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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Too many skyscrapers -
that compromise Quality of Life issues.

When it takes - 45 minutes to cross three City Blocks - something is really wrong.  The " congestion " on our San Francisco streets - is becoming a "hazard " - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - keeps barking up the wrong tree. Paying no attention - with solutions that matter - he is no leader.

Go visit Vienna,  Frankfurt,  London,  Paris, Barcelona,  East Berlin, even many of the cities in South America - Mexico City for example - learn something - from all these cities.

In San Francisco we pander to the " Big Crooked Developers " - who create confusion  blocking large segments of parking - we saw it with the Third Street Rail Project.

Then again - Central Subway Project was the worst - and now on Van Ness - parking meters blocked for the Contractors and the workers - most of the time not used - while Seniors have to walk - two and three block to get to a MUNI bus stop.

Never mind - if they are physically challenged - and we must respect our Seniors - more in their Golden years.

These contemporary Tower of Babel -
will come tumbling down - in fact 
close to the skyscraper above -
one building in sinking 18 inches and more.

All over the Financial District there is so much construction - high rise buildings - encouraging high density living - that is a disgrace to humanity.

Neighbors live next door for years - and do not meet their neighbors - even less - have no idea who they are - after years -living next door.

Mayor Edwin M Lee -
he is not a leader - a panderer - YES!

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has NOT addressed the Carbon Footprint - all the concrete poured millions of tons - releases Carbon Dioxide,  the congestion on the street - dangerous particulates.

The Carbon Footprint has increase by 200% and the particulates - and foul are over 150% - and all his City Department - dealing with real time heath matters - are far removed - addressing, caring, and resolving these - very serious issues.

We have the Precautionary Principle on our books - why is not our City and County applying this sound principle - to address - Quality of Life issues?

The back to back traffic - causing stress - and often people getting out of their cars - to threaten others - who they think are not moving fast.

Many a time - shooting and killing - those who they perceive - to be their enemies -  tempers flare.

Some one says something - that those carrying weapons feel -  the words hurt their feelings - shots ring all over the place. 

Seeing is believing - and I have seen such scenes at close range - several times.

The Steps Leading to City Hall -
the dens where the wheeling and dealing goes on.
Room 200 - with the Mayor in the cockpit -
thinking he can get away with murder.

I was at the Municipal Transportation Agency meeting - at San Francisco's City Hall yesterday - in Room 400.

The Directors most of them - do not seem to comprehend - that they cannot be sitting on their asses - just warming the seats - and not representing.

No one can represent - unless they are educated on issues.

 Some have never been outside to study traffic management - innovative ways to channeling traffic.

Even Mexico City is far ahead of us - with light rail, trams, and escalators - we love to talk the talk but few on the Board of the Municipal Transportation Agency - can walk the walk.

Never once do we factor the hills - that slow traffic - that not all can use to bike - other important factors - are not considered in the many equations - and fake results - result - in buses traveling slower - around 8 miles an hour - the many plans to bike - can accommodate some - not the majority.

Thank God we have Ed Reskin - who breaks down the information - and yet those staring at him - with eyes of wonderment - more betraying their inherent buffoonery.

Individual who seem to be attracted to these positions - to have their one minute of fame - seeking to move up the ladder  in politics - when they cannot understand the basics and more the fundamentals - baseline issues - that matter to addressing Quality of Life issues.

Those purporting to represent - who do not have the ability - learn, educate themselves, analyze the situation at hand - and find solutions.

The Third Street Light Rail was over two hundred percent over what was projected - the Central Subway Light Rail started with a figure of $600 million and today is over $1.6 Billion.

 It will be the same with the Van Ness Bus Rapid Transport Model - that is full of delays - and pit falls.

The Transbay Project is a mess - with large over runs - the larger Constructions Companies - milking the system - with fake statistics - and when line items are questioned - they look at the person - trying to get the right answers - funny.

The Transbay is is very, very deep trouble - and those responsible - are those that we permit - to rob us in broad daylight.

Now we learn - that there is no money for the high speed rail - no money to transition from the trains that now run on diesel - to run on electricity - and the woes of poor planning - capacity building - are coming to bite the so called planners and liars - in the butt.

When the Democrats were in power - the Representatives - who were in power - channeled millions for projects be they poorly planned - and very poorly supervised.

I know something about Project Management - and more about Accountability and Transparency.

San Francisco has failed us tax payers - decent hard working constituents - we are fed up with leadership that is going no where.

We have to think outside the box - and more generate our own money - to deal with issues and address projects - that are needed 
and must be in place and should have been in place - ten,  fifteen years ago. Our failing bridges, our roads that are falling apart - the recent rainfall has opened our eyes some - large floods all over the place.

Our dams have failed us - and spill ways - have forced evacuations - on investigation further - we find evaluations made years ago - forcing us to repair and maintain - were cast aside - in favor of deferred maintenance. 

We now in San Francisco - want to dabble with mixing ground water - to our so called clean Hetch Hetchy  - clean drinking water - let the ground water remain under ground and foster and more help  the Watershed - we should know better.

Our reservoirs are full - and this one method - forcing us to add ground water - should only be used - as an Emergency Mode - when we experience severe drought - for sure today - that is not the case.

The recent storms have opened our eyes - at least to those that have eyes to see - that is not the case with Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - who are busy - filling their coffers - hoping against hope that they can milk the Federal and State system.

We are a booming City - with over $9 billion plus Budget - our Treasurer and Assessors were bragging before Donald Trump was declared President that they were doing well.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Well Hillary Clinton the liar and corrupt person - failed - she did not get the necessary Electoral Votes.

Donald Trump is in the cockpit - and listen to him - he is out to created confusion - speaks from both sides of his mouth.

Donald continues to sign the many Executive Orders - and has no detail plans - worth the salt - to back any viable and sustainable plans.

The Muwekma Ohone - 
this is their land - and has been -
for 13, 000 years.

This is Ohlone land - more Muwekma Ohlone land - and I represent San Francisco - more on issues linked to Infrastructure,  Transportation, Safety, Education - more Quality of Life issues. Aho.