.

Other so called consultants - a bow-tie Director - who is  a JOKER.

The construction workers are treated with disdain - and soon there will be shootings and killings - much like we had - when the City and County of San Francisco - had no control when Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO) - was rehabilitating their units -  circa 2004.

Hundreds of these units - need hundreds of workers -  and we advocates had to step in and help restore law and order.

One of them is a Supervisor now - and represent District 9 - she was one of many pro-bono lawyers, another Robert Salinas and others.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has opened a can of worms - employing youth and young adults - giving them - minimum wage.

 So called menial jobs - clearing areas and cleaning up areas by our Highway - other menial  jobs - clearing excreta - without proper working clothes, and less hygiene in place - with NO safety concerns - addressed - what so ever.

Workforce must come with safety concerns addressed.

It does not help to - have the flag half-mast at City Hall - just because you as a fool - felt bad - that one young man died - but he died because you did not have his back - your IPO program - lacking " safety " - putting young men and women in harm way.

The recent shooting at Third and Quesada has some links to that shooting by the SF General Hospital - and the above incident - some months ago - a young man -  doing his work - cleaning some graffiti - with no viable and sustain safety program in place.

So, here a young man who is shot at and killed - a 63 year old woman shot twice in the stomach - and yet another young man shot - both the woman and young man - in the hospital.

The Mayor has not said a word -  nor has his lackeys Diane Aroche and Paul Henderson - who announce their titles - and make huge salaries.

The two mentioned above - cannot do their work - because fundamentally they know little about Violence and Killings - even less how to address the issue - to the public at large.

Understanding less about Street Violence - the happenings in the Hood - they pander to entities - who receive grants and large amounts of tax payers money.

 Entities that do NO justice to the money they receive. 

Many of them screwing around - talking too much - about this and more - they will be exposed - it is just a matter of time.

The above is just one example that is detailed - how crime - shooting and killings adversely impact thousands.

 Shooting and killings are becoming a norm  - in our Neighborhood in San Francisco.

Idiots who know nothing at all -  kicking the can - down the street. 

Millions of Federal dollars wasted - by folks that have no Blue Print - and less capacity building - to bring about progress in San Francisco.