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Saturday, February 11, 2017


San Francisco has always been known for its blatant " racism ".

At one time bands of  "thugs" - more vigilantes - took charge of the " situation " - killing, murdering, even lynches were well known - to be occurring all over San Francisco.

On San Bruno Avenue in the Portola District - there is an area known as " bloody alley ".

If anyone who was a person of color - came through the tunnel -  by Burrows Street - right about where there is a Parklet now and a coffee shop - that person of color - could be murdered - and many were beaten and left for dead.

On Inez Street leading to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - from time to time - folks were lynched - not only people of color but others too. Ask the Irish of old and they will tell you a tale or two.

We must know our history - for in knowing our history  - more the past - we can learn more of our present - and of course carve out our - future - for the best - if we are sensible.

Implicit Bias - Cultural Competency - cliches that are brought into our vocabulary - to challenge us to delve into our psychology and make us think.

Some of us do - and others give a rat's ass - how can one discern if you are not educated on issues?

How can you know what is good for you - when you do not understand and less have the skills to choose the best for you.

Life is not easy for those that are NOT privileged - more like the person we have in White House today - who thinks that he can do as he pleases.

We have such folks in San Francisco - and most of them belong to the Democratic Party - they have failed us and continue to fail us.

We all have biases - and rightly so - it is how we are conditioned.
So are we attempting to find out - how best to address our inherent - " implicit biases " - learn more about cultural competency?

It is a amazing to watch a hidden video - where all Whites discuss a topic. Then introduce people of color into the equation and watch the same hidden camera - and more see the difference and what is revealed - when it comes to implicit bias and other related issues

For years here in San Francisco discrimination has played an important role - in places where hundreds if not thousands were and are employed.

Federal laws clearly state that there should not be discrimination - but we see it all the time.

It is the same with State saying the same and again - we see blatant discrimination.

And on the local level - in each of the Departments of our City and County of San Francisco - we hear and know of blatant - discrimination.

It is worse when people of color - know well what discrimination brings about - then choose to discriminate - more those who are in a position to make a difference - but fail in their authority to do so.

In Chinatown it is always amazing to see - how parochial the Chinese are - and when they invade other areas such as Visitation Valley, the Portola District, the Bayview -  how they exercise their parochial views. 

Their implicit bias - blinds them - and when you point how their "selfishness" - spitting at your feet, pushing and shoving - sitting on seats reserved for seniors - they get offended - and think breaking the law is fine -  that comes when they pay their bus ticket - paying no attention that certain seats are reserved for senior and the physically challenged.

It is the same with some Blacks in the Fillmore, the Exelcesior, the Bayview - stuck with their parochial views - hindering progress - and as we know - committing murders Black on Black murders - and adversely impacting us all.

It is difficult to find a job - but we must help one another - I have given hundreds of people good jobs - and moved away - doing what I do best - representing.

When I meet those that I have given jobs - I have requested them to help others. I could name the people - many of them now doing well - and hopefully they have paid heed to my advice.

In the 1980s crack cocaine and other drugs flooded our inner cities - destroying many communities - those behind this move - did not care about what they were doing - the damage done has completely changed the lives of many - destroyed - families.

Today we have opioids - flooding our communities - much of these drugs coming across Mexico but originating in Mainland China. Some of these opioids a hundred time more powerful then - heroin.

San Francisco is experiencing this problem - not a word from Barbara Garcia - the SF Director of Health - SF Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a lackey who does not know - less cares about such problems.

It is interesting to note - how one segment of the population does not care really - what happens to that segment of the population that mostly suffers more.

 Which always happens to be the communities that are offered less opportunities and taken advantage off. The Southeast Sector of San Francisco is one area.

Go to Pacific Heights and cocaine and other fancy drugs are available and used by the rich and spoiled -  how these sordid people are treated is totally different - it is as if you were living - in another world.

I call those living in the Pacific Heights - the Pacific Heights Mafia - and have empirical data - why I state so - and have explained my thinking to many - and made my point.

This is City Hall - our famous Rotunda -
the KKK ever present even today -
circa 1938 - they openly met - displayed the NAZI insignia -
swore their members - but few of us know this history.

We have Representatives the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - who should step down and fade away.

One of them - now is prolonging her life - with a " pace maker " - having sold our Nation to an entity that keeps creating problems in the Middle East - and by default the entire world.

San Francisco has now decided to give the Director of the Office of Citizens Complaints - an increase - as much as $50, 000 for doing a lousy job - kicking the can - down the street.

City District Attorney - George Gascon.

We have our City District Attorney George Gascon - saying what one would like to hear - and doing just the opposite.

The many murders committed by some rogue SF Police Officers - are still pending - NOT one single rogue SF Police Officer - has been charged. What does our City and County say about such blatant discrimination?

The Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco.

This is Muwekma Ohlone Land - and those that must pay heed are not paying heed.

This land was once pristine - all of it stolen - and a concrete jungle built - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - thinks he has accomplished something -  he has filled his coffers with illegal money - we know it - and there is more to come.

When it comes to Quality of Life issues - so much has been eroded in San Francisco - that we now see clearly the - " Great Divide " - the filthy rich and the very poor.

Do you think that we must tolerate this utter nonsense? 

Mrs. Iris Canada

Mrs. Iris Canada - who is over 100 years old - was given an eviction notice - while she was at a Senior Citizens center. The locks to her unit were changed. All this in San Francisco - where we must have compassion.

Check this out:

Yesterday  our City and County of San Francisco that is criticizing Donald Trump - evicted a Black Elder who is over 100 years old - from her home - why are we tolerating such blatant discrimination? Her name is Iris Canada.

San Francisco's Sheriff  Vicky Hennessey thinks nothing of this action.

I suppose Mayor Edwin M. Lee a lackey - who talks the talk but cannot walk the walk - also agrees with the eviction.

 Who in their right mind would evict a woman and put her on the street -  more a 100 year old woman? Wake up San Francisco.

There is a God - and the Great Spirit sees it all.

The Great Spirit - will deal with San Francisco and all the evil that has saturated - and inflicted every segment of our population - those in power thinking - they can do as they please.

We say a lot in San Francisco - talk from both sides of our mouth - but target those that cannot defend themselves.

Justice will come - and when it comes - it will not come from human beings - but from a Superior Power.

A Superior Power - that will bring those that continue to adversely impacted thousands - bring them to their knees - and they will perish.

They will perish - I repeat - and there will be no time to repent. Aho.