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Monday, February 27, 2017


Mountain Tunnel 

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has failed to represent the constituents of San Francisco - more the Assistant General Manager of External Affairs - and the head of the Public Relations - within the SF Public Utilities Commission.

Right now Mountain Tunnel which is in very close proximity to the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir - is shut for some " emergency repairs ".

In the past - many inspections were conducted - and this " ploy " - is one of many baffling those that keep monitoring the nefarious activities - in some areas - within the SF Public Utilities Commission.

The San Francisco Public has been kept in the dark - time and time again - as the SF Public Utilities Commission meetings - fail to appraise the public at large on important issues - one of them - Mountain Tunnel and its recent closure.

Mountain Tunnel lies in the vicinity of the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir:

Yosemite Valley

The issue about Mountain Tunnel has been brought up - only for those listening - preferring to say nothing much about the -urgent concern and precarious - issue.

When any Prime Contractor is given millions of dollars - to conduct an inspection - and the Prime gives a clean slate - as it did on Mountain Tunnel - in the past - some 7 years ago.

We should investigate - why at this late date - at the end of the Water System Improvement Project - which started in the year 2002 - why are we dealing once again with Mountain Tunnel - for the second time around.

This project is now slated to cost $21 million - the project will shut down Mountain Tunnel for two months for sure.

If it warrants that the walls be shored up - millions will be wasted in the interim - if the conditions linger - linked to its inner wall - the issue will have to be addressed.

Plans are afoot to build a brand new tunnel or conduit - in close proximity costing over $650 million.

Learn where we get our clean drinking water from -
some 160 miles away from San Francisco.

As I said we are at the end of the Water System Improvement Project - a project that cost SF Public Utilities Commission over $4.6 Billion dollars.

 $2.6 Billion from bonds that the tax payers from San Francisco - and the remaining from our partners that receive cleaning drinking water from the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir - as part of a standing agreement with Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency.

We are NOT in a drought - but plans are afoot to mix ground water - giving some flimsy excuse - that our ground water can aid the present situation.

Which makes no sense - million of gallons are over flowing - from our Reservoirs - because all of them have more than reached their capacity. Who is fooling whom?

Our clean drinking water comes from 160 miles away - the area near Yosemite Park - land that was stolen from the Miwoks, the Pomos,  the Paiutes - stolen from the Tribes near  Yosemite and the confluence of the many rivers - are Sacred Waters - that were protected and revered - only to be stolen and desecrated.

Do you know where we get our clean drink water from ? :

It is a sacrilege to mix other water - tainted water - because our Watershed that was once pristine - is contaminated.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - is so ignorant on these issues - that their mentality - baffles most - and with it the rampant corruption - prevailing under Juliet Ellis who heads the Department of External Affairs - and under whose jurisdiction comes - the Public Relations Department.

San Franciscans have been treated with disdain - for years now - the SF Public Utilities Commission time and again - depriving good Contractors and favoring those that are corrupt.

Right now that is the case with the Sewer System Improvement Project - a $6 Billion plus project - that will cost us in access of $9 Billion.

On practically every phase - of the Sewer System Improvement Project - there has been long delays - and all we get are excuse

$300 million were set aside as Community Benefits - by a special Task Force - from the Bayview Hunters Point Area.

Today Juliet Ellis controls half of that money - and the other half is controlled by Dwayne Jones.

The Digestors and its design have been awarded to a company from Scandinavia - never mind - some of the SF Public Utilities Commission - have taken junkets - to Scandinavia - when we have better technology - here in the United States.

The stench that should be addressed - emitting from the Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - polluting and contaminating a large area - in and around Phelps Street - is unbearable - the smell nauseating - no one seems to care - the year is 2017.

Our Weirs are in disrepair - secondary effluents - spilling into the Bay - and on occasion when we have had - very heavy rains - half-treated sewage - contaminates the Bay.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - thinks this situation is a JOKE - and the sooner - they realize it is not - the better.

Again and again very corrupt contractors - who give kick-backs - work closely with the SF Public Utilities Commission - to receive large contracts in the millions - this nonsense must STOP.

They contract given to McMillen Jaccobs Associates is over $21 million - tax payers money.

 No one - seems to be bothered that our quality of drinking water - is deteriorating - in San Francisco.

Some months ago - stinking, smelling water - was pouring from our home taps - which I brought to the attention of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - they listen to the Public at Large - and look away with disdain.

Today our restaurants - those that use our water - are very concerned about " quality " issues - and very poor decisions making has gone into this issues - that will impact millions - more linked to our restaurants and other in the making of other products - consumed by the public at large.

I will be addressing some of the salient and pertinent issues - tomorrow at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission meeting - held at SF City Hall - in Room 400 at 1:30 pm.

Take some time to learn - where we get our clean drinking water from: