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Sunday, February 26, 2017


The indigenous people have always travelled across vast distances - traded - have had intercourse and inter-personal relationships  with their neighbors -  from other areas - mostly Tribes - for thousands of years.

 At times disagreed and have had battles - only in course to time - understanding that " harmony " - and " good relations " - bring about - progress.

It is a shame how the dynamics have changed - when Whites mostly - brought in their guns - and used force - more killing, raping, genocide of millions of people - to subject millions more - under their dictates.

Referring to the Magna Carta and other noted dispositions - not worth the salt - and for sure NOT applicable to indigenous people - Black, Brown and those that truly care for Mother Earth.

The recent invasion of the Europeans - who are the trouble makers - English, French, German, Dutch - other of their kind.

Never mind if the dictates - these Europeans announced with pomp - were and are  far apart  - from the way and understanding - of the way - the " indigenous " people have lived for thousands of years.

Whites as we know them - more linked to Europe -  we know when the great Mayan and other civilizations reigned supreme - Whites more European - lived in caves - with chickens and cattle - chickenpox.

Did not take a bathe for years - hygiene was foreign to these uncivilized Whites - and less compassion and sharing.

Homo Sapiens originated in Africa - and while we may ponder about Australopithecus origins 2-4 million years ago - Homo Habilis (1. 8 -2. 5 million years ago ) - Homo Erectus ( 2 - 4 million years ago ) - we clearly know more today - than when the Europeans - targeted Blacks and Brown - and treated them with disdain.

DNA today reveals a lot - and in recent months - those human beings who have the genes linked to the Neanderthals - supposedly tells us more - as opposed to those " hominines " going back to our common ancestor - " chimpanzees ". 

I am here to give the reader a glimpse of what I subjectively have  arrived - sharing my thoughts with like minded folks.

More - who are Anthropologists. Ethno-historians, Paleoarchaeologists - experts who deal with DNA - to further broaden our and  my understanding.

It helps when some one arrives on the scene - as we have a person today in the White House. Some us have figured - the past - and know the present - and connecting the dots - and configure the future.

Today in San Francisco - we are confused - because Donald Trump who is an " egoistical maniac " - says one thing and does another. What we are seeing - is just the " tip of the iceberg ".

No monster is created in a vacuum - and if the Democrats - keep on harping that Donald Trump is this and that - let is assure you - the Democrats - who lost over 1100 seats - during the last elections - have only themselves to blame. 

Donald is not even in sync with his Cabinet - often the Secretary of Defense - the Secretary of State - making corrections - and keeping the so called Commander in Chief in line.

The Neanderthals and Donald Trump have too much in common - a simple DNA test will reveal that - the man is out to create confusion - and it comes easy to him - because he is deranged.

Good leaders show the way, know the way and go the way.

No leader who does not have her or his heart in the right place - can take anyone - to a better place.

Spirituality plays a key role - great leaders have always displayed " compassion ".

 While I may state this fact - those that analyze " egotistical maniacs " - may find it difficult to come to a sound conclusion.

Time is on our side - those that have their heart in the right place - will witness the current state of affairs - for better or for worse. More worse.

Here on Turtle Island much before the Whites landed here - by mistake - some 300 years plus - more, without any documents. Times were better than - the indigenous people more Native American Tribes - lived here for thousands of years - the newly arrived urchins - having no clue - about the land they landed on.

They urchins arrived - without any sense of offering anything viable - foremost on their mind - seeking succor - escaping from torture - more seeking " freedom " to practice their faith.

These urchins - far from  bringing solace and progress - have sowed seed of discord.

 What we see today - comes right from that period - the Mayflower  - could have been Tumbleweed - history in the making - and our system of government - has long lived what it should have achieved - today pandemonium reigns - and no one will admit it.

Stuff - that had more adverse impacts - nothing good.

The Blacks, the Brown, the indigenous brought to Turtle Island the best they had to offer - spirituality that matters, food, medicine,  culture, song, dance, innovation - and all of it - holistic.

We have rice, and beans, and even greens that originate from Africa - brought by the slaves - that today some are just learning about.

Cuisine that has baffled many purveyors of fine tastes - shocking the Whites from the South - who once bragged that their cuisine - was the best - Georgia and Mississippi and more.

Black genes are stronger - and that has to be proved - the White Slave Masters - could not leave the Black Slave Women alone - and we know why. 

These strangers - more from European origins - had no understanding of the indigenous people - and their rich culture - that developed here - for thousands of years. 

To this day most Whites are ignorant - and when you reveal to them the state of art innovations - they deny the capability of Blacks and Browns - having the ability to create, make things happen - but all that will change - as more open their mind - and admit who they truly are.

Ignorant to the core - starving,  many of the Whites who landed on this land -  known as Turtle Island - unannounced - were found starving - and brought to life -by the indigenous people.

The history of the United States has been lopsided - and the White mentality to be in charge and in the cockpit at all times - and have no recourse to " cultural competency ".

Fail to understand and deal with issues that plague America on many levels  - " the implicit basis - be it from the days of living in the caves - practicing NO hygiene, having no clue about eating right - having NO access to clean drinking water, healthy meats and greens, and most important clean, fresh, air - and more.

As  the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy - and addressing Environmental Issues for over 40 years - learning much from my younger days as a youth in Nairobi, Kenya. I am a self made man - be it true that I have been exposed to some of the leading Universities in the World - my way of approaching a subject has been challenged - it serves me right to this day - for over seven decades.

Exposed to such anthropologists as Doctor Richard Leakey and his wife Mary Leakey - who instilled in us youth - the love for human beings - those who know some - about " Lucy "  the East African Rift Valley - and  " Oldowan George " also known as " Olduvai Gorge ".

Most Anthropologists and Scientists agree that the human species emerged in Africa about 200, 000 years ago. 

This understanding is based on fossilized bones and skulls that have been uncovered in East Africa and dated accurately by radiometric dating. 

Our immigrants came here to San Francisco and beyond and  have always had much to offer - bringing with them their goods and trading - from all over South America all the way to Canada in the North and beyond.

The Ohlone were here in San Francisco for thousands of years in one place - carbon dated or using radiometric dating - over 13, 000 years.

This trade and tribal intercourse was in place for thousands of years. The early Russians and Nordic traders saw it - traded in furs and other artifacts - but chose not to settle down in North America.

The Spanish and Mexicans accepted the - " indigenous people " allowed women and men to own land.

 Not so the Europeans that came after - using their arms and ammunition - to force the Mexicans to sell the land - which to this day belongs legally to the " Native American Tribes ".

Of course the sordid Europeans - those from England and Scotland - steeped in their bias and hatred - to this day - target those that are most noble and vulnerable.

The Immigrants - more those that are indigenous in the truest sense of the word - remain close to the Native Americans and that relationship should last and is critical to who can stay here on Turtle Island and who cannot.

Africans were brought here - from the land of " humankind " - AFRICANS - slaved -  Whites made a fortune - illegally.

The BLOOD of the slaves and anyone who was treated less than human - is upon those that today live and think we have forgotten the sins and sordid actions of their ancestors - we will remember.

Those living today - who are linked to the cruelty and inhumanness of the past - must pay restitution - make no bones about that.

More while dealing with the scars of their cruel and heartless ancestors.

 Today spending thousands and visiting psychologists and psychiatrists - physicians - seeking to be healed but the wounds are so deep - etched in the DNA of those living in hell on Earth - today on this Earth.

Sordid, inhumane, barbarians that we know much about - many have chosen to use the manner and route - trying to act and fight speaking the TRUTH.

Abiding to some way of thinking and acting  - that far from bring healing - exacerbates our feelings and stirs up - all that is not good for the Psyche - this nonsense of trying to be so nice and  " politically correct " -  does more harm than good - and is artificial to say the least.

Some saying much but not meaning anything at all - nothing at all - leading to the nonsense we are experiencing today.

More - with the sayings, the tweeting, the utter gibberish - of a person who is best described - " as a egotist maniac ". 

Instilled deep in these Europeans - is GREED - inherent from all the years of starvation - lacking anything holistic - most of them with all the praying - " Spiritually Bankrupt ".

Lacking the verdant forest, the prairies, the large animals be it the Buffalo and others - in their land of origin.

 The Europeans had never seen before - seeing was believing - but their being was never made nor could it comprehend - the deeper meaning of living - compassion - and more loving all human beings.

Hatred stems from fear - and fear knows no bounds - the fascism   - the FASCIST - be it Mussolini and the likes of him - and Donald Trump is one of them - steeped with his ties to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) - the so called White Supremacy that will fall flat on its face.

When these Whites encountered the Mountain Lions, the Jaguars, the Brown Bears, and other large animals - they were not only shocked, confounded, perplexed, - but totally petrified beyond imagination.

When these ignorant Europeans saw the Red Woods, the Sequoias, the other forests, the lakes, the rivers, the mountains, the hills, the vast plains - they had not seen such fertile land - in their entire lives. Their Greed knew and today knows no bounds.

Some of it is recorded by the surveyors who were sent West by Lewis and Clarke - we do not read history - because history - factual history - not His Tory as most documents written are - fake to the core - are one sided.

The Indigenous People - have been my life's work. 

Today I represent the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone - more on matters linked to Housing, Education, Transportation, Health, Infrastructure, Immigration - and other pertinent issues.

Writing about them mattes - one can talk the talk - but walking the walk matters.

Working with Black and Brown matters - we are at a cross-road - and the REVOLUTION that is going on - all over the place - will soon merge - as a MOVEMENT.

In its purest form - having a viable and sustainable strategy - all participants must be respected - " in toto ".

We saw in the past " The Million Man March " - with NO viable and sustainable success - true an attempt was made - and again - the effort - is worth mentioning, some - but history will recored it - as just that. Those that planted the seed - were not careful - and for sure did not nurture it - as should have been planned.

In recent years - we have seen Women come forth - and again fail to embrace all - " in toto ".

 Women rights are respected by decent men - and the rights of all human beings have to be respected - it should be our universal calling.

 When some keep labeling and trying to push half-baked concepts - down our throat - success is impeded - and history records it as that. Spirituality is critical - for it brings about healing - hatred in any form - even an iota - sprouts disaster.

The Civil Rights Movement - the most pertinent and salient aspects of that movement - began with Mahatma Gandhi - also know as Mohandas Gandhi - who first conceived the Non-Violence Movement in South Africa. 

He first experienced discrimination in England - later even called by Winston Churchill as the - " naked fakir ".

The Father of Non-Violence - endured much in silence - but he over came to touch millions and further bring progress to America - leading the charge a Black - Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.

We must know our history  - to truly discern  - what is Fiction and what is TRUE. The Black on Black Violence must STOP - and Black Women as they mostly do - must be on the frontline to bring about this change.

The Civil Rights Movement - today is all twisted - with those who once followed Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. - dropping the ball - and others the likes of Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson - saying something but meaning - nothing at all.

Appearing on Television - and we all know they sound like empty - barrels.

I have been in the HOOD - and I have those interact with me - and know some -  I have been following the history - of crack cocaine, heroin, the opioids - the genocide inflicted by those in power - Blacks selling Black - House Negros the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed, Veronica Hunnicutt, Al Williams, Linda Richardson, Shamon Walton, Aurelious Walker, Derf Butler, Angelo King, Amos Brown, Cheryl Davis, Calvin Jones, and more.

Weed laced with pesticides - that those that smoke weed - fail to understand less comprehend - the adverse impacts on their organs - lungs, liver, heart - folks smoking weed to numb the senses. Slowly dying - another tool to complete the Genocide.

This act repeated - millions of times  - brings the down fall of human beings - who cannot think - and less live - as their health is totally compromised.

Our fight continues - we cannot understand - if we are NOT educated on issues. Aho.