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Saturday, February 18, 2017


Former Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr -
he has his own bridge - be it a small span -
a school named after him in the Bayview -
and a column in the local newspaper.

There has been a drastic change - among the Democrats - at least those that matter. As usual Willie L. Brown Jr. continues to comment - and his recent columns have been eye opening - and revealing.

Willie L. Brown Jr. can stand his ground -  what is more uses his sharp mind to defend actions - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Willie as we call him - keeps his distance - from those that can bring trouble - even by osmosis.

Wille L. Brown - has a way to stay away from Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a lap dog Mayor - the worse one we ever had.

Willie truly  has nothing much to say about Nancy Pelosi - and even the senior Senator Dianne Feinstein - who recently has installed a " pace maker - some say to deal with the nonsense - and more Donald Trump - knows Willie and Willie has a way to stay away from our senior Senator.

Senator Dianne Feinstein -
her many terms may come to and end -
more now with a " pace maker " and health issues.

Since the early 1980s we have watched Dianne Feinstein - as a Supervisor, then SF Board President,  Senator -  she has always made sure - to take care of herself and her own personal  interests.

With her husband Richard Blum - both have amassed a lot of wealth - and Dianne Feinstein - has made sure - her campaign coffers - are full to the hilt.

Dianne has failed to support the Muwekma Ohlone - and she has not supported the Native Americans in particular.

Dianne Feinstein is a panderer and was removed from a couple of committee - for nepotism.

Dianne Feinstein - has sold our Nation to other sordid interests - and she should be ashamed of herself.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi -
she has done great disservice to San Francisco -
favors the Big Developers - and the atrocities committed -
at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - a very corrupt person.

I knew Phillip Burton and his wife Sala Burton - they were good people.

I cannot say that of Nancy Pelosi - she has filled her campaign coffers - amassed great wealth - with acres of land - in Napa - saying one thing and doing another.

Nancy should be ashamed of herself - and is instrumental for creating a divide - between the filthy rich - to which camp Nancy Pelosi belongs and the very poor - more here in San Francisco. 

Nancy backed Hillary Clinton - knowing well Hillary Clinton - was a liar, compromised the Safety of our Nation.

Nancy Pelosi  supported Hillary Clinton - hoping to wheel and deal - and amass great wealth for her and her husband Paul Pelosi. Today - Nancy Pelosi is reeling in disgrace - and has shamed all of San Francisco.

LT Governor Gavin Newsom

The Democrats on the top - are a corrupt bunch of crooks.

Gavin Newson once tried to vie for the position of Governor of California - some of us followed him on his then campaign trail - heard him lie again and again - we challenged him and exposed him - and he got out of that race - for Governor of California.

Gavin Newsom now wants to go for it - for the second time - and I hope those of us that have the sense - do NOT vote for him as our Governor of California.

We were fortunate to have Governor Jerry Brown - who steadied our California budget.

During his term - the Budget was passed on time -  we have a surplus - and most things are under control.

Jerry Brown is a Democrat - and is the one in recent years - that has worked with the Republicans - he puts California first and the people first - unlike the other crooked Democrats - who are a disgrace to the human race.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
wheeling and dealing and very corrupt -
he has taken San Francisco down the drain -
into the cesspool - of his own creation.

Edwin M. Lee was put in place to do the devil's work.  Among those who backed Edwin M. Lee - Gavin Newsom and Dianne Feinstein and their lackeys -  the main backers - now, creating the congestion of our roads - the many other atrocities - that have created divisiveness and destroyed our unique neighborhoods.

In the past 5 years over  15, 000 families have left San Francisco - never to come back again.

We have a population of about 630, 000 in San Francisco - which increase to one and half million - with workers and others coming to our once great City - now known more for its congestion - and contaminated air.

Each of these families contributed to making our unique neighborhoods - many of them lived for generations - and now all that and more - has vanished.

If we continue to go this path - under Mayor Edwin M. Lee - we are in deep  trouble.

The rents keep going up - even though in recent months - they say the " tech companies are slowing down " - a one bed room unit - now goes for $3500 and that is too much for anyone making - $60, 000 and less.

This is Donald Trump - doing his thing!
He has run out of these special pens - and is looking for more.
His Executive Orders - say some but there is no detail plan.

Our Democrats in San Francisco - are in deep trouble - there is not a person among the Democrats that can understand the ploys and machinations of Donald Trump.

Practically all our so called Democrats - backed Hillary Clinton the liar to the hilt.

When Donald Trump was declared the winner - be it not a winner when it came to the popular vote - Donald Trump won - all the same.

Donald Trump got the majority of Electoral Votes - which our Supreme Court says - is what our Constitution states and dictates. 

San Francisco is a Sanctuary City - and we must maintain this status - we must find the means and funding - from the private sector - to prove succor to those who want to protect our Sanctuary City status.

 Our San Francisco - economy is booming - and our General Fund - can and must support our Public Defender - to represent the Immigrants - on an Emergency Footing.

We have retired Judges and other pro bono attorneys - who can come to the rescue of the our " immigrants ". Their institution experience is what need at this juncture.

The Immigration and Custom Enforcement   (ICE) have taken upon themselves to follow the dictates - coming from the White House.

We the people know - many of the Executive Orders - are not clear - and as I mentioned before - there is no Blue Print - no details to carry out  what the Executive Orders - state.

Right now thousands of our immigrants - some of them happen to have served our Nation - have been incarcerated - and many have been given their papers - and will be deported - many have been deported.

San Francisco must permit our Public Defender with funding - to have in place a program - with attorneys, other non-profit organizations - who are already helping immigrants working with the Public Defender of San Francisco - Jeff Adachi.

Our Retired Judges and pro bono attorneys - can and must help - because San Francisco - is a compassionate City and County of San Francisco - and looks forward to their help - as they did with the recent Blue Panel Report on SF Police Department.

We can make this happen - more with funding from the Private entities - Salesforce, Facebook, Google,  AirB&B,  Microsoft - the many pharmaceutical companies - large developers who are raking in the millions - and the many Foundations that are already stepping up and doing what they do best - putting their best foot forward - helping the " immigrants " - who have been adversely impact.