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Sunday, February 12, 2017


Sutter Hospitals have long been known to discriminate against people of color - and treat its nurses and maintenance staff with disdain. Saint Luke's and California Pacific Medical  Center - come under the Sutter Hospitals.

We have discussed the above issues - in detail at many meetings - at San Francisco City Hall - with NO concrete solutions - worth the salt. More before the Land Use Committee, the SF Planning Commission - at Public Meeting - to no avail.

Sutter hospitals are well known to have a huge capitol more from charging patients excessively - but also playing a key roll when it comes to having a " hold " on - insurance payments - tweaking the hospital systems - when it comes to payments.

Saint Luke once catered to those in most need - more from the Mission and the Bayview. This was when Saint Luke's was operated by another entity.

Before Sutter Hospital took over - Saint Luke's  helped millions in the past - from the Mission, the Bayview Hunters Point, the surrounding areas - more known -  for its - " charity care " - and astute diligence to the community at large - when it came to health care.

When Sutter Hospital took over Saint Luke's - the well know before " charity care "  -  came to a grinding halt.

The services linked to Mental Care and more to services linked to " Diabetic Services " - reduced and bilingual services - that help the nurses and doctors - brought to a grinding halt - too.

Hundreds of Spanish speaking patients - have brought their pleas and the fact that today's Saint Luke is a far cry - from the days - before Saint Luke was taken over by Sutter Hospitals.

Today most people are disgusted with Sutter Hospital - and the manner it is fostering - gentrification - most of the times making promises and doing as its pleases.

The many Coalitions formed - the partnership formed - are fine as long as they do not infringe on the Sutter Hospitals Turf - if they do - there are serious consequences.

Today - the politics has created divisiveness - and for all the talk by the SF Health Commission and the SF Planning Department - these two bodies - do not know how " evil " - the Sutter Hospitals are - and how demeaning to the patients, the nurses, the doctors, the engineering staff, the other staff -  involved in keeping the Sutter Hospitals in operation.

It is the same all over San Francisco - with the many hospitals that come under Sutter Hospital - the Sutter hospitals all over the East Bay - in Marin County - Sutter Hospitals will do what it takes - to make a buck - even at the expense of the patients health. Now this is something that  must be taken NOTE off.

Some of us have come to City Hall - and in the August 
Chamber Room 250 - explained to the SF Board of Supervisors - the need to keep Saint Luke's hospital operational - helping the mentally challenged - as soon as Saint Luke's was taken over.

The first thing Saint Luke did was down size the hospital beds for the Mentally Challenged - and is recent years - made that once great program - non-existant.

Saint Luke's has always catered to the Mission population and that means offering bi-lingual services.

Spanish plays a great role to understand the patients and more to help the nurses and doctors - understand their symptom.

The Sutter hospital policy makers - with intent got rid of those that offered translation service - more those speaking Spanish - adversely affecting those - that need pressing and much needed services.

The nurses and doctors offering help to Diabetic patients - cannot have access to a sound assessment - because the translation service are non-existant - translators that did a good job - have been dismissed - laid-off.

Some SF Board of Supervisors - some years met - with a mediator and carved out a Blue Plan to comply and cater to the needs of the patients - help the doctors - many of whom have left in disgust. Sutter hospital - has treated nurses, its doctors, and other hospital staff with disdain - one has just to check on the turn-over of nurses, doctors, other critical medical staff that having been harassed.

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Work Force - has long had a history of pandering to the Sutter Hospital - in particular those involved with Saint Luke's and California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) - after Sutter took over in the Mission and the new hospital being built at Van Ness and Geary Street in San Francisco.

Once Rhonda Simmons - who worked for SF Mayor's Office of Workforce  who represented the CMPC - the new hospital coming up - with intent provide false statistics - when it came to committed Full Time Employment (FTE's) - and other slots - trainees and interns.

When we the public - proved that her statistics were wrong - she had nothing to say.

She now is gone - or may be hovering somewhere furthering her devious - ploys, machinations, and shenanigans. City Build is pretending to do something - but as the Joint Hearing at the recent SF Planning proved - nothing much has changed.

Sutter Hospitals is bad news - not only here in San Francisco - but all over the Bay Area - promising a lot - and screwing the lives of the patients - the nurses, the staff of the hospital, the doctors - and more.

Sutter Hospital does little when it comes to quality - out-reach.

CPMC  has done NO viable and sustainable outreach in the Tenderloin - trying to help the organization that matter - more those that are part of the Coalition - and less with the Tenderloin populace that can be help - more with training and Career jobs.

In recent times - talking to the patients, the labor leaders who are disgusted with Sutter Hospital policies -  the politics have  reached saturation point - when it comes corruption of the highest order.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is fast asleep - as the gentrification - gets worse. The City has failed to create - training facilities that address " Capacity Building " - Blue Print for short-term and long term plans - linked the many big and small projects.

City Built and other entities involved with Workforce - must do better - providing San Franciscans with Career Jobs.

Right now City Build - with its failed Elation Software - retains some statistics - but cannot Query - cannot provide " real time statistics " - on many fields that must be in place.

Herrera Bolt has taken a lead -  that too after CPMC - kept stalling the project for years - the one at Van Ness and Geary.

I am very familiar with one sub-contract working with Herrera Bolt - for the last 4 years. 

The contractors that get the prime jobs are ones that have good connections - and most out of State.

Local contractors - Local Business Enterprise - with offices in San Francisco - get some work.

There is no continuous work - where the continuous engagement brings in income - that can sustain a contractor.

City Build has chosen to collect data - and its flawed Elation System - whose soft ware -  does not have the ability to produce - real time reports - has been in place for years - and must be replaced.

The various forms - that are required to be filled and sent to City Build - are a cover up - to create some sense that projects are on going - big ones and small ones.

When it comes to zeroing in on local hire that matters - Career Jobs for instances, Training Opportunity that matter - continuity of Jobs and stability - the statistics are weak , blurred, and when questioned - the answers given - are vague and in a non-chaltant - manner.

When it comes to jobs - San Francisco being a Union City - must focus on Career Jobs.  This is NOT - happening.

It is a joke when hundreds of outside workers - many from outside States are employed - case in point our Iron Workers are look over - and out of State iron-workers are having a field day.

We know that in San Francisco - more bigger projects are  in place - construction is booming - what is NOT noted - that the better, high paying jobs go to outsiders - not to San Franciscans.

The so called experts that meet the Mayor and give him some feed back - have no clue about - meaningful workforce - millions are wasted on pushing paper - the failed Elation System - they many relevant fields missing - the lack of the Elation System to provide - meaningful information - linked to " standards " -  short term and long term goals - most important - astute, precise, and what is needed - " Capacity Building ".

San Francisco Workforce at all levels is a JOKE - that is lead by individuals that are not educated on issues - I have met some of them - tried to help some of them with empirical data - it is business as usual - most of these individuals are there - to get their pay check - and are screwing San Franciscans.

If San Franciscans - do not have the required skills - lack proper  trained and by default the skills needed - how can we fall back and say that Bayview, Mission, Western Addition, the Sunset, Exelsior - other areas - are being provided jobs - more importantly - when  NO - career jobs - are offered to San Franciscans - thousands to other from other States and neighboring counties. 

More Temporary jobs are given to San Franciscans - workers - are let go - easily - with no benefits what so ever.

Most of them - young adults - caught in the bind - with no career job offered.

 Temporary jobs - that are not sustainable - linked to City Build training and other entities like Young Community Developers (YCD) - millions given to this organization - with zero results.

There is some talk that Hospitals and Health Care is providing jobs - I know many contractors that were NOT paid - linked to the SF General Hospital - over runs - Webcor - having no accountability.

I know of contractors who installed generators - who fulfilled all the standards - kept for years - from being paid. Some of them went under.

The same has happened with Saint Luke - and we know what is really happening at California Pacific Medical Center - no one is addressing the more salient and pertinent areas - I know the contractors and they are not given an opportunity to tell the truth - if this truth were told -  many of those policy makers at the Sutter Hospitals - would go to jail.